Telltale Signs That You Should Contact A Water Line Repair Professional | Conway, SC

Telltale Signs That You Should Contact A Water Line Repair Professional | Conway, SC

For some people, the plumbing system is the last thing on their minds when it comes to the necessities and functionality of the house. Consequently, the water line leading to the home is included in this assumption of the essentials of the house. But in a real sense, the plumbing system and the water line supplying your Conway, SC home make up one of the most vital elements to your home’s functionality. The water line is not only responsible for the water in your home but also the condition in which you receive that water. Is it clear, clean, and free from impurities that can be gathered outside?

Once your water line breaks, it exposes your home to many issues, including flooding and damage to essential items. Therefore, it is crucial to nail down the signs that a broken water line portrays to avoid the catastrophic consequences of the unattended broken water line by scheduling an appointment for water line repair.

Knowing these signs will help you know which kind of repair services you need and reduce the worry you experience by scheduling an appointment with the right team. Therefore, this article will highlight some significant signs that indicate the need to call a plumber to have the water lines further inspected and repaired.

Frequent Clogs

The drains in your home may clog from time to time, no matter how cautious you are. However, these clogs may not necessarily mean that you need water line repairs since it is not uncommon for drainage clogging once in a while. Items such as grease, hair, soap scum, and food tend to find a way into the drainage system, causing drainage issues and clogging. However, it is essential to note that these items do not cause frequent clogging.

Therefore, if you notice that the drains of your home are frequently clogging and getting harder to clear every time, then the underlying issue may be the water line. Thus, you need to schedule an appointment for water line repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage. Once you schedule an appointment, the plumber will inspect the water line to investigate and determine if the water line is the cause of the frequent drain clogs.

Noisy Fixtures

The other notable sign that your home’s system might use to indicate it needs a water line repair is noisy fixtures. In normality, your water system should not have any noises; the only noise you should hear once you turn on the water is the sound of water flowing. Therefore, the presence of fixture noises when you turn on the water indicates there is a good chance you need to have a plumber repair your water line. The noises to look out for include;

  • Clanging noises in the pipes when you turn on the water
  • A gurgle in the toilet, especially when you turn on a faucet
  • Dripping and whistling sound once the water is running

Although these fixture noises may mean a water line repair is needed, it is also crucial to note that they could also mean that the pipes in your home are damaged. Therefore, a plumber needs to inspect your home system to establish the underlying cause of the noises.

Poor Water Pressure

The presence of poor water pressure in your Conway, SC, home may be caused by several reasons. For starters, it would be best to establish that insufficient water pressure is evident throughout the house. In some instances, poor water pressure is caused by an issue in a specific pipe or a water heater problem. When sediments gather inside a pipe or the water tank, which can result in poor water pressure, therefore, try both the hot and cold-water faucets for water pressure levels and from different taps in the house. If the water pressure problem is all through the house, you may need to set up an appointment for water line repair.

On the other hand, a lack of water on your taps could mean that the waterline has completely raptured. Therefore, in this case, the root cause should be identified as soon as possible to eliminate any further damage. When scheduling an appointment due to poor water pressure, it is crucial to consider that the cause could either be excess sediment deposits or a puncture in the system. Therefore, the plumber will inspect the system to find the root cause of the problem.

High Water Bills

The other common sign of water line breaks in your home is the escalation of the water bill. Therefore, if your water bill is higher than usual yet your water consumption has not changed, you may need your water line checked.. Your water line may be leaking in hidden places, thus wasting a considerable amount of water and driving the water bill through the roof. Therefore, it is vital to make an appointment with a plumber to find the leak and fix it.

Pooling Water

The only times that your home lawn should have pools of water is after a storm. Therefore, in case of pooling water on your lawn without a recent storm is an indication of an underground broken water line. Additionally, soggy grass patches and overgrown or extra-green sections of grass are also a sign of broken underground pipes. This is because water leaks to the ground give these areas more moisture, accelerating plants and grass growth. Therefore, immediately schedule an appointment for water line repair if you notice these signs.

Cracks in the Foundation

This is the most severe sign when it comes to broken water lines. This is because it only happens when the leak has been happening over a long duration for it to spoil the walls. Therefore, immediately call a plumber for water line repair once you notice this in your Conway, SC, home.

Let A Professional Handle It!

A water line is an essential plumbing component in your home. Hence, you must ensure that it is working optimally at all times. If you see either of the signs above, it is time to call a plumber for further inspection. Do you need water line repair services? Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach and schedule an appointment today.

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