Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Water Heater Repair | Conway, SC

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The water heater is the most frequently used appliance in most homes in Conway, SC, for heating water used for daily household activities such as washing, cleaning dishes, and showering. Some homeowners may fail to notice the deteriorating life of the water heater until it’s too late.

Just like any other plumbing fixture, water heaters wear down with time. Water heater repair technicians claim that a properly maintained water heater may serve a homeowner for 10 to 13 years. But, you shouldn’t wait until the unit wears down completely to call a water repair specialist.

There are signs you should always look for that indicate your water heater is failing. The issue needs to be addressed immediately. If you notice any of the following signs, call a water heater repair technician right away.

Lukewarm Water

At times the water coming out of your taps may not be hot as it should be. If this happens, the water heater may be having some issues. Lukewarm water may be a result of an alteration of temperature settings due to weather change. If you recently lowered the temperature of your unit or set it to a vacation mode, the water that comes may not be as hot as expected.

Also, if the outside weather is cold, it can snake into the water unit resulting in lukewarm water. The rate of hot water usage may be high at your home, and this may also cause the water coming from the taps to be slightly cold since the unit may be having a hard time warming the water. If none is the cause, then your water heater may be having problems. When that happens, you should contact a water heater repair specialist to address the matter.

Puddles of Water Around the Base of the Tank

If you notice pools of water around the base of the unit, it’s an indication that there’s a problem. It becomes a serious issue when the water heater begins to leak to a point of accumulating at the base. The water heater leaks can cause severe problems to your home, especially if you have kids, pets, or electrical appliances near the area.

It may also result in mold growth that can damage your home if not resolved in time. That’s why it’s important to repair small leaks before they rupture later, causing bigger problems. While small leaks may be challenging to pinpoint, it’s wise to check around your water heater for possible causes of leaking.

Sometimes the pipes could be loose or could be having cracks. Whatever the case, you should contact a repair professional near Conway, SC, to inspect and fix the water heater to its usual functionality. By doing so, you are likely to evade future problems such as costly recurring repairs and having to restore your damaged home.

Unusual Sounds

A water heater usually generates some sounds while heating the water, but at times they become too loud. If this happens, the water heaters could be having a problem, and it would be wise to have a water heater specialist to determine the source of the issue. These sounds may be a result of minerals and sediment build up inside the tank.

As you heat more water, the deposits thicken, making the unit less effective since it may have to take a lot of time warming the water. As a result, the water heater may be strained and may even leak in no time. Additionally, too much accumulation of sediments can cause uneven heat transfer resulting in water that’s not as required.

Some homeowners may try using water softeners, but this may not offer a permanent solution. A remedy to this is flushing and thoroughly cleaning the water tank to get rid of sediments. The job should be done by a water heater repair technician to ensure the whole process is flawless to ensure the unit performs as required. By doing so, you can avoid permanent damages caused to your water heater and the cost of purchasing a new water unit.

Discolored Water

Water that comes from your taps should be clear. Sometimes, you may leave your taps for long without running water, and this can result in brown water, but the water might become colorless after a few minutes. If the water comes rusty when you run both hot and cold water taps, it’s a sign of corroded pipes.

However, if it happens only in a hot water tap, then you could be having a rusted water heater and the issue should be addressed by an experienced water heater repair technician.

Discolored water could be a result of sediment buildup at the base of the tank and can be solved easily by calling a professional water heater repair expert to flush and clean the water tank. Also, if the pipes are the issue, water taps can be left to drain for some time. If the water still comes rusty, the problem could be your water heater heating elements.

If left unresolved, rust may eat up, causing leaks, and you may have to install a new water heater. That’s why it’s important to contact a water repair specialist as soon as you notice brown water coming from your hot water taps to perform the necessary repairs to bring back the usual clean water.

No Hot Water at All

Hot water is a requirement for your home for washing dishes and showering. Having a cold shower especially, during cold months can be intolerable. If cold water is coming from your shower or kitchen sinks, it’s a warning your water heater has failed, and it’s a sign you need assistance from a water repair technician.

The issue could be due to sediment buildup or a damaged thermostat. Accumulation of sediments around the water heater’s heating elements may affect their functionality, and you end up getting cold water. Whatever the case, contact a water repair professional to safely inspect the unit and figure out the problem source.

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