Causes of Drain Clogging and Solutions for Drain Cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC

Causes of Drain Clogging and Solutions for Drain Cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC

A drainage system takes the waste matter out of the house because every pipe in the system angles downward, which allows gravity to pull the waste along. Though gravity keeps the drain running, , certain objects stuck in the drains defy its strength. It turns out to be kind of a contest between unstoppable force and an immovable object.

We know this contest as ‘drain clogging’, which we definitely don’t enjoy. To end this unwanted contest, we need to call a professional service for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

There are quite a few reasons that can cause drains to clog. It is advisable that you know those causes, so that you know what you must do to avoid or at least delay such an annoying occurrence in your house. This will also help you deal in a better way when you need to call a service for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

Causes of Drain Clogging

The following causes are the major ones that can clog the drains.

Old Concrete and Clay Pipes

The majority of pipes in houses constructed before 1970 are of concrete and clay. If your house was constructed before 1970, it is at a high risk of getting drains clogged due to various factors, i.e., tree roots, weight of the soil and erosion.

Tree roots grow into the joints and cracks of the old drainage pipes to find water and nutrients that can be easily found in drains. These pipes are highly vulnerable to resists this issue. In addition, the tree roots can also encircle and finally crush them:

  • Weight of the soil can also crush these pipes.
  • Water erosion can thin the pipe walls from inside, making them more fragile.
  • If you know the precise location of drainage pipes, do not let the plants grow over and very close to them.
  • If the damage is done, contact the best service for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.


We love our hair and never like to lose even a single strand, but some of the strands can leave our body and head while we shower. The hair can get attached to the grease and any sticky matter in the drains and clog.

If you have installed guards on the openings of drains in your bathroom, you can see hair buildup every other day. You can take this measure to avoid your hair become a cause of drain clogging.

Foreign Objects

There are many bits and pieces and little things that could be dropped into the drains accidentally. If you have little children at home, those ‘drops’ could be intentional too. The kids can flush anything like toys down the toilet drain:

  • The objects like soap, a small ornamental jewelry like a ring, or a bottle cap can drop and clog the drains inside the house.
  • In case of outside drains, the dead leaves and small pebbles are the main culprits.
  • The drains are the traveling routes and sanctuaries for rodents. If you recently had a pest control for rodents, these drains might have become the deathbed for one or two of the rodents.

If a foreign object is stuck in the drain, professional services are required for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

Grease Buildup

It is an issue that can take a longer time, but it will surely occur. Grease from various products keeps sticking to the drain walls inside. As a result, it narrows down the drain’s capacity to pass though the fluids, and eventually clogs.

The origins of grease buildup are kitchen and bathroom. When you do the dishes, you rinse away the grease residual. Unluckily, there is no way to stop that residual.

Grease or fat is one of the ingredients in the majority of soaps we use in our bathrooms. When it comes in contact with minerals in water, it forms a hard residue, called soap scum. You can see hard layers forming on bath fittings every few weeks. The soap scum does the same thing in the drainage pipes. As a result, you get clogged drains.


Though a toilet paper needs to be flushed away, too much of it can also clog the drains.

If you are in the habit of flushing away the nappies and baby wipes, drain clogging should not be a surprise for you. A nappy gets swollen when water hits it, and that’s what they are for, absorb the liquids.

A plunger may work if water can still run through the toilet. If water remains stagnant even after using a plunger, you must call a service for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

Is DIY a good option for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC?

Knowing all these causes can tempt the DIYers to fix the issue on their own. Though we don’t discourage DIY, it is not a suitable to deal with this matter. While making the effort to unclog the drains, you can actually worsen the issue.

If the drains are old and rusty, you can even burst them due to increased pressure or some other reason. The bottom line is that you avoid a DIY solution and hire a service for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

It is crucial that you are well aware of all the possible causes of drain clogging, so that you can act proactively to deal with the issues, and avoid going DIY.

Another important thing is to have contact details of a professional service pertaining to drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC. If, and when, the drain clogging occurs, there will be no panic or possibility of hiring any inexperienced service. Remember: hiring a plumber or a company for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC without due care and search can deteriorate the problem.

Here we suggest that you should contact Benjamin Franklin, which is the best company for drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC. We offer a complete range of guaranteed plumbing solutions to our clients in Carolina Forest, SC. Please, call us today at 843-213-6611 and our representative will set a schedule to visit your place according to your convenience.


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