Is Your Sewer Line infiltrated with Tree Roots? | Plumbers in North Myrtle Beach

Is Your Sewer Line infiltrated with Tree Roots? | Plumbers in North Myrtle Beach

A sewer system in our houses is among the most complex plumbing networks. It is part of the overall complex plumbing system installed in our houses. When a sewer line gets clogged or works slow, it can significantly impact your entire household in different ways.

The main reason is that a clogged or choked sewerage system makes the house an unlivable place. You cannot continue to live in a house that has clogged sewerage system. There could be many reasons for a blocked sewerage line such as flushing down irrelevant items, no repair, and maintenance of the drain lines or frequent blockage. However, the most common root cause of a clogged sewerage line is the infiltration of tree roots.

This happens when you drain line is surrounding by plants, especially trees. Unfortunately, a sewer line is a single point of failure for plumbing systems in houses. Usually, there is just a single pipe that goes out of the house and to the main sewer. Some people, however, take advantage of running an additional grey water line to easily water their yard as the plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

This means that everything first passes through the sewer main line and then back to the water reclamation facility.

While draining or flushing wrong things can turn out to be disastrous for your sewer line, they may also lead to some major issues in your overall plumbing system. However, it is important to get rid of the tree roots and, most of the times; this is the root cause of blocked sewer line. The solution is not to cut down plants or trees but to keep the area clean. This improper planting can turn out to be highly costly in terms of hiring expert plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC to repair the clogged sewer line. In fact, to repair a sewer line that is blocked by thirsty tree roots!

Preventing Root Problems

The only way to prevent the infiltration of tree roots is to avoid them in the first place. For this, the plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC suggest not to plant trees in the surrounding area of your sewer line. It doesn’t take long for tree roots to make their way into the sewer line and once they do, this will be quite an expensive ordeal to ensure a permanent fix for it.

As per the plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC, trees are much harder and you may find yourself facing the same issue or reclogged sewer line within a year of removing the tree roots from the surroundings.

This means if you are planning to plant trees in your house today, make sure they are far away from the sewer line. Another consideration should be given in terms of the tree type you are planning to plant. For instance, if you have main sewer line close to the area where you wish to plant trees, then go with trees that have short or smaller root systems. These trees are the ones that don’t spread out that much in order to search new nutrient resources. Thus, smaller trees are best to go with in this case.

Another preventive measure could be to plant the trees in nourishing and good soil so that you don’t face the root extension into the sewer line, later on. The common reason why trees seek out better and new areas are to get more nutrients. So if you are already giving them sufficient amount of nutrients then this can be helpful in preventing the issue altogether.

The majorities of times, trees which are planted on an infertile dry ground are more resilient and seek out new resources for nourishment. Eventually, they end up intruding your sewer lines. Thus you can avoid this intruding is by installing a root barrier.

In short, you have the following options to prevent the infiltration of roots in your sewage system;

  • Plant trees with small root systems
  • Plant trees using a nourished growing soil
  • Keep the plant away or at a distance from the main sewer line
  • Go with root barriers and protect your sewer line

Understanding Deterrents and Root Barriers

As per the plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC, not every time you will be responsible to cut down the trees that are infiltrating your sewer line. There could be trees in the neighborhood, some old pre-existing trees as well as curbside trees. All of them can easily tap into the main sewer line that runs from your house to the city sewer.

So how can you avoid these intruders?

Well, the plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC suggest taking a more proactive approach and installing root barriers in the surrounding of the sewer line. To install root barriers properly you need to ensure their proper application. For this, you can consult certified plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

However, root barriers can be in three different varieties;

  • Deflectors
  • Traps
  • Growth Inhibitors

What should be done now?

If you are already facing the issue of infiltrated roots into the main sewer line then you need to take immediate action before your sewer line gets clogged completely. For this, you must take the assistance of professional plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Remember, a clogged sewer line also damages other components of the plumbing system. It can make your house unlivable and you can have a very bad experience in your house due to slow or clogged drain lines.

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