Winter Checklist for Your Plumbing System | Plumbers in Conway, SC

Winter Checklist for Your Plumbing System | Plumbers in Conway, SC

With winter season just around the corner, you must be planning to prepare your home for the cold weather as there are many things to do. You should check windows and doors for air leaks, clean gutters, insulate the attic, and prune overgrown tree branches in your yard. But in this hassle, don’t forget to prepare the plumbing system for extreme weather.

During the late fall season, contact plumbers in Conway, SC, and schedule maintenance of your plumbing system. This way, you can make sure that pipes and plumbing equipment are in good condition and won’t create any problems for you when it’s cold outside.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common plumbing problems that arise during winters:

  • Water pipes bursts
  • Frozen water lines
  • Water heater breakdowns or failure
  • Drain clogs
  • Plumbing pipes leaks
  • Dishwasher or washing machine leaks

If you don’t want to experience the aforementioned plumbing problems during winters, you should call plumbers in Conway, SC, for repairs and the maintenance work. Here are a few other useful guidelines to help you protect your plumbing system from any damage:

Fix Leaks

Water leakage from faucets or pipes may seem like a minor issue, but it may create several problems for you during the winter season. A majority of burst pipe cases occur due to leaking plumbing pipes. If the plumbing system is too old or rusted, it’s likely to result in leaks as the temperature drops. Other major causes of plumbing leaks include cracks in plumbing fixtures, high water pressure, leaky joints, and damaged faucets. Instead of taking up a DIY project, it’s better to contact professional plumbers in Conway, SC, for the repair work.

Before winters arrive, perform a comprehensive inspection of the plumbing system and address any leakage problem before it gets out of hand.

Clean Gutters

No one enjoys cleaning gutters, but it’s definitely a crucial part of your home maintenance routine. It’s recommended to clean them every weekend or at least once a month. But before the winter season arrives, make sure you clean the dirt and debris from the gutters to prolong their life and protect them from damages during the extreme weather conditions.

The rule of thumb is to clean gutters before it starts freezing so as to prevent drain clogging.

So, start by getting rid of large debris such as tree leaves. You can use a leaf blower or gutter scoop for this purpose. Next, inspect the gutter system for potential cracks and breakage. Adjust downspouts so they direct water flow at least 10 feet away from your house structure.

Instead of going through the hassles of clearing gutters on your own, you can contact plumbers in Conway, SC, to clear them as well as address any structural damages in pipes.

Inspect Water Heaters

Water heaters provide you with warm water throughout the winter season. However, since they sit idle for a long time after winters, they may not be able to meet your hot water needs. Call plumbers in Conway, SC, to inspect water heaters during the fall season to ensure they stay intact.

Over time, the efficiency of water heaters is compromised. Mineral buildups negatively affect their performance. Moreover, the lack of maintenance may also cause water heater breakdowns. Consequently, you’ll have to spend a huge sum on replacing the system to stay comfortable during winters.

However, if you perform annual maintenance of water heaters before it gets cold, you can enhance the efficiency of the system and prevent costly damages. Professional plumbers in Conway, SC, can help you with the inspection and maintenance of water heaters.

Insulate Plumbing Pipes

The winter season is the most favorite part of the year for many people. But homeowners tend to dread this period due to the frequent plumbing problems.

Indoor water pipes are less likely to get frozen or burst if your central heating system is in good condition and maintains the desired temperature indoors. However, plumbing pipes outside your home are likely to get damaged if you don’t call plumbers in Conway, SC, for maintenance before the cold weather.

If you don’t drain water pipes, it’ll lead to pipe bursts. As cold air comes in contact with pipes, it causes water drops to freeze and expand. Since frozen water needs more space and pipes can’t accommodate it, it’ll cause the metal pipe to split apart.

You can avoid this problem by properly insulating outdoor water pipes. You can do so with the help of a heat tape or insulation kit or hire plumbers in Conway, SC, and leave the rest to them.

Protect Sump Pump from Freezing

Basement flooding is quite common in homes. Water in the basement ruins the equipment kept in the basement, causes discomfort, gives off a nasty smell, and damages the structure of your house.

You can install a sump pump in those areas where moisture or dampness is high to send water away from your house. However, extreme cold may affect the sump pump, and you ought to be careful to keep it in working condition.

Get the sump pump inspected before the winter season by acquiring the services of plumbers in Conway, SC. Also, water in sump pumps freezes when it’s not moving. So, adjust the settings to make sure more water flows in and out of the system.

Don’t forget to insulate pipes so that they don’t come in contact with cold air and end up freezing. Also, increase the length of the discharge hose so water doesn’t collect near the system and damage it.

Plumbing problems in homes are quite common, particularly during winters. However, preparing the equipment for lower temperatures beforehand can save you from trouble. Get in touch with plumbers in Conway, SC, today to protect plumbing pipes from potential damages.



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