The Importance Of A Gas Appliance Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

The Importance Of A Gas Appliance Repair Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

A widespread yet often overlooked health risk in many Myrtle Beach, SC homes and businesses is the dangers presented by natural gas appliances. Natural gas appliances, such as the gas stove found in your kitchen or the gas furnace in the basement, can produce a variety of pollutants and a variety of respiratory issues. You might think that illnesses linked to indoor cooking are caused by smoke-filled kitchens or consistently cooking over open fires, but that’s not the only source in the home. Some of the most common pollutants your gas appliance emit include:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Particulate matter

Over the last 80 years, scientists have published several studies on gas appliances and their link to respiratory illnesses. More recently, in 2020, the Rocky Mountain Institute found that gas stoves, particularly if not vented or improperly vented, are hazardous to health and are a primary source of air pollution indoors. While indoor air pollution is predominantly unregulated, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that the 1-hr average of nitrogen dioxide emissions indoors be 106 parts per billion or less. If a gas appliance is emitting more than desirable, a gas appliance repair service can rectify levels.

When most people think of dangerous gas leaks in the home, an obvious contender is carbon monoxide. However, new studies suggest that nitrogen dioxide exposure is just as troubling. It’s not only the primary pollutant from gas appliances, but it’s considered much more dangerous than ozone or particulate matter. And, recent peer-reviewed studies have linked long-term exposure to elevated nitrogen dioxide to the higher mortality risk associated with Covid-19. Some scientists are even advocating for the removal of new gas appliances from the market and have published these opinions in numerous medical journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine.

Faulty gas appliances are also fire hazards that cause thousands of house fires in the U.S. each year. Damage to your home or injuries from appliance fires are common, and routine maintenance will help reduce the risk. In the event of a breakdown, a gas appliance repair service can get your gas stove or furnace back to safe operating condition. Neglecting maintenance and necessary appliance repair can lead to debris build-up and small glitches, causing severe issues when you least expect it.

Four Reasons To Regularly Service Your Gas Appliances

Save money! Although routine maintenance costs money, a gas appliance repair service can cost even more, especially if a full-blown replacement is necessary. A gas appliance that undergoes regular maintenance can also help to keep your energy bills low. The harder an appliance works, e.g., to heat your home or cook your food, the more energy they’ll expend and more they’ll cost to run. Blocked ducts, clogged filters, faulty sensors, and general wear-and-tear can all negatively impact appliance efficiency. Seasonal variation also plays a part, as you’re less likely to be using gas heaters in the summer, and this neglect can lead to gas appliance repair issues in winter once you kick your gas heater into high gear once more. Utilizing seasonal tune-ups or scheduling a gas appliance repair service before the busiest part of the winter season can save you money in the long run, as well as keep energy costs low.

Avoid unexpected breakdowns! The convenience of a modern gas appliance is decidedly less so when it malfunctions unexpectedly on a cold winter night, especially if you’re relying on it to keep your Myrtle Beach, SC home warm. Regular servicing reduces the likelihood of unscheduled downtime and keeps you in the loop about minor issues that might become major incidents if left to fester.

Maintain appliance efficiency! Every appliance is susceptible to wear-and-tear as it ages, and this has a knock-on effect on efficiency. A smaller, more frequent gas appliance repair service that targets minor problem areas, such as cracked vents, can have a surprising impact on overall performance.

Extend gas appliance lifespans! Most gas furnaces, for example, have a lifespan of between 15 and 30 years. With regular maintenance, it’s possible to maintain your appliance for up to four decades, although it is rare. However, not undertaking regular servicing can lead to furnace breakdown well before the 15 year mark. Furnaces without maintenance will likely burn too much energy and burn out their components faster, leading to early appliance failure.

What To Do If You Suspect A Gas Appliance Emergency

One of the most crucial reasons you may need a gas appliance repair service is if your furnace, cooker, or other gas appliance is leaking gas when it shouldn’t be or improperly venting noxious gases. If you detect the tell-tale rotten egg smell of gas, you can avoid further damages to your family, home, and business through the following:

  • Evacuate the property
  • Call a gas appliance repair service
  • Turn off the gas at the meter, if possible
  • Avoid using naked flames
  • Avoid switching electrics on or off
  • Keep windows and doors sealed.

Rely on a professional gas appliance repair technician to locate the gas leak and fix the appliance. Whether it’s the main gas line or a faulty appliance component, a qualified repair technician can repair the issue safely. Time is of the essence when it comes to gas leaks, so don’t hold off on calling a gas appliance repair service if you think you need one. Even if the issue seems minor, there could be unknown dangers. Carbon monoxide, for example, has no odor or color, but it can make you unwell if you’re exposed to it long-term. The same goes for nitrogen dioxide.

Scheduling a gas appliance repair service as soon as possible is more crucial than ever, especially since more Americans have been spending time at home. Vulnerable populations, especially, have been staying indoors more often. If you suspect any of your appliances need a gas appliance repair service, call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Our 24/7 emergency repair technicians are here for you.


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