Working With Our Plumbing Company To Enhance Your Home’s Future | Myrtle Beach, SC

Working With Our Plumbing Company To Enhance Your Home’s Future | Myrtle Beach, SC

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As a homeowner, the future of your property is important to you. You may have already put into place five-year plans for repairs and remodeling, and thought about how you would deal with plumbing problems, large or small if they arise unexpectedly. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, our plumbing experts work with you to keep your home’s essential plumbing system in good shape. Our team of skilled plumbers can help you identify emerging issues in your home’s plumbing such as water line leaks, corrosion in your pipes, drain clog problems, and water heater concerns. We can do that because of the hundreds of homeowners we’ve helped and continue to help over the years. Our experience and training allow us to anticipate potential problems through inspections, early warning leak detection visits, and observations as your plumbing company of choice. Why just call for emergencies and repairs, when our team has knowledge to share as well?

Do You Have Frequent Clogs and Drain Problems? There May Be a Deeper Problem

Our plumbing company team has seen plenty of drain problems and emergency plumbing backups, and sometimes it seems like one home has more than its fair share of issues. After a couple of drain service calls, especially emergencies, it’s often a good idea to think about deeper issues that could be making clogs and backups more frequent. This is especially true if you’re experiencing multiple issues at the same time, such as bathroom backups in several bathrooms on the same floor. Chances are, there are clogs further down the line that are causing or contributing to the immediate issue in these fixtures.

For example, a clog in the line carrying wastewater down from one floor can cause plumbing backups that affect multiple sinks and toilets whose drain piping combines in the wall and leads to that vertical pipe. Because of that one clog, many other fixtures can be giving trouble, and partial clearing of the distant clog can look like a solution to a toilet problem. The ultimate combination drain issue is a sewer line clog, where problems can occur throughout the house because of poor drain flow where everything comes together. Our plumbers typically know your type of house and where things get clogged, and they can get to work on the deeper issue. Our plumbing company can also provide an annual whole-house drain cleaning service, where we inspect, clear clogs, and the hydro jet clean sweeps your pipes from top to bottom, removing those long-term problems and even emerging buildup that is bound to become clogs soon. Our video inspection also helps us inform you about the condition of your drain pipes when we perform this service, helping avoid leaks and other drain problems in older homes where pipe corrosion or decay has set in.

Pipe Inspection and Early Warning Leak Detection

Our video pipe inspection equipment also helps in your sewer line and water lines, allowing us to check for issues throughout your plumbing system. It’s insight that homeowners in the past didn’t have, basing any future-oriented thinking on just the pipe materials, home age, and water quality. With this combined information we can present a clearer picture of your overall plumbing. With our plumbing company’s leak detection equipment, which we use to locate and repair leaks with a minimum of damage to walls, floors, and ceilings, we can also scan for signs of leaks that would, in the future, cause damage to those surfaces and possibly create hazards inside them such as the growth of mold and mildew, or drawing insects and creatures to standing water and moisture. Electrical system damage can also be averted when we catch leaks early, avoiding not only the cost of electrical repairs but the risk of fire from corroded wires as well.

Planning for Water Line Repairs, Sewer Line Issues, and Home Repiping Needs

Major repairs are a concern of most homeowners, knowing that eventually, plumbing will age, damage may occur to water lines, sewer lines, and indoor piping. Our visual inspection capabilities allow us to inspect these critical components of your home’s plumbing and identify not only degradation, but any emerging damage such as cracking, tree root intrusions, and disruption due to heavy work in the yard, or construction and remodeling indoors. Our plumbing company team can anticipate possible leak problems, and also provide smaller scale repairs for emerging issues. This is especially helpful with the sewer line, where early identification of pipe issues can allow us to make targeted repairs or reline the pipe rather than conduct the disruptive process of replacing it. In some cases, similar repairs are available for your water supply line as well. When your home’s pipes are at risk of having multiple damaging leaks and other trouble, our experienced plumbing company experts can also provide solid reasons why, as many homeowners do, you should consider a full repiping and replace them with modern materials.

Passing Along Knowledge About Your Home’s Plumbing

If you decide to put your home on the market, knowing the condition of your sewer line and other plumbing components can be a valuable selling point, allowing potential buyers to think about their future expenses as well. Our video inspections provide visual information that’s especially valuable. Whether your home has been serving your family for generations or is a recent investment, our plumbing company can help manage that investment with knowledge and experience.

Your Myrtle Beach, SC Plumbing Company with Vision

We know that planning ahead makes your life easier as a homeowner, and our services and advice can help you anticipate more, react less, and make more routine visits. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we can also help you plan for the fun aspects of plumbing: new kitchens and bathrooms, and modern upgrades such as amazing showers. Give us a call and find out more about how our plumbing company can help.


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