What Can You Expect From A Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | Conway, SC

What Can You Expect From A Professional Drain Cleaning Service? | Conway, SC

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Professional drain cleaning service is beneficial for your property. Pipes can last anywhere from 17 to 100 years. This highly depends on the material and maintenance of the pipes. If the pipes are well taken care of, they will last for decades. This is why many experts consider plumbing as an investment. The condition of your pipes and plumbing will contribute to the value of our home, by decreasing or increasing it, depending on how well they are maintained. Preventing damage and decay in your pipe system will help you save money and prevent damage. If you own a home and or a business you should hire a trusted local plumber to help you maintain your pipe system and protect your investment. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides drain cleaning service and plumbing maintenance for local residents and surrounding neighborhoods.

What Does Professional Drain Cleaning Service Entail?

You may be wondering how professional drain cleaning differs from regular over the counter drain cleaning chemicals and how it would benefit you to hire a plumber to clean your drains for you.

Chemical drain cleaners do work some of the time, however, it is far from guaranteed to do the intended job. Chemical drain cleaners eat through clogs and the water you are directed to pour in the drain some time afterward is meant to wash it all out. The problem with this method of cleaning drains is that chemical drain cleaners may not be able to get rid of the clog, depending on how dense it is. Therefore the water wouldn’t be able to wash it all away. This can create something known as a stubborn clog. Which is basically, a clog that won’t budge. It’s set your pipe line up as its permanent residents. This presents several problems and can end up damaging your pipelines, resulting in costly repairs.

Once a stubborn clog occurs you will have no choice but to contact a professional for a problem that could have been avoided. If the clog becomes really embedded into your pipeline, regular professional pipe cleaning methods may not work. This would result in your professional plumber having to manually remove the clog from your drain system. This could end up costing you thousands of dollars. This would be a huge waste of money considering this once simple clog could have been removed with a professional drain cleaning service.

Chemical drain cleaners are also harsh on drains. Using these cleaners can result in pipe damage. If the chemicals were to come into contact with your skin, it could cause chemical burns or other injuries. It’s best to stay away from these chemicals and leave the drain cleaning to the professionals. If you are in need of a professional drain cleaning service, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Conway, SC, for all of your plumbing repair and maintenance needs.

Methods Used

Professional plumbing drain cleaning maintenance will help you properly maintain all aspects of your plumbing. Hiring reoccurring lumber to clean your drains and inspect your plumbing systems will reduce the amount of damage and clogs in your system, enhancing the longevity of your pipes. By maintaining your pipes, you eliminate the need to have to replace them in the future. Eventually, your pipes will most likely degrade and turn back into the material it was once derived one. This is especially true for pipes such as copper and iron. However, you can avoid this from happening during our lifetime with the help of a professional plumber. A professional inspection will help your plumber determine the condition of your plumbing system and whether or not it needs repair and maintenance in certain aspects of your system.

The methods used to professionally clean your drain usually involve some type of drain auger, which is sometimes referred to as a “snake. The snake is meant to be lowered into the drain in order to physically remove any clogs from the pipelines. This is a highly effective method for removing clogs. This method should only be done by a professional plumber due to the damage that can ensue if the auger user does not know-how, or has no experience using an auger device. Professional drain cleaning service providers are trained and knowledgeable enough to properly use this tool to prevent damage and remove clogs.

When a clog becomes too stubborn to remove this way, your professional drain cleaning service provider may need to remove the clog by hand. This method includes a video pipe inspection first. If your plumber determines the clog can be removed using a simple method such as the auger tool, then they will proceed accordingly. Video pipe inspections are helpful tools when it comes to removing clogs, and can end up saving you tons of money. Video pipe inspection tools are long wire-like appliances with a camera attached to the end. This allows the plumber to look inside of your pipeline to see exactly what it is that is obstructing your pipe system.

The main tool used to clean drains is a hydro water jet also known as a hydro-jetter. Hydro water jets spew water out of a nozzle under extreme pressure. The water is extremely forceful and powerful. It is one of the safest and most effective ways to clean your pipes. The water in these high-pressured jets usually has a water force above 7000 psi. This velocity allows the water to power through clogs and ensures your drains and completely clear and clean. This method of cleaning is far superior to the chemical cleaners because it completely clears the drain of all forms of debris.

Drain cleaning service will help you increase the lifespan of your plumbing systems, reduce clogs, and eliminate clog-related damage in your pipelines. If you live in the Conway, SC area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for drain cleaning services and plumbing repairs.


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