Water Line Repair: 7 Warning Signs Of Trouble Within Your Waterline | Conway, SC

Water Line Repair: 7 Warning Signs Of Trouble Within Your Waterline | Conway, SC

The water line is a vital plumbing fixture that brings water into your home from the municipal main supply line. It is a water inlet to your home. Without it, your home will not have clean water. Clean water is an essential component that ensures comfort at your Conway, SC home. Without clean water, many chores like laundry, cooking, and bathing come to a halt.

Unfortunately, like any other plumbing fixture, a water line is prone to various problems, from leaks and bursting to blockages and clogs. If there is a problem with your water line, a plumbing service like Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach is there to help you. The plumbers repair or replace the damaged components or clean the water line. Water line repair can be an expensive and time-consuming task. Besides damaging your property, extensive floods from your water line can damage the street, causing inconvenience and even crumbling.

However, there are several signs to watch that help you determine if you need to call a water line repair expert. Being aware of these factors may help you get your waterline inspected and repaired before the problem persists.

1. Low Water Pressure

Water pressure will change when your water line has a blockage like a clog or tree roots. If the leak is large enough, it causes a noticeable reduction in the water pressure and slows the rate of water entering your home.

If you have noticed that you don’t see the usual amount of water pressure even with a pressure regulator, then you need to call a plumber for inspection and water line repair. If no water at all is entering your home, that is a sign of a burst or ruptured water line. The everyday things that cause restricted water flow that may affect the water line pressure are tree root punctures, excessive mineral deposits, and blockages. Whenever you notice a sudden drop in water pressure, call a plumber as soon as possible to determine the reason behind the change.

2. Frequent Clogs

Unexplained, periodic clogs are among the most common signs that your residential or commercial property may need a water line repair. You may begin to notice that the clogs are increasingly becoming frequent and challenging to clear. The cause might have less to do with your home’s internal plumbing and more to do with your water line if such is the case. A plumbing expert can inspect the water line using modern plumbing tools and inform you whether your water line needs repair. If the water line is severely damaged, the plumber will recommend a replacement.

3. Pooling Water

The presence of water pools in your yard is among the most common signs that your water line has an issue. Suppose sudden unexplainable puddles are forming on your compound, plants and extra lush grass growing near the water line, or an appearance of soggy patches on your lawn that previously was fine. In that case, all these are signs of an underground leak.

Extra moisture is added to the soil by the water leaks, attracting nearby plants and making them grow a lot more quickly than in other areas of your yard. The puddles are a health hazard. Mosquitoes thrive and reproduce in such conditions, and they may infest your Conway, SC home. Call a plumber for water line repairs if you notice the pools of water in your yard. Otherwise, you might incur high water utility bills at the end of the month, not forgetting the inconveniences to your home.

4. Noisy Fixtures

Although plumbing systems include water flow, it doesn’t mean that they should be overly loud during operations. Suppose you hear clanging sounds within your pipes whenever you turn the water supply on, gurgling the toilet when you flush it, or you hear dripping or whistling sounds frequently. In that case, it indicates that the pipe(s) in your residential or commercial property is damaged. These signs are also indicative of problems within your water line. Call a plumber to ascertain the cause and offer water line repair services.

5. Discolored Water

Do you see brown or yellow water upon turning on the faucets at your home? This is a sign that you have a problem with your plumbing that needs to be urgently addressed. The water should be clear. Although discolored hot water indicates water heater issues, it can also be a sign of trouble within the water line. Rust is the leading cause of this, and it doesn’t only affect the interior pipes; it also affects your metallic water line. If you notice that discolored water is coming from your faucets, call a plumber to inspect your plumbing system, and if the issue is with the pipe leading to your home, they will perform water line repair, cleaning, or replacement. They have the skills and tools to pinpoint exactly what is causing the discoloration and where it is happening within your plumbing system.

6. Foundation Cracks and Unpleasant Odors

The sudden appearance of cracks on your home’s foundation, flooring, or walls is one of the severe signs that your plumbing system needs a water line repair immediately. Usually, this happens after a prolonged leak and water seeps into your home’s foundation, making its structural integrity weak.

Do you smell a repulsive sewage odor at your home? A noticeably disgusting stench is a warning sign that you need a water line inspection and repair as soon as possible. When the water from the water line mixes leaves, they rot and produce a repulsive smell.

7. Costly Utility Bills and Warm Basement Flooring

Have your water utility bills increased abruptly over the last few months with no significant change in lifestyle or increase in use? Water leaks are among the leading causes of high water bills, and the problem may be even worse if the water line bursts underneath. Therefore, the increased water bills may be caused by a leaking water line or interior plumbing. Contact a plumber for inspection and water line repair services if you can’t explain the increase.

The other sign that you may have a hot water line issue is the warm spots beneath the basement flooring. A hot water line may be leaking under your slab. This may be accompanied by other problems like wet floors, cracks, and molds.

Water Line Repair Services in Conway, SC

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is a reputable plumbing company with a lot of experience in all forms of residential and commercial plumbing. Our plumbers are licensed to operate in South Carolina and are on standby to help resolve any plumbing problem with your water line. We provide our services 24/7, meaning you can call us at any time with a plumbing emergency.

Have you noticed any of the above signs at your home? Contact our skilled plumbers today.

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