4 Common Methods That Drain Cleaning Service Providers Use To Remove Blockages | Myrtle Beach, SC

4 Common Methods That Drain Cleaning Service Providers Use To Remove Blockages | Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are various ways that a drain cleaning service provider can unclog your drainage system. It can be useful to know the different methods that plumbers use so that you can distinguish good plumbers from bad plumbers. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC knows that the different kinds of blockages can be removed most efficiently by certain methods. There are 4 common methods that drain cleaning service providers use to remove clogs namely, pressurized air, chemical drain cleaners, drain snake, and hydro-jetting cleaning.

Pressurized air drain cleaning service.

A blockage is not always caused by one large object but rather a combination of small objects. In this case, it would be wise to use an air compressor because the pressured air will dislodge the small objects and cause them to flow through the drainage system. First, the plumber will remove all the water that has accumulated in the sink. The plumber will attach the fitting to the air compressor and place it in the drain. The fitting will be pushed in as far as it can go and a piece of cloth will be used to keep the fitting in place. This will also prevent the air from escaping which will cause the compressed air to be stronger. It will take 3 – 5 minutes for enough air to build up and remove the clog. The drain cleaning service provider will remove the fitting and cloth and let the water run to see if it is able to drain. This process might have to be repeated a few times to ensure that the blockage has been completely removed. This is an environmentally safe way to clean a drain pipe because no harsh chemicals are used. This technique should be avoided when the pipes are old and have deteriorated slightly as it can damage the pipes.

Hydro jetting drain cleaning service.

This method uses pressured water to remove blockages. The specialized nozzle which is connected to a water compress machine can deliver a stream of high-pressure water that will remove stubborn blockages in a flash. The process of hydro jetting is very similar to the compressed air method that was mentioned above. Hydro jetting can be a very effective drain cleaning service for tree roots, mineral build-up, and grime. The hydro jetting method has several benefits. This method not only removes blockages but also cleans your drainage system. It is also able to clear clogs that might form in your underground pipes so you don’t have to dig them up to remove the clog. The stream of water that is produced during hydro jetting is powerful enough to not only remove grime but will also remove the bacteria that might be growing in your drainage pipes. The hydro jetting method lasts much longer than the conventional drain snake method which will save you money. It is important that the plumber inspects your pipes with a camera before using the hydro jetting method because if your pipes are damaged then the hydro jetting will inflict more damage.

Chemical drain cleaners

It is not recommended to use chemical drain cleaners but sometimes it is necessary for us to use them. There are three main types of drain cleaner chemicals. Firstly there are oxidizing drain cleaners and that contain bleach, peroxide, and nitrate. These chemicals are heavier than water so they will pass through the water and start to react to the organic material. This reaction causes heat and gas which aids in removing the blockage. The second type of chemical drain cleaner is caustic drain cleaner containing substances such as lye and caustic potash which are bases. These chemicals release heat which turns the grime into liquid so it is easier to dissolve. The third chemical drain cleaner is acid drain cleaners. They are not usually found in stores but drain cleaning service providers have access to them. These chemicals contain high concentrations of sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid. If these chemicals are used correctly then your PVC pipes will not be affected. This method of drain cleaning is not recommended when you have metal pipes. Benjamin Franklin plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC do not use any of these types of chemical drain cleaners. They use a product called BioBen® which is made up of microorganisms that eat away at the sludge and grime that might cause blockages in your pipes. This is an environmentally friendly product and is relatively inexpensive. It doesn’t have any negative effects on old or damaged pipes as it contains no harsh chemicals.

Drain snake

The final method that drain cleaning service providers use is the drain snake. This method is commonly used when pipes have weakened over time. It is usually about half an inch thick with the handle on the one end. The drain snake is pushed down the pipe until it reaches the blockage. The coil is pushed through the blockage and pieces of the blockage will break off and move down the pipe. If the blockage is stubborn then the drain snake can be pulled out and the blockage will come with. You can also attach a drain snake to a drill to give it more power. This method is very useful when the clog is deep within the drainage pipe because drain snakes are long enough to reach it.

It is always better to contact a professional rather than attempting to clear your drains yourself. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides excellent drain cleaning services that will remove blockages quickly and efficiently. Their services are affordable and of great quality. They also provide emergency services just in case the blockage can’t wait until the next day. Give them a call and have your drains professionally cleaned.


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