Shower Or Tub: Which One Should Your Plumber Install For You? | Azle, TX

Shower Or Tub: Which One Should Your Plumber Install For You? | Azle, TX

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The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your homes. It should be a place for unwinding with a warm bath or a hot shower. Adding scented candles and other bathroom decors would help, but you can complete the experience by having your plumber add either a shower or bathtub that truly creates that perfect moment of solitude.

Floor space and cost are a couple of things to consider when deciding whether you should get a shower, bathtub or both bathing facilities for your bathroom. The type of shower or bathtub is also one of the factors to consider. Some showers may need you to install other devices such as a hot water tank.

Below are what you need to know about showers and bathtubs. It should help you make informed decisions whether it’s best to install a shower, a bathtub or both. Talk to a plumber in Azle, TX if you still have additional questions about what it entails to install a particular shower or bathtub for your bathroom. The plumber should be able to provide you with everything you need from installation to set up and the cost of installation or remodeling. These licensed professionals are equipped not only with the experience but they are also highly knowledgeable about anything plumbing related. Contact Benjamin Franklin of Fort Worth as they have a professional and friendly staff that are more than willing to assist you.

Types of Bathtubs

Some homeowners are satisfied with having just a basic bathtub set up. They are happy so long as the tub gives them a warm bath. However, for some folks, the type of bathtub matters. Below are your bathtub options for your bathroom. Call a plumber right away if you have decided which one you would install for your home.

Free-standing Tubs

Classic and visually striking free-standing tubs aren’t connected to any wall or other surfaces. They are usually situated in the middle of the bathroom. They are extremely luxurious and versatile. Having one for your home can also help increase its resale value as new homebuyers would absolutely love them. Undeniable, free-standing tubs look astounding and so elegant. However, you’ll need to have a bigger space if you want to install a free-standing tub. These types of tubs are not ideal for tiny bathrooms.

A free-standing tub would cost more than other types of bathtubs. Also, they are extremely heavy — there might be a need to check your floor to make sure it has the capacity to support the weight of this tub.

Unlike other types of tubs, there won’t be storage areas for your soap, shampoo and other necessities. It’s also difficult to clean it, especially when situated close to the wall. The ideal location would be the middle of the bathroom — this is why free-standing tubs are best for homes with larger bathrooms.

If you like luxury and do not mind the price, consider installing a free-standing tub for your home. Call a plumber to assist you with this.

Alcove Tubs or Three-Wall Tubs

Alcove Tubs are preferred by a lot of homeowners as they are affordable and the easiest to install. You will still need the services of a plumber when installing — do not attempt to install the bathtub by following DIY articles or videos.

The standard length of an alcove tub is about 60 inches. It may vary a little in size. Its functionality and practicality make it attractive to a lot of homeowners. Also, they are the easiest to maintain and clean compared with other types of tubs.

One downside is it may feel really generic or plain. Thankfully, it can be decorated to make it look like a high-end bathtub.

This type of tub is ideal for those with tighter spaces. You can really maximize space with the three-wall tub.

Built-in or Drop-in Bathtubs

You will need more bathroom space if you plan to install a built-in tub. Apart from a plumber, a carpenter will also be needed. There has to be a deck or a platform where the tub will be installed.

The design of a built-in tub is similar to whirlpool bathtubs and air tubs. It has a luxurious feel with its high walls and no-slip handles. You can deeply relax with the drop-in tub. They just cost a little more than the Alcove bathtub.

One downside is – it may be difficult to get in and out because of the high walls. This may not be ideal if you have kids at home.

Corner Bathtubs

Corner bathtubs are spacious and luxurious. They are ideal for homeowners who want larger tubs for their homes. If you like bathing in with your significant other and prefer a lot of tub space then this might be ideal for you. You can either have the rectangular or the triangle-shaped corner tub.

