Red Flags That You Need A Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

Red Flags That You Need A Water Line Repair | Conway, SC

Water lines are the primary pathways for clean water in your plumbing system. Water lines are responsible for making sure your shower has enough power and isn’t too hot or too cold. If the water line has problems then your Conway, SC home has issues that need expert water line repair.

Water lines are like any other household tool and over time they may develop malfunctions stopping the flow of water. There are a few warning signals that you shouldn’t ignore. The longer you leave these problems means more severe the damage. If you notice any of the symptoms below give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach a call immediately!

Water Leaks

As pipes get older they can become oxidized, cracked, and rotten. A water line may leak out of these weak sections and limit the water pressure in your home. In addition, if the pipes and water line are not professionally installed and an appropriate size for your family then the pressure may cause a water leak too.

Water leaks can be a big problem. Think about how water shapes the land, mountains, and other terrains. The same is for the foundation and structural integrity of a house. If excessive water is a reoccurring factor then your home may be in danger.

Repairing a water leak can be complicated. Homes with a plumbing network underneath the house require plumbers to dig through the floor and walls. Luckily, the water line repair specialists at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach have the know-how and tools to efficiently and affordably fix any water leak.

Low Water Pressure

It is a terrible feeling when you turn on the faucet and shower and the water trickles out. At full blast, the water coming from your tap should have a force to it. Low water pressure is the most common sign that a Conway, SC home needs a water line repair.

A leak in the water line is often accompanied by a build-up of materials in the plumbing network. This sediment can easily be removed with a professional drain cleaning service. A specialized camera helps our plumbing team view what is happening inside your pipes and helps them pinpoint exactly where the repair or service should be applied.

In other cases, it isn’t your water line that’s causing low water pressure but your water company’s supply. We spot the difference fast and provide effective options for you to pursue no matter the cause of low water pressure.

Burst Pipes

A more severe situation is a burst pipe. Plumbing naturally moves underground but when there is a strong obstruction like tree roots or pests then the pipe becomes constricted and the water pressure is minimal coming from the faucet.

A burst pipe can cost you thousands of dollars if it floods your property. Flooding damages your yard, the home’s foundation, and even the interior of your space. Only a water line repair professional who has had years of education, training and in-field experience to sufficiently fix a burst pipe.

Frozen Water Pipes

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is integral to the health of your plumbing. In the winter, if a home’s HVAC system goes on the fritz and the pipe network freezes over then big sections of ice can prevent the flow of water from the primary water line.

Water changes into ice it expands. If there is too much ice in your pipes then the force can make them crack or burst. Adequate heat is one of the aspects a water line repair takes into consideration.

The fully licensed, insured, and experienced plumbing team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach knows how to rapidly and affordably fix any water line repair. We’re committed to our Conway, SC community. Our reputation as leaders in the plumbing industry and water line repair is made during every job we do. We ensure our clients are happy with our work and support our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The Process of a Water Line Service

Rest assured that if you need a water line service our plumbing professionals will carefully explain each necessary step, the cost of labor and materials, the length of time, and the inconvenience it may cause you and your family.

We strive to remain transparent in all we do. We also know what it is like to have a big plumbing issue interrupting daily routines and schedules. Add in unexpected expenses and the stress easily mounts.

We take the pressure out of a water line repair, or any plumbing service. It is what we do. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach provides an emergency service that is available around the clock and throughout the year, even during holidays. This emergency option means together we can quickly protect your home and your plumbing!

Client Feedback

“I was fed up with my shower sprinkling me every day. I found myself going to the gym just to get a good, strong, hot shower. It took forever to get the shampoo out of my hair and eyes. Honestly, I was surprised when the plumber from Benjamin Franklin told me I needed a water line repair. I thought it might just be the tap. It was a big job, but the team at Benjamin Franklin guided me through every step and gave me a reliable schedule. They even finished early and the cost of the job was less than the estimated. Now my shower is a blissful experience. Thanks, guys! I don’t have to pretend to exercise anymore!”

Walt Browning, Conway resident

“Last month my mother’s lawn flooded, and we couldn’t figure out where the leak came from. She insisted on calling her regular plumber who offered to excavate her lawn to figure out the problem but I insisted she calls Benjamin Franklin. She’s really glad she did too because they found a tree root blocking a small section of pipe that was repaired in a matter of a few hours. Thanks, Guys, you’ve got a family of loyal customers with us. You’ve earned it!

Sarah Harris, Conway resident

If you are in need of any expert plumbing services, reach out to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today!

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