Telltale Signs That Your Plumbing Company Should Reline Your Home’s Pipes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Telltale Signs That Your Plumbing Company Should Reline Your Home’s Pipes | Myrtle Beach, SC

As a homeowner in Myrtle Beach, SC, you rely on plumbing daily. From the sink, shower, toilets, and water heaters to dishwashers and garbage disposal units, life cannot be as comfortable as you know it without plumbing appliances and fixtures. However, some plumbing fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and showers are among must-haves.

But what can happen if the plumbing pipes at your home aren’t properly functioning? Do you have to replace them or can you reline them? While some homeowners believe replacing plumbing pipes or their repair is the only solution, the pipes can also be relined by a reputable plumbing company to ensure they are optimally operating. But what does pipe relining mean?

What’s Pipe Relining?

Whenever there is an issue with the plumbing pipes, you might think a replacement or a repair is the only option. True, these are highly invasive procedures. They sometimes involve or require excavation of the pipes, meaning that your lawn or yard will be excavated. Hence, you might have to pay extra charges for landscape restoration. However, if there isn’t excessive tree root intrusion, corrosion, pipe bursts, or leaks, pipe relining might be quicker and more affordable.

In pipe relining, the water line or sewer lines are repaired without having to replace them. When relining a pipe, a reliable and professional plumber inserts a custom liner onto the water line or the drainage system and inflates it with compressed air. After several hours, this molds an epoxy resin to the inner walls of the drainage system, making it appear new.

Since the trenchless water and sewer line repair technology doesn’t need any digging, homeowners get to save some dollars and the stress of restoring a torn-up lawn or yard. There are many other benefits of pipe relining. Whenever your plumbing system stops working, it may severely impact the normal operations in your home. However, during the lead-up to the pipe damage, there is a period where the water and sewer lines might show some signs of trouble before they deteriorate entirely.

Although some homeowners say out of sight means out of mind, this isn’t a great notion regarding your plumbing. Because the pipes are buried behind the walls, below the slab, and underneath your yard, you should pay attention to the telltale signs that it is time to call a plumbing company for a pipe relining service.

Signs of You Should Have a Pipe Relining Service

The signs that it is about time you reline the pipes include:

Low Water Quality

Whenever you realize that the water quality at your home has deteriorated, that is a clear indicator that you should seek the assistance of a plumbing company for a pipe relining service. Whenever you notice that the water is smelly, has specs of mud, or even rust clumps appearing in a glass of water, or even it starts tasting funny, you should call a plumber immediately for an inspection of the pipes. The alien objects inside the water lines might result from rusting and corrosion in the pipes, sediment accumulation, or dirt or debris entering the water line through hairline fractures into your drinking water. This can have severe health issues, according to CDC.

Water Backup

Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, or any other plumbing areas with a drainage system installed, wastewater or water backup is a sign that they are collapsed, clogged, or an obstruction preventing a seamless water flow. Water backing up throughout your home is perhaps the most telltale sign that you need a pipe relining service from a reputable plumbing company. Backups of water might indicate that you need a drain cleaning service than a pipe relining. However, if the pipes are damaged to a point where they collapse, you should have a pipe relining service.

Gurgling Sounds from Your Toilet

Some plumbing fixtures at your Myrtle Beach, SC home are designed in a manner that will consistently produce noise when they are running. However, when they make uncharacteristic noises, that should be a cause for concern. For instance, the toilet should only produce that “flushing sound.” That should worry you whenever you hear other sounds such as hissing or gurgling. A gurgling toilet means the pressure forces the air back up through the pipe system and releases it into the toilet bowl. This is usually because their pies aren’t properly pressured and a clear sign that you should call a plumbing company for a pipe relining service.

Sludge in the Bathtub or Shower

Dirt, soap scum, and hair will go down through the shower or bathtub drains. Unfortunately, if the bathroom of shower pipes isn’t correctly flowing, they might be pushed back up. The sickening sludge that oozes back into your shower or bathtub’s flooring will also result in gurgling sounds in your toilet or bathtub drains. This is caused by irregular pipe pressure. Fortunately, hiring a plumbing company for a pipe relining immediately you notice the sludge backup and gurgling sounds can help the piping system maintain proper pressure and structural balance and last longer.

Rusting & Debris

Just imagine this, you are preparing a delicious meal. So, you begin filling your pot with hot water, and suddenly, you hear a loud clunking sound from your pot. When you look inside, you notice a large shard of corroded metal that is defiantly sitting at the pot’s bottom. This signifies that your piping is deteriorating. Whether it is reducing the water quality or bringing in clods of debris or dirt, the debris and dirt is a clear sign that you should hire a plumbing company in Myrtle Beach, SC, for a pipe inspection and relining service.

Nearby Trees

The tree roots are highly invasive from the elms to oaks because they’re strong. The network of these tree roots might break into the pipes or fracture them, resulting in oxidation and rusting. To help your piping infrastructure stay in top condition, the plumbing company will survey where these trees are concerning your plumbing system and address the issue by rerouting or relining them.

Have you noticed either of the above signs? Do you need a pipe relining service? Then you most likely need a pipe relining service at your home. However, you should begin by finding a reputable plumbing company to help you address this plumbing issue. Call our reliable, experienced, licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach.

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