Why Avoid DIY Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

Why Avoid DIY Water Heater Replacement | Conway, SC

Water heaters are some of the most important components of plumbing systems in most Conway, SC homes. This appliance ensures that you and your family always have access to hot clean water for cooking, bathing, and cleaning. Without it, you would have to take your showers and perform other cleaning tasks with ice-cold water, which is not fun at all. However, like any other appliance in your house, your water heater is not designed to last forever. Therefore, there will come a time when you will need to get it replaced. However, no matter how much you enjoy DIY projects, a water heater replacement is not a job you should think of doing on your own. Unless, of course, you are a professional plumbing services provider. Instead, you need to get in touch with a professional water heater expert as soon as you realize that you need a new water heater. Below are some reasons why DIY water heater replacement is a bad idea.

It Could Be Illegal

Water heater replacement is a major home improvement project. It calls for electrical, plumbing, and even carpentry skills. Without adequate skills, you might end up making mistakes that can pose serious safety hazards to your family and neighbors. It is, therefore, not surprising that local authorities set high safety standards that plumbers must observe when it comes to installing water heaters. For instance, before you can install a water heater, you might be required to obtain a permit. The installation might also have to be inspected by authorities. Unless you are a professional plumber, you might end up violating the existing building code, which might put you at loggerheads with local authorities. To prevent such an eventuality, you need to work with a professional plumber. Professionals are conversant with all the relevant regulations, and they know what needs to be done to ensure that your new water heater is installed in line with the existing building code.

You Might Void Your Warranty

Water heaters are quite pricey appliances, which explains why they come with warranties. Your water heater warranty might allow you to compel the manufacturer to pay for repairs or even a replacement if your water heater breaks down within the time stipulated in the warranty. However, these warranties don’t come without conditions. For instance, for your water heater’s warranty to remain valid, you might be required to ensure that the installation is done by a professional plumber. In such a situation, trying a DIY water heater installation could effectively void your warranty and cause you to lose all the privileges that come with the warranty. To prevent such an eventuality, it is imperative for you to ensure that your water heater is replaced by a qualified professional plumber.

You Might Damage Your Water Heater

Installing a water heater is quite an involving task that calls for maximum attention to detail. This is because water heaters have several delicate components that need to be installed correctly for them to work optimally. Therefore, without adequate skills and tools for the job, trying to install a water heater on your own could lead to serious equipment damage. Therefore, you might be forced to start repairing your new water heater even before it starts working. To prevent such a situation, you need to leave water heater replacement jobs to experts. Professional plumbers have the necessary tools and experience to handle water heater replacements skillfully without causing any equipment damage. In case of any accidental damage, professional plumbers are insured and bonded, meaning that you will not be the one to pay for the necessary repairs.

The Job Might Cost You More

A lot of people who decide to try DIY water heater replacement do so hoping to save some money in the end. However, there is no such guarantee, and therefore, you might end up spending more money than expected. For instance, unless you are a professional plumber, you most likely do not have the right equipment for the job, meaning that you will have to start with buying tools that you might never need again. Furthermore, if you cause any damage to your home or water heater, you will be the one to pay for repairs. On the other hand, working with a professional plumber will help you avoid such costs. Professional plumbers have the necessary skills, experience, and technology to ensure that the job is done in the most efficient way possible and consequently save you some money.

You Might Lose Your Home Insurance Benefits

If you have home insurance, then you probably know that all home improvement projects that can put the safety of your home at risk must be handled by licensed professionals. Since your water heater is probably powered by propane, natural gas, or electricity, improper installation can potentially set your house on fire. Therefore, for you to avoid getting at loggerheads with your insurance, you need to ensure that your water heater replacement job is done by a professional plumber. If you make the mistake of trying to install your water heater on your own, it might become very difficult for you to make a successful claim in the event of future water heater-related property damage.

The Bottom Line

Overall, it is apparent that if your water heater needs to be replaced, you need to avoid the temptation to do the job on your own. This is because DIY water heater replacement could lead to costly consequences. Therefore, you need to work with a professional plumber to ensure that the job is done efficiently and correctly. If you are looking for a reliable plumbing contractor providing water heater replacement services in or around Conway, SC, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is the best plumbing contractor to consider. We have been installing water heaters for many years, and you can count on our experience and expertise to get the job done correctly. Feel free to get in touch with us today for more information about our company and the services we offer in Conway, SC.

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