Water Heater Repair: Common Water Problems, The Causes, The Solution | Conway, SC

Water Heater Repair: Common Water Problems, The Causes, The Solution | Conway, SC

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The water heater is an essential component of modern-day life. With this appliance of convenience, you are able to use hot water for baths, cleaning, and other activities as needed. Without this appliance, accumulating hot water for such activities would take much longer and be more cumbersome. Water heaters are typically sturdy appliances and can last for an average of 9 to 12 years. Although the average lifespan for a water heater is about a decade, it could last much longer or less than the average. The lifespan of your water heater correlates to how well you care for it and the amount of maintenance it receives. If you live in or around the Conway, SC, area, and are in need of professional water heater repair or maintenance services, contact the staff at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach to schedule an appointment today.

Water Heater Malfunctions That Can Occur

The most common water heater malfunctions that occur are typical, lack of hot water, lukewarm water, no hot water, no power, water discoloration, rust, leaks, and tank explosions. By understanding why these issues happen and how you can prevent them could extend the lifespan of your water heater appliance and reduce the chances of them occurring. With the help of a professional plumber, you can utilize preventive maintenance services and urgent water heater repair.

Causes of Common Water Heater Malfunctions

Thermostat Issues

A common cause of water heater malfunctions is the thermostat. The thermostat is a device used to control the water’s temperature in a water heater. The recommended temperature is between 120 and 140 degrees. Research has found that temperatures above 140 could lead to scalding water and water under 120 degrees can lead to the buildup of bacteria in the water. This is why it is best to set the temperature between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermostat issues can be hard to discover. A thermostat issue could look and feel like several things. If your thermostat isn’t working properly, it could cause your water to exceed the high limit threshold, which is 180 degrees. It could also cause your hot water to go way below the 120-degree mark. You may realize you have a thermostat issue if the water is hotter or colder than usual. If you believe you have a thermostat issue, do not hesitate to contact professional water heater repair services for immediate repair. Thermostat issues can be extremely dangerous. It could lead to the injury of the property inhabitants or bacteria growth in the water. Immediate water heater repair is key to the prevention of these issues.

No Gas or Electricity

Water heaters are typically powered by two main sources, these sources are either gas or electricity. If there is no energy flowing to your electrical system, it could be due to a serious and dangerous malfunction along the power or gas line. In less serious cases it is typically due to a tripped breaker. If you own a gas-powered water heater then it could be due to an unlit pilot light.

Unlit pilot lights do present a small amount of danger and can easily be relit in more modern water heater appliances. Pilot lights typically have automatic lights and are easy to get back up and running. If you own an older water heater, it may be best to have a professional water heater repair provider repair it for it.

More serious causes of this issue include gas leaks, blown fuses, electrical malfunctions, and more. If your water heater has lost power, contact the staff at your local plumbing service provider, if you own property in the Conway, SC, area, contact the staff at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for all your water heater repair needs.

Water Pressure Issue

Water pressure problems are not always a result of the water heater. Water pressure can also be a product of old piping. You may be able to recognize a water pressure problem stemming from your plumbing system based on where the water pressure issue is stemming from. If the water pressure is too low or too high when you use the hot water valve, then it could be due to a malfunctioning water heater.

There are a few things that can cause your hot water pressure to get out of hand. The most common cause of low water pressure for hot water is a water heater tank leak. If the water pressure is too low, it typically means there is an obstruction or something preventing the entire volume of water from reaching its destination. If this is the case, it could definitely be a water tank leak. A water heater tank leak causes serious damage. If your water heater tank is leaking, it is imperative you contact a professional water heater repair service provider right away.

Another reason your water heater pressure could be out of whack is due to the TPR valve. If the TPR valve is the Temperature Pressure Relief valve. This valve is put in place for safety. The TPR valve could sometimes be triggered prematurely and cause the pressure to be reduced without any real need. Another issue that can occur with the TPR valve is the lack of a trigger. If the TPR valve isn’t sensitive enough, it could cause excess water pressure to build up and thus lead to water heater malfunctions in the future. If there is any difference in hot water pressure, contact your local plumbing service provider for water heater repair services.

Water Heater Tank Leaks

Water heater tank leaks do not often occur when these appliances are properly cared for. If a water heater tank does begin to link, it is imperative you have a water heater repair professional attend to it urgently. Water heater tank leaks can cause serious damage and uncomfortably in the home. Water heater tanks are typically 40 to 60 gallons in size. This is a lot of water and causes serious structure and mold problems in the home if left to fester. Water heater repair on tank leaks typically requires a completely new tank installation. This is because it cannot be repaired once a leak has sprung. The parts may be recycled, but the tank itself will become obsolete. If you live in or around the Conway, SC, area, and are in need of water heater repair, contact the staff at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach to schedule plumbing service today.


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