Why Do I Need Professional Gas Appliance Repair Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Why Do I Need Professional Gas Appliance Repair Service? | Myrtle Beach, SC

Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, have at least a few natural gas appliances. Some HVAC systems rely on natural gas too. Many natural gas appliances are more energy efficient than their electric counterparts, and the gas supply is more reliable than electricity in places with frequent storms and high winds.

Gas Appliances

Common natural gas appliances include clothes dryers, stoves and ovens, space heaters, fireplaces, heated pools, outdoor grills and kitchens and even refrigerators. Many gas-reliant appliances and systems also use a small amount of electricity. Appliances like refrigerators or washing machines may require 3 separate hook-ups for water, gas and electric. Gas appliance repair services can help you maximize the functional lifetime of appliances and heating systems.

Professionals have a wide range of specialized tools designed to repair appliances. Modern appliances are more complex and have more electronics than appliances in the past, so technicians frequently use digital tools.

Warning Signs

Keep an eye out for warning signs indicating a problem with natural gas appliances. If an appliance with a pilot light won’t start or goes out quickly, a blockage could be present. Flames on stoves or water heaters should be blue. Yellow flames mean too much oxygen is present, which can also be caused by a blockage.

Turn off the gas supply to your stove if you see weak lighting or no light at all. Gas could fill the room and create a dangerous environment if it isn’t ignited almost immediately near the source. Don’t use the stove again until a gas appliance repair service professional cleans or replaces essential components to produce a safe flame.

Homeowners with copper pipes should watch for a fuzzy, green substance made up of copper sulphates. These sulphates can damage appliances over time. Any oxidisation inside pipes should be checked by a gas appliance repair service professional.

Inspections and Compliance with Relevant Standards

Gas appliance repair services are very beneficial before purchasing a home or commercial property. A professional technician can inspect natural gas equipment, appliances and connectors. Removing and replacing appliances may require professional assistance to cap natural gas lines and make sure the gas supply is turned off.

Local authorities may regulate residential gas line installation in Myrtle Beach, SC. Gas piping isn’t usually approved for grounding electric wires. Bonding gas pipes to an electrical grounding system may be required in some jurisdictions. A local gas appliance repair service provider can check your home for compliance with relevant rules and guidelines.

Bonding gas piping to the electrical grounding system is a requirement in many jurisdictions. A professional may recommend attaching gas pipes to grounded water supply wipes. Bonding gas lines to a grounding system prevents electrical sparks that could ignite gas.

Furnaces and Maintenance

Furnaces need regular maintenance to heat homes efficiently. The heating system should be ventilated and cleaned regularly. The manufacturer usually provides instructions for cleaning and replacing filters. Consult local gas appliance repair services to check your furnace regularly, and make sure any chimneys or flues are clear of soot, leaves and other debris. Schedule inspections at least once each year.

New high-efficiency furnaces usually don’t have pilot lights, but pilot lights are present in most older gas furnaces. A pilot light that doesn’t stay on may indicate a problem. If a large yellow flame appears, call a professional immediately and don’t try to do anything else with the furnace.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is one of the most important reasons for gas appliance repair services. Natural gas furnaces or space heaters without appropriate ventilation can let carbon monoxide build up in a home. Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it has no odor or color, and CO poisoning can be fatal without early intervention. A carbon monoxide alarm monitors indoor air and alerts households if CO is present.

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are relatively common, but they can be dangerous. It’s important to find and repair leaks as soon as possible. The meter is the dividing line between private and public responsibility in Myrtle Beach, SC. Leaks on the homeowner’s side must be taken care of privately, while leaks on the other side of the meter are fixed by public utility providers.

Signs of a gas leak include higher gas bills, headaches, and dizziness or a malfunctioning pilot light. Natural gas is odorless, but many suppliers add a distinctive odor for easier leak detection. Locations prone to gas leaks include spaces where pipes join at fittings, old shut-off valves, unions, regulators, and supply lines. Disturbed or damaged connections can also lead to gas leaks.

Black iron gas pipes become vulnerable to leaks if the pipes aren’t adequately shielded from the elements. Moisture causes corrosion and weakens the pipe wall. Underground black iron pipes may rust so extensively that the pipe simply crumbles.

Gas appliance repair service professionals may turn off the gas completely if they suspect a large leak. They use a variety of methods to locate a gas leak, such as pressurizing the line with air or applying soap to exposed fittings. A technician may need to access gas pipes within a wall or even dig to find underground pipes.

Vegetation above buried gas lines may be helpful. Plants in the path of a gas leak can wilt and die. Gas appliance repair service providers can also follow up after a gas leak is resolved. They may inspect gas pipes and fixtures throughout the house to make sure no other leaks or malfunctions are present.

Call the experienced professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach to schedule maintenance visits or request repairs for a gas appliance. Skilled technicians evaluate and repair appliances quickly and reliably, so you can return to your daily routine.


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