8 Misconceptions about Tankless Water Heaters in Little River SC Clarified!

8 Misconceptions about Tankless Water Heaters in Little River SC Clarified!

The tankless water heater is a technology that’s rapidly gaining popularity with the masses. Due to their unrivaled benefits, the tankless water heaters are replacing the conventional water heating systems.

Every house owner is opting for these water heating systems because of the convenience and comfort they provide.

The technology is fairly bit a new option when compared to the traditional water heating units. Therefore, there are some myths and misconceptions that surround the tankless water heaters in Little River, SC.

In this article, we will try clarifying those baseless rumors, so if you are looking for updating your water heating system, then we recommend you to continue reading.

Myth No.1: The tankless water heaters in Little River, SC are an expensive option and are not cost efficient.

This is a very common misconception among people for every new technology. Just because its latest, it doesn’t necessarily translate to being expensive.

The first-time installation charges may be a bit higher but in a long run the cost savings that a tankless water provides, will pay for its installation costs.

There are main reasons that make the tankless water heating system, an economical appliance to have:

  • Energy Factor (EF): The tankless technology uses lesser energy to operate. While EF value of a traditional heating system is low as 60, the tankless water heating system’s efficiency is right up in the mid-80’s. As per the plumbers in Little River, SC, the tankless water heating systems are 25% more efficient than their traditional counterparts. This technology has a low operating cost because it doesn’t heat the water that is not being used.



  • Longer durability: the newer technology is a better option when it comes to the lifespan of the appliance. By the help of latest techniques, these tanks are built to last. The longer lifespan of the appliance adds a lot to its cost-efficiency.

Myth No.2: The tankless water heaters don’t supply enough hot water.

Due to lack of a water tank to store hot water, the other myth about the appliance is that it fails to provide the recipient with enough water. Hence, only a water heating system having a tank can do the job well.

Well, before evaluating the performance of both the water heating systems, we should keep one thing under consideration that in-flowing cold water disrupts the consistency of out-flowing hot water. The tankless heating systems in Little River, SC are designed to keep the out-flowing water at a consistent temperature. Thus, providing hot water to the consumers all the time!

Myth No.3: The tankless water heaters are not capable of providing hot water instantly.

 Well, to understand the inaccuracy of this claim you need to look at the methods by which both of the heating systems operate. The traditional water heating system operates by constantly heating the stored water in the tank. On the other hand, the tankless water heater only functions when it senses water flow.

So, in some cases you might feel that the older heating system is better but the facts and user experience tell us otherwise. The veteran plumbers in Little Flower, SC state that a tankless water heater might not provide the consumer with hot water instantly; it is significantly faster and economical than the traditional alternative. Also, the distance between the heater and the faucet also affects the efficiency of the heater, therefore it is recommended to get the system installed by a competent plumber in Little River, SC.

Myth No.4: They can be dangerous and can cause fire.

A big fear among the people that inhibit them from installing the tankless water heater system is that it can explode, if overheated.

This misconception is as baseless as the rest of the rumors. Using a quality tankless water heater is just as safe as using a faucet. But, if you still have some doubts left, you can always consult a skilled plumber in Little River, SC.

Myth No.5: The tankless water heating systems need a complex ventilation design.

Unlike the traditional water heaters, the tankless technology is installed near the faucet which has given rise to the myth that the venting design must be updated, if you are looking to install this appliance.

These groundless claims come from those who have no knowledge of the technology and like to stick with traditional options. You might be surprised by the fact that high-efficiency tankless water haters in Little River, SC can be vented straight through the walls by using low-cost PVC pipes.

Myth No.6: The tankless water heating systems are not eco-friendly.

This is the most baseless myth that we have ever heard of. On the contrary, the tankless water heater in Little River, SC is not only eco-friendly but it also has far lesser carbon prints than the traditional tank heating systems.

The conventional style heaters continuously burn natural gas that creates excessive carbon prints and also causes unnecessary consumption of energy. In the case of the tankless water heaters, they only functions when you are actually using the water which translates to 0% chance of energy wastage.

Myth No.7: The tankless water heating systems overheat the water.

This myth comes from the traditional water heaters because they overheat the stored water in the tanks when the water levels are low and there is no coldwater influx. But, the newer tankless systems just heat the water a little over the desired temperature, so they are perfectly safe to use.

Myth No.8: The tankless water heating systems require regular maintenance.

On the contrary to the myth, the tankless heating appliances don’t require a regular maintenance unless, the water source is high in calcium content.

This is because heating such water cause a higher scaling, but even then you don’t need to worry about the extra maintenance cost.

This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to the system and get it inspected by an efficient plumber in Little River, SC to avoid any problem that can occur.

It is important to update with the world and opt for newer and better technologies that are available for our convenience.

So, if you want to install a tankless water heater in Little River, SC, then opt for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Myrtle Beach. They provide the best service in town!


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