Water Line Repair: Frequent Water Line Issues in Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water Line Repair: Frequent Water Line Issues in Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water lines are vital domestic water supply systems that facilitate the distribution of clean water in your home. Plumbers install durable and strong water pipes to serve you as long as possible, but problems are inevitable when exposed to certain conditions such as alkalinity or heat.

Waterline issues can deny your household water for laundry, cooking, showering, bathing, drinking, and cleaning, compromising personal hygiene and the sanitary conditions of your Myrtle Beach, SC home.

So, water line repair services should be immediate for all water pipe problems despite the magnitude. The following are some of the water pipe issues homeowners experience.

Burst Pipes

One of the most complicated problems that can cause severe plumbing issues and wastage of gallons of water is burst pipes.

It is a mishap that requires immediate water line repair services to avert the possibility of water damage. The domestic water supply lines can break due to multiple issues such as:

  • Corrosion: If your plumbing water pipes are not resistant to rusting, including cast iron, galvanized steel, or copper, there are higher chances of dealing with burst water lines.


  • Freezing during winter: Failure to winterize water pipes leads to frozen water supply lines that expand and burst, forcing you to call for a repair and replacement services from skilled and experienced plumbers.


  • Tree roots: They can penetrate the water pipework if the water lines are close to a tree or a homeowner plants a tree near the pipelines.


  • High water pressure: When water is running at high pressure, it can overwhelm the pipes, making them burst.


  • Old water pipes can also crack because of the numerous wear and tear. Burst pipes require immediate water line repair services.

The plumbers check for bursting pipes and replace them to prevent additional problems such as indoor floods that can cause water damages that are costly to restore.

The plumbers replace the cracked water pipes with more advanced ones that can resist rust, be insulated during winter, and withstand high pressure.


Other notorious water line problems are leakages in any part of the pipe. Household leaks account for almost 1 trillion gallons of water wastage.

Failure to request water line repair services the minute you notice leaking pipes can be disastrous, causing issues such as mold growth and pools of water around the leaking pipe. The causes of water leaks are similar to those that lead to burst pipes, including:

  • High water pressure
  • Extensive clogs
  • Worn-out rubber seals connecting the fixtures and faucets
  • Tree encroachment, high water pressure
  • Freezing water inside of pipes
  • Damaged pipes

You can prevent the minor leakage problem from becoming worse by getting qualified plumbers for quality water line repair services as soon as you see the first leak.

The professionals conduct leak detection to find other leaking parts in your piping system for prompt fixing to prevent water wastage.

Frozen Water Pipes

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, also face freezing pipeline issues. Water pipes are susceptible to freezing due to:

  • Low temperatures on wintry days
  • Improper setting or shutting off the thermostat
  • Poor insulation.

When the water inside the water supply line freezes, it creates a clog that hinders the free flow of water to your house, which requires emergency repairs.

Without prompt unclogging of the pipes by thawing them, the water pipelines burst, causing other plumbing problems that need water line repair services.

Fortunately, the frozen water pipeline issue is preventable. The expert encourages letting water drip in the faucets and opening kitchen and bathroom cabinets to expose the pipes to warm air from the heating units.

Other prevention measures are setting the thermostat at the same temperature both day and night and insulating the pipes, lowering the chances of costly repair services to fix the freezing pipe issues.

Noisy Pipes

In addition to the frozen, bursting, and leaking pipe problems, noisy pipes are also popular in homes. Though the issue might seem minor, you should not overlook it and fail to call for immediate water line repair services. The noisy water distribution lines are signs of other plumbing issues that professional plumbers can find and fix skillfully, such as:

  • Loose fittings
  • High water pressure generates a crashing sound in the pipework that requires urgent repairs
  • Failing protection systems produce clunking and banging sounds known as water hammer.
  • Mineral buildup in the pipes due to hard water generates clicking or rattling sounds in the water pipework.

Plumbing experts can silence the noisy water pipelines by conducting intensified inspections to identify the root cause of the problems and offer the necessary water line services.

They tighten loose fitting in the pipework, replace malfunctioning protection parts, and regulate water pressure to optimal levels at a minimum of 40 pounds per square inch (psi) and a maximum of 60 psi.

Clogged Pipes

Last but not least, residential property managers can receive complaints of clogged water pipework. Blockages can obstruct water from getting into your fixtures and faucets or reduce the pressure.

Prolonged clogs block the passage of water to your faucets, leaving your taps dry. Some of the reasons behind the clog in the water pipework include:

  • Mineral deposits from hard water
  • Impurities in the municipal water

When the water pressure in your house drastically drops, it is a sign of a clog that requires water line repair services. The plumber detaches the clogged pipe for cleaning to ensure water flows freely to your home at optimal pressure.

If the blockage was due to hard water minerals, the plumber installs water softeners in the piping system.

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