Warning Signs You Need Professional Water Heater Repair Services | Conway, SC

Warning Signs You Need Professional Water Heater Repair Services | Conway, SC

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A faulty water heater might not seem like a big deal to homeowners until you have to take an ice-cold shower. It can be quite stressful to get stuck with a deteriorating water heater, especially during winter. Your water heater can sustain lots of stress throughout the year since it is working round the clock to provide all your hot water needs.

It is, therefore, crucial to seek professional water heater repair services whenever your appliance fails, which it might at some point. In case you suspect there is a problem, do not wait too long to address the issue to avert a replacement of the entire unit. Below are some of the warning signs to be on the lookout for that you should fix and get to enjoy an endless supply of hot water.

Fluctuation in water temperature

Accumulation of mineral deposits around the water heater components can cause it to fail from time to time, and you might experience a lack of hot water when you need it most. Additionally, leakages can damage the entire unit causing it to malfunction, so it is vital to inspect the water heater from time to time for signs of leakages and fix them on time. The thermostat can also be too low, resulting in colder water temperatures.

Also, when the thermostat set temperature is too high, the water ends up being unusually hot and may cause severe burns. Consider setting your thermostat at 120 degrees since the recommended temperature for a hot shower is 112 degrees. In case you notice a consistent fluctuation in water temperature, get professional water heater repair services.

Water discoloration

Water discoloration can be troubling for some homeowners since it makes it seem like the water is unclean. Brown or reddish water is an indication that there is rust inside the water heater. If the discoloration only occurs momentarily, when you turn on the tap, that is a sign that the rust is being flushed out quickly. White or cloudy water shows that there are trapped air bubbles in the system that are released when you turn on the tap. However, the discoloration on the water should dissipate after a few minutes.

The presence of algae in the water heater can cause the water to have a greenish color, and this water can be harmful to your family’s health if consumed. In cases of severe copper collisions in the plumbing system and water heater, you may detect a blue color in the water. Whenever you notice your water with any of the above colors, call a professional for water heater repair services.

Weird noises stemming from your water heater

A squealing or screeching sound from your water heater can depict a faulty fan belt in the blower. It can also allude that the motor needs lubrication, a job you should leave to a professional to avoid further damage. Debris stuck in the blower’s fan blades can also cause the water heater to make weird noises. The noise occurs when the water bubbles as it passes the sediment layer, and the debris may make the tank to overheat over time. Popping sounds are a clear indication that there is a limescale buildup that requires removal. A sizzling sound suggests that the valves in the unit are faulty and cause the water to block.

Regular water heater repair services ensure that the appliance is cleaned frequently to avoid the above problems. Your plumber in Conway, SC, can work on a thorough inspection of the water heating unit, pinpoint the issue, and fix it.

Leakage of hot water

A loose drain valve is a common cause of hot water or water heater leakage. In case you notice water leaking from the valve, seek water heater repair services from a professional right away and have them tighten it. Most water heaters comprise a glass-lined storage tank, and the natural minerals in the water can calcify and form deposits on the inside of the tank. The excessive mineral build-up can result in cracks in the glass lining and subsequent leakage. The leakage may or may not affect the performance of the water heater, and you might even have to replace it.

When seeking professional water heater repair services, ensure that your technician is on the lookout for sediment build-up that affects the functionality of the unit. Too much pressure from hot water can also result in leakage from the water heater since it tends to create steam, which alternatively leaks through loose parts and cracks. It’s only a seasoned plumber who can properly diagnose the issue and give you a lasting solution.

Water won’t drain through the drain valve

If the water heater does not drain, you are probably dealing with a clogged drain valve. Excessive sediment buildup in the tank can cause clogging. When the water in the tank heats, the minerals separate settle at the bottom of the water heater. If you do not frequently drain the tank, the sediments will not only reduce the productivity of the system but also clog the drain valve.

If left unattended, the situation may transition into a severe blockage that damages the entire unit hence warranting a replacement. As a homeowner ensure that you seek professional water heater repair services to detect a clogged drain valve in its early stages and deal with the problem promptly.

Low water pressure

You may notice a slight change in your water pressure while multiple fixtures are in use at the same time. That may be due to a problem with the water meter valve, which is located adjacent to the water meter on the main water supply pipe. Low water pressure can be an indication that the water meter valve is partially closed, especially if you have had recent work done on your plumbing system. Also, low water pressure can be due to corrosion and scale buildup in old steel pipes, restricting water flow in your home’s plumbing system over time.

It may take years for you to notice a change in water pressure due to corrosion of the pipes since it’s a problem that develops slowly. Additionally, the pressure regulator may malfunction and cause a spike in water pressure hence damaging the plumbing pipes. Rather than troubling yourself with the mechanics of how the valve system works, why not seek professional water heater repair services whenever you suspect a problem with the valves?

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