When Exploring Your Water Line Repair Options, Consider These Benefits Of A Trenchless Method | Myrtle Beach, SC

When Exploring Your Water Line Repair Options, Consider These Benefits Of A Trenchless Method | Myrtle Beach, SC

Significantly large volumes of water can be wasted in case of water line damage. Additionally, it could result in property damage or even affect the structural integrity of your home, especially if it happens under the slab. At your Myrtle Beach, SC home, signs such as brownish or yellowish colored water might be a sign of a corroded water line. This also means an imminent leak when the corrosion completely weakens the water lines. Water losses from water line leaks mean that you will pay more in water utility expenses at the end of the month.

However, with routine water line and plumbing system inspections, you can catch various water line issues before they become full-blown. Therefore, if they notice an issue with your water line pipes, they can use the best method to resolve it, including water line repair. Thanks to trenchless plumbing technology, the professionals also do their best to minimize damage when repairing the water lines. But What are the benefits of trenchless water line repair?

It Eliminates Property Damage

Do you want a non-invasive water line repair? Then you should ask your plumber to use trenchless plumbing. Using this method, the plumber can access the water line from a single opening and can repair or replace your water line without damaging your yard. This is because trenchless piping repair reduced the need for excavation, a particularly demanding task.

Trenchless water line repair begins with a camera inspection of the water line. When inserted into the water line, the inspection camera is pushed into the pipes, recording a high-quality video for the plumber. This gives the plumbers a glimpse of the interior conditions of the water lines. The professional then reviews the video and determines the location of the problem. The camera inspection can reveal clogs, silent leaks, or even corrosion within your water line.

When the camera reveals the issue, the plumbing expert uses a locating device on the ground level to pick up the camera signal. The device then sprays the point using paint, allowing the plumber to know exactly where to reach the water line. This technology only results in two holes. One of the holes is created where the water line ends and the other where it begins.

It Is a Fast Way of Fixing Water Line Issues

Besides ensuring convenience, one of the benefits of technology is making things move or be completed at a faster rate. Thanks to trenchless technology, a water line repair professional can swiftly finish repairing or replacing the water line compared to using traditional methods. For instance, traditional techniques of repairing a water line include excavation and might even take 3-5 days for the professional to finish the replacement or repair. With trenchless technology, a lot can be done within a day.

Using traditional methods of repairing a water line or even replacing it is a burden. The family has to shut off the water supply systems and even relocate their household items. Additionally, these repairs are messy. But using trenchless technology, the job can be done swiftly and in a cleaner manner. This eliminates many issues that might have results when using the traditional methods.

The water line inspection pinpoints the exact location of the affected pipes, meaning that the plumber knows where to target. Hence, they will finish the job swiftly. In Myrtle Beach, SC, water line repair professionals use cure-in-place (CIPP) repairs to resolve water line issues. This means that the plumber repairs or replaces the pipes without excavating or removing any pipes.

After they note the problem, the plumber then inserts a lining or epoxy onto the affected water line. The epoxy liner’s resin attaches and cures the interior parts of the water line. When it dries, the liner creates a long-lasting coating. If CIPP is done on small pipes, it can take between 1-2 hours, although it might take longer for larger water lines. However, a plumber will finish a trenchless water line repair within a day.

Trenchless Waterline Repairs Are More Affordable

Compared to the traditional methods, trenchless repairs take considerably less time, need less labor, and require fewer materials. This means that they are quite affordable in comparison. As mentioned above, the trenchless technologies eliminate any need for excavation. This reduces the number of tools and time required to complete the repair project.

Additionally, new technologies such as inspection cameras and leak detectors allow the plumber to pinpoint the location of the damage quickly and perform quick repairs. In any plumbing issue, and more so water line leaks, time is money, literally. The more the leak, the higher the water wastage, translating to higher water utility bills. Also, the homeowner will pay for the labor they’ll receive. Meaning that they will be charged a lower cost if the job is finished quickly.

Trenchless Technologies Strengthens the Water Line Pipes

The trenchless water line repairs are long-lasting, meaning that you will not have to call a plumber that your water lines have sprung a leak a few days after a reliable professional has fixed them. The replacement pies are highly durable. They also can improve the rate of water flow and reduce the risk of clogs, leaks, tree root invasion, and corrosion. So long as you accord them proper care and maintenance, the pipes can last for about 50 years. The trenchless pipe bursting replaces the water line pipes through a special bursting head. This process results in a stronger and quality water line with a greater flow capacity.

Trenchless Plumbing Is Eco-Friendly

Are you looking for eco-friendly solutions to water line repair? Then you should consider trenchless plumbing methods. Since they minimize damage to the surrounding areas and utilize less machinery, they are environmentally friendly, unlike traditional methods. It is not ideal for the environment to dig trenches to reach your buried water line because you will be damaging the natural habitats and your Myrtle Beach, SC lawn.

The deep trenches might also bring some harmful toxins onto the surface. Most of the pipe lining solutions used in trenchless water line plumbing repairs are made from recycled materials, and the epoxy resin used in CIPP is silicone. When it’s cured into the pipeline, the epoxy layer gets polymerized and becomes safe for the environment.

Trenchless Repair Experts Near You

As you can see, using a trenchless method of repairing the water line has numerous benefits. You also can enjoy the benefits by calling us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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