Plumber Tips: Sudden Increase In Your Water Bill? It Could Be Because Of This | Myrtle Beach, SC

Plumber Tips: Sudden Increase In Your Water Bill? It Could Be Because Of This | Myrtle Beach, SC

Sudden increases in water bills aren’t uncommon, but mostly, they’re easily explained. Perhaps you saw an increase because you filled your Myrtle Beach, SC, swimming pool or your college students returned home for a break (and took long, luxurious showers). On the other hand, unexplained increases demand some investigation. If you can’t readily explain why you’re seeing noticeable increases in the water bill, let a plumber from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach help you pinpoint the reason.

Plumbing System Leaks

While homeowners will typically notice if they have a leaky faucet, they might not note the presence of a leak that occurs in a pipe in the wall or under the floor. Leaks can lead to higher water bills along with the costs for the damage they cause.

Leaky Faucets

A leaky faucet may seem minor enough, but over time, the leaks can worsen and the wasted water will show up as an increase in your water bills. Often, the problem is with the faucet itself, but it could indicate a deeper plumbing problem. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach can send a certified plumber to your home to repair the leak. If your faucet needs replacing, we can take care of that too. Faucets do wear out and if yours can’t be repaired, we can recommend durable products and then install them to perfection.

Leaking Toilet

Toilets can spring leaks from time to time. A malfunctioning flapper, for instance, can lead to the waste of gallons upon gallons of water, and they will definitely show up as an increase in your water bill. Cracks in the water line can also occur and cause those water charges to inflate. When you contact a Myrtle Beach, SC, plumber from our team, we’ll inspect your home or business’s toilets to ensure that their apparatus is functioning properly. If we uncover a leak, we can repair it so that you can cut your water bills back down to size.

Irrigation / Sprinkler System Leaks

Your pricey water bills might not have anything to do with your home’s interior plumbing system. It could be your landscape’s irrigation or a sprinkler system that has developed a leak. These leaks can be difficult to spot, especially if you have a large landscape and don’t inspect it regularly. When underground pipes or even sprinkler heads develop a leak, they can saturate an area of your landscape and soak you with those inflated water bills. If you notice pooling water in your yard or around a sprinkler head, you likely have a leak problem. A skilled plumber can identify where the leak is occurring and fix the problem for you.

Broken Pipe

If a pipe ruptures, it can lead to a deluge of water and a spike in your water bill. A broken pipe can also stop your plumbing system in its tracks. Broken pipes generally require a skilled plumber to repair or, more commonly, to replace them. Many things can cause a pipe to break including age and corrosion, a serious clog, or even tree roots. If you know or suspect you have a ruptured pipe issue, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for our emergency plumbing service.

Old Water Fixtures

If you haven’t exchanged your old and outdated plumbing fixtures for newer, eco-friendly models, you might be suffering water bill increases because of them. Today’s manufacturers are producing dishwashers, toilets, and washing machines, for example, to operate more efficiently; in short, they use less water. Even your old showerhead could be costing you more than necessary.

If you have old fixtures, they could be causing you to use an increase in water, and that can lead to a spike in your water bills. Often, the increases are gradual in these cases, so you might not notice. However, if your plumber finds no other cause and you have outdated fixtures, you might want to begin to update them with more eco-friendly options. Look for fixtures with the WaterSense label or ask our plumber to advise you about the most efficient and top-functioning fixtures.

What Should You Do When You Receive a Higher-Than-Usual Water Bill?

The first thing you should do to resolve your high water bill issue is to question your household. Is anyone using more water than usual? Also, have you installed new water-use equipment like a sprinkler system or hot tub? If you find that members of your household are wasting water, that could account for the spike.

On the other hand, it could also be a fault in your plumbing system. Before you contact a plumbing company, you can check your home for signs of a plumbing problem. Check under sinks for leaks. Listen to see if toilets are running. You can also check your water meter by turning the water off. Wait for an hour. If the meter shows usage but no one has used any water, there could be a hidden leak.

Of course, the sooner you contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, the sooner we can send a certified plumber to your home to make a professional inspection. Rest assured, we’ll get to the bottom of your water bill increases if they involve your plumbing system or fixtures. We understand that increases in the water bill can be frustrating. We provide solutions needed to trim down those bills.

Our plumbers have the experience and expertise needed to handle any plumbing problem. We have a reputation throughout Myrtle Beach, SC, for our dependable and affordable service. We also provide emergency plumbing service, so if you do have a broken pipe or major leak, you can call us for immediate assistance.

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