Safety Precautions for the Water Heater in Your Home | Water Heater Repair in Little River, SC

Safety Precautions for the Water Heater in Your Home | Water Heater Repair in Little River, SC

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For every electric or gas appliance in your home, you need to follow a safety guide. Many people don’t consider water heaters to be dangerous. However, they can lead to severe accidents if not handled with precaution. And the last thing you would want is your family to go through the trouble or life-threatening situations because of an avoidable accident.

Water heaters are usually sitting inside our closets, basements or outside our homes – with limited attention from us. You may not realize that your water heater needs maintenance or repair until you go through a noticeable problem.

Another way to avoid these problems is by exercising safety precautions when working with water heaters in your homes and keeping an eye at the signs they are giving – if any.

Sure, you can call an electrician for your water heater repair in Little River, SC but there are some safety precautions that you can take when dealing with it yourself.

1.  Check the Temperatures

Temperatures of the water heater are often set by default or by the one who installed it. However, the temperatures can mess up if the water heater is too old, hasn’t been serviced in a while or when there has been electricity fluctuation. In order to exercise safety precautions, it is imperative that you notice the water being too hot or too cold. The temperature control settings can be crucial as extreme temperatures can lead the water heaters to exceed safety limits.

The best way to learn about how to control temperatures and is to read the safety manual and talk to the plumber who is installing the heater. The ideal temperature of the water heater is usually around 120 degrees – which is adjustable. You can set the temperature to lower if you have babies in your home as their skin is more sensitive. If you are unable to understand and control temperature settings, then call a water heater repair in Little River, SC, for expert guidance.

2.  Good Ventilation

Bad ventilation can be a severe safety hazard in water heaters as vents prevent the bad fumes from entering your homes. Old water heaters have higher chances of poorly placed vents and drafts. The vents are there to ensure that the bad fumes created by the appliance are released outside instead of inside.

Safety precautions for good ventilation are to check if the vents are properly placed and fit into the diameter of the water heater tank. Other factors to consider are that the vents are not leaking, they are placed in an upward direction, they are screwed and fixed adequately and they are releasing fumes outside. Vents need to be cross-checked and maintained especially if you are living in earthquake zones.

If you believe your vents are loosely fixed or it is too technical for you, call your water heater repair in Little River, SC so you can prevent any accidents.

3.  Insulated Pipes

Insulation of pipes in water heaters is a safety precaution you need to take. Insulating pipes traps the heat and doesn’t let it affect the pipe. The pipe that is attached to your water tank is the one that needs to be insulated. This will prevent the pipe from sweating and building-up moisture. If your pipes are not insulated, call your water heater repair in Little River, SC, now and prevent any accidents.

4.  Valves

Temperature or pressure valves in water heaters prevent accidents that can be caused due to high pressure or extreme temperatures. The water in the appliance goes through these valves. Pressure or temperature of water exceeding the safety limit can result in the tank exploding. Valves are prone to breakage and failure and need regular maintenance. Sediments may also be collected inside these valves causing more pressure to build up. You cannot control the dirt and particles that are being collected but you can ensure that your water heater gets frequent maintenance.

You can do your part in ensuring that your valves are not dripping by lifting them up and observing any leakage. You can pull the handle of the valve and see if the water flows smoothly. If it doesn’t, you need to call your water heater repair in Little River, SC. A valve that is dripping or not functioning smoothly can lead to a catastrophic disaster that you certainly don’t want.

5.  Tankless Water Heaters

The best way to ensure safety is to switch to tankless water heaters. These water heaters don’t have storage tanks to store hot water. Water tanks can be a safety hazard as they need to be maintained frequently and have the risk of leaking.

Tankless water heaters heat the water directly when the water tap is turned on. The cold water goes into the unit then and there and an electric system heats the water immediately. Through tankless water heaters, you can get a smooth flow of hot water without the hassle of storage water tanks.

You need a professional water heater repair in Little River, SC, if your storage tank is leaking, if there is water pooling below it or if the tank is wearing off. If you don’t get a water heater repair in Little River, SC, immediately to address your tank issues, you can flood your entire house. Pressure or temperature issues in the valves can also cause problems in the tank such as overheating.   

6.  Choose a Safe Space

Where you place your water heater can be essential to ensure safety. Water heaters are generally placed inside closets below your kitchen sink or in the basement. Water heaters with tank storage units need more attention and space than tankless water heaters. The space you choose for either of your water heaters should be away from inflammable objects, should have limited exposure to extreme weather conditions, and should be accessible enough that you can keep an eye at it. You can take suggestions from your water heater repair in Little River, SC, for the best place.

In Case of Emergency

Regardless of all the safety precautions that you take, there is always a chance of uninvited trouble. If you face such a situation, contact the best water heater repair in Little River, SC – Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Myrtle Beach. Our experts in water heater repair in Little River, SC,will guide you through the safety precautions you need to take and assist you in any emergency situations. Just call 843-213-6611.



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