Need A Plumber? Indicators That Your Home’s Sewer Line Is Faulty | Conway, SC

Need A Plumber? Indicators That Your Home’s Sewer Line Is Faulty | Conway, SC

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Studies show that each American uses 82 gallons of water daily, with other reports claiming that an average family of four can use up to 400 gallons within the same period. Water facilitates multiple functions, including cooking and maintaining personal and indoor hygiene. However, most homeowners often forget about the component that ensures the wastewater generated from their daily activities reaches outside, and this is the sewer line. It’s easy for you to forget about the sewer line unless something wrong happens with your home’s sewage system.

The sewer line facilitates the transportation of waste matter, including detergents, soaps, grease, wastewater, and cooking liquids, from your home to the septic tank, where the waste can get treated. With time, these substances may stick along the walls of the sewer line, reducing its drainage efficiency. Other sewer line problems that professional plumbers near Conway, SC, regularly deal with include leaks caused by pipe corrosion over time, pipe damage due to tree root invasion, sewer system overflows, and fractures resulting from sudden shifts in the ground.

Read on to explore some of the common indicators of sewer line problems that may require the attention of a professional.

Strange or Unpleasant Odors

There could be several reasons why you may start experiencing unpleasant odors within your residence. In some situations, a foul, sewage-like smell may develop as a result of a dry p-trap. A p-trap is the curved section of the drain pipes connected to the sinks in your home. When the sink isn’t used for a long time, it may begin releasing a pungent smell that can surely disrupt the comfort of your home’s indoors. However, this is often common in guest bathrooms, and a comprehensive drain cleaning service from a professional near you can help restore normalcy.

On the other hand, an unpleasant smell within your home may also result from blockages in the sewer line. As mentioned before, it’s responsible for the movement of waste matter from your home to the exterior sewer system, where it gets treated. In that case, hair, rotting food remnants, grease, and cooking fats may stick on the walls of the sewer line’s pipes over time. When this happens, you may begin to notice a strong, foul smell, which can be risky to your family and pets. Therefore, if you notice sewage odor permeating your home’s indoor space, don’t be afraid to consult with a plumber near you for appropriate solutions.

Gurgling Noises from the Toilet

The only noise you should expect from your home’s toilet is the one produced after flushing. If it produces a gurgling sound when nobody in your family’s using it, then it may be time to contact the nearest plumber for sewer line repair solutions. The gurgling noise, which sometimes presents itself as the sound of bubbles coming up the toilet, warns of an impending toilet back up with your home. It occurs when water from the toilet encounters a clog in the sewer line as it moves to the external sewage system. In such scenarios, since the wastewater can’t reach the sewer, it ends up getting forced back into the toilet bowl, and the aftermath is a disgusting mess. If you hear gurgling noises coming from your home’s toilets, don’t hesitate to contact a plumbing service for timely solutions.

Consistent Slow Drains

A clogged sewer line slows down the drainage of wastewater. Some of the homeowners in Conway, SC, have experienced slow drains in their toilets, sanitary sinks, and kitchen sinks. They may opt for DIY techniques but this approach may not be effective and can even cause further future problems, including frequent sewage backups, which may call for the entire sewer line replacement. Talking to a trained plumber will help you avoid such situations. Moreover, homeowners should keep away from flushing waste materials such as sanitary towels and pampers in their toilets.

Lush, Green Lawn Area

Surprisingly