There are just a couple of disadvantages when you decide to install a corner bathtub. Because they are huge, it just takes a long time to fill it up. You will need more water volume for it. That means more bills for you too. Also, they take up more space in your bathroom. Definitely not ideal for homes with smaller bathrooms.

Hot Tub

You’ll feel you are at a resort when you have a hot tub at home. It is the ultimate relaxation. You definitely can renew and reinvigorate with the hot tub. Most of them are installed usually on marble floors and tiled walls. They are very expensive but worth it.

If you do not mind splurging on your bathtub, consider having a hot tub. Call a plumber in Azle, TX if you want to find out more about installing a hot tub for your bathroom.

Japanese Style Tub

If you prefer a luxurious, artful and breathtakingly appealing tub, then consider installing a Japanese style tub for your home. Talk to your plumber about what it entails for installing one.

Japanese style tubs are so desirable yet very expensive to install. Also, like the free-standing bath, there are no storage areas for your soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Types of Showers

Unlike the bathtub, showers take little space in your bathroom. If you’re looking into installing a shower instead or still undecided, check out below for a list of shower options that you can have for your bathroom. Contact a plumber if you have additional questions.

Electric Showers

By far, electric showers are the most versatile. You do not need hot water from your tank with electric showers. They are also very easy to install.

You do need good water pressure for the electric shower. It’s an energy-saver as it produces hot water only when you need them or on-demand.

If you do not have electricity though, you will not be able to use your electric shower. Also, it may not work if the water pressure is not good. Thankfully, you can do something with the water pressure. You can hire a professional plumber in Azle, TX to help you with this.

With the electric shower, you get hot water instantly. Consider installing this if you do not want to have a big tank for storing hot water in your home.

Mixer Shower

Unlike the electric shower, you will need a source of water for the mixer shower. It doesn’t instantly produce hot water; it mixes the hot and cold before it gets sent out to the showerheads.

Although they are compatible with any boiler or water system, mixer showers are ideal for homes with a large hot water supply. They are also more powerful than the electric showers. Its efficiency would still depend on the shower pump but a plumber can help you with the water pressure.

Power Shower

Power showers are more affordable and definitely easier to install compared with the other types. They are ideal for homes with lower water pressure. Unlike the electric shower, it does not heat water on demand. The only time it requires electricity is when it uses the pump for boosting the flow of water. A power shower works more like a mixer by combining the hot water from the boiler with the cold water supply.

You will need to have a huge water tank if you’re thinking about installing a power shower. It would be better for you to talk to your plumber about this.

Digital Shower

If you like technology, consider getting a digital shower for your bathroom. They are a recent innovation and are really cool. One of the features includes being able to have precise control over the temperature and the flow rate. Some may even allow you to adjust the water temperature with your voice. They may also be compatible with smart devices. Talk to a plumber in Azle, TX if you want to know more about installing a digital shower and how much it would cost to have them in your bathroom.

Should You Get Both a Shower and a Tub?

Both bathing facilities have their advantages and disadvantages. As to which one you would get for your home would depend on what your needs are, your bathroom floor space and how much your budget is.

If you’re the type who prefers really long baths, you may consider getting a bathtub instead of a shower. The type of bathtub you should get depends on how much space you actually have in your bathroom and how much you are willing to splurge. If you don’t mind the cost and you like luxury, we would recommend you to install the free-standing bath. Do take note though that you won’t be able to have storage space for your other necessities such as soap, shampoo and toiletries.

Do you only have enough bathroom space? Perhaps the alcove tub is best for you. You can always decorate it to achieve a luxurious feel.

The shower is the option for people who just like to have quick baths. Go with an electric shower if you don’t intend to install a hot water tank in your home or if you do not have space for it. Digital showers are best for homeowners who love technology.

Another option would be to get both the shower and the bathtub. This way you can have your quick bath if you’re running late for a meeting or appointment, and have a long relaxing bath if you have more time at home or if you want to unwind.

It’s always your decision although we would recommend you speak to a licensed plumber in your area as they can give you better advice as to the brand and set up that works best for you.

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