New Home Plumbing Technologies, Diagnosis, Strategies, And Repair Techniques From Your Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

New Home Plumbing Technologies, Diagnosis, Strategies, And Repair Techniques From Your Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Since the days over 4000 years ago when bathrooms and copper pipes were installed in the Egyptian Pyramids, there have been many changes and refinements in the technologies our plumbers work with. While we typically encounter plumbing installed in the last 50 to 100 years, that still requires us to learn about many different methods and materials employed by the plumbers that came before us. As we practice our trade at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, we embrace new developments, pipe materials, fixtures, and appliances that can improve our customers’ lives, provide energy efficiency improvements, and increase reliability and convenience. Whether you have an antique commode that needs repair, or a modern computer-controlled water heater, our plumbers are ready to provide repairs, maintenance, and new unit installation as needed.

New Water-Saving and Comfort-Enhancing Technologies for the Bathroom

The engineers who design toilets have been working overtime to find ways to make them more convenient as well as water-saving. Gone are the days when water-saving meant putting a brick in the tank so less water was used per flush, now the reduced amounts of water are used more effectively. In fact, some toilets our plumbers install have a dual-flush system so you can reduce the volume of water used even more when there’s not much to flush, and bump it up when you want to keep the bowl clean and make sure the plumbing gets some help moving things along. Other systems our experts service and install include jet-style pressurized flushes that you may have experienced in commercial buildings. These devices use water pressure to gather some force while waiting for the next flush and then jet the flush into the bowl forcefully to get more results from less water.

Shower technologies have also been re-engineered for a better spray with less water, so you don’t have to try to rinse under a weak spray in the morning when you really need to dry off and get going. Our plumber can install a new showerhead, or include it as part of a bathroom remodel that includes a more spacious shower with a linear drain system that’s popular these days. You can also enjoy a refreshing shower after hard work in the yard or getting home from the gym when you really need a blast of clean. Of course, there are more technology options for your tub as well, and our plumbers can help with repairs and installation of specialized tubs and home spas.

Convenience, hygiene, and water savings all come together when we replace your old, leaky faucet with a new touchless model. You don’t have to operate a lever or turn a knob, so it’s easy to wet your toothbrush or lather up your face, then brush or shave, and rinse without any further fussing with controls using hands that aren’t free. The water that goes down the drain during morning routines can amount to hundreds or even thousands of gallons per year and is part of the several billion gallons the EPA estimates is wasted nationwide.

Drain Cleaning Is a High-Tech Procedure These Days, Especially Whole-House Services

When our plumber comes to clear a clog, these days we can drop a tiny video camera down the drain and take a look at what’s going on. That helps us figure out what the best method is for clearing it, and sometimes it allows us to retrieve something you’ve lost down the drain and save the day. We can see if you have a grease and hair clog, a big wad of stuff clog, or an immovable object like a plastic toy, each of which ideally should receive a different approach for clearing it. We may use a snake, an auger, or a very high-pressure blast of water called a hydro-jet that very few clogs can withstand. When we use these techniques along with video inspection for your whole house, you get pipes that are nearly new, without all the grease accumulation that starts new clogs forming. If we notice that your pipes are actually getting along in years and corroding or otherwise in poor shape, we’ll take it easy with the high-pressure spray and talk about options for pipe repair or replacement.

Leaks Are Messy, But Finding Them Used to Be Even Messier

There was a time when finding a leak in your pipes, especially in the wall, under the concrete, or in the yard, was not only difficult, but required a lot of cutting into walls, jackhammering concrete, or digging in the yard. It’s just not that easy to guess where the leak is, even if you’re an experienced plumber. That damp spot on the wall is where the water ended up, for example, and it may have traveled some distance on the outside of the pipe before it dripped and soaked through. We now have, in addition to our video gear that lets us look inside the pipe for leak evidence, leak detection gear that’s amazing. With ultrasonic leak detection, we can listen for the sound of water as it exits the pipe through a break, even a tiny one, and the device can help us with the distance to the leak from the place where we attach the probe. If you like your wallpaper and want to keep it, you’ll love this new tech.

Sewer Line Repairs Without the Backhoe

In many cases, our team can use new sewer line patching, relining, and burst-replacement methods to avoid digging up your yard when your existing line fails. Video inspection is the key to this technique too, along with modern repair materials that last about as long as a replacement pipe.

Your Advanced Plumber with New Materials and Techniques for Your Home in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach our plumbers keep up with the latest plumbing fixtures, repair technologies, and other ways to serve you better. Give us a call and see!


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