Water Heater Replacement: 3 Common Causes For Lukewarm Water | Myrtle Beach, SC

Water Heater Replacement: 3 Common Causes For Lukewarm Water | Myrtle Beach, SC

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A very common issue that you may run into with your water heater is lukewarm water. This happens even if you set the thermostat to high. This may be a huge inconvenience to those who enjoy taking hot showers and hot baths every day. Lukewarm water can really put a dent on their mornings or nights.

But, why does this happen and what can you do about it? If you are getting lukewarm water, does this mean that there’s something wrong with your water heater? Most importantly, are these problems fixable or do you need to find a water heater replacement?

This article will look at the three most common causes for lukewarm water and what you can do about it. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for more information. Our licensed technicians can give you further insight on what you can do to solve the situation.

#1. Malfunctioning Heating Elements or Parts

One of the most common reasons why you’re getting lukewarm water is that the heating elements or parts within the water heater are malfunctioning or damaged. It’s important to note that only electric water heaters have heating elements. Gas water heaters use a different method to heat up the water.

When it comes to electric heaters, there are two heating elements. The upper element is located behind the upper access panel and the lower element is near the bottom of the tank. Usually, the lower element is the one that needs to be replaced or repaired. The thermostat is also a common part that may be malfunctioning in both electric and gas water heaters.

In general, you can expect only one part to be broken or malfunctioning. These parts are generally replaceable, so you won’t need to get a water heater replacement. You can call a professional to fix the problem. The cost of the repairs will depend on which elements or which parts are broken. Our licensed technicians can also find the cause of why the part is broken or malfunctioning. We’ll figure out whether it’s part of normal wear and tear or whether there are any other underlying issues involved.

#2. Broken Dip Tube

Dip tubes are found in both electric and gas water heaters. They are responsible for carrying cold water to the bottom of the tank. A broken drip tube will allow cold water to enter the top area of the tank, which means that there will be less hot water available. The cold water from the dip tube will also mix with the hot water at the top, which will cause your water to become lukewarm.

In general, you can expect the dip tubes to last for about 15 years. After that, they are susceptible to damage, as they will get brittle from being constantly immersed in hot water.

The most common recommendation in this situation is to simply replace the dip tube with a new one. Our licensed technicians will easily test for a broken drip tube and inspected to see where the damage is. They will then determine the type of dip tube that you have in order to find a suitable replacement. You can expect this to be a relatively easy fix that will not require you to look for a water heater replacement at all. Replacing a broken drip tube with a new one is relatively inexpensive. It can also be done within an hour or two.

#3. Different Household Requirements and Needs

Last but not least, one of the reasons why your home may have lukewarm water is that the water requirements have changed. For example, if you have more people living in your household now, you’re going to need a larger hot water heater to keep up with the demand. If there’s more people taking hot showers and baths every day, the hot water heater needs to have a larger capacity or needs to be able to work much more quickly.

In these situations, there’s likely nothing wrong with your hot water heater. In fact, it should be working just fine. With that said, you still might want to look into getting a hot water heater replacement that can keep up with the demand. One of our licensed technicians can come out and assess your hot water requirements to determine which hot water heater will be most suitable and compatible with your needs.

Consider Going Tankless

Now is a good time to stray away from traditional hot water heaters and opt for a tankless one instead. Tankless hot water heaters are much more efficient and are able to provide an endless supply of hot water. These heaters can keep up with large demands with ease.

If you’re looking for a water heater replacement, this is definitely a good route to go down. Many homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC have tankless models already. They not only increase the quality of living within the home, but can also increase the overall resale value of the home down the road. There are many different brands and types of tankless water heaters, so make sure you find one that has the features that you need.

Call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for More Information on Water Heater Replacements

If you’re looking for a water heater replacement, give us a call! Our licensed technicians in Myrtle Beach, SC have a lot of experience in all plumbing ventures. We have installed many water heater replacements for homes and can send out a licensed technician to help assess which model may be best for your needs.

Our licensed technicians at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach are able to offer high-quality and affordable plumbing services and can come out at any time if it’s your timetable. On top of water heater replacement services, we also offer all types of other plumbing services, from drain cleaning services to sewer line repair services. We can tackle just about any plumbing problem that you may ever face.


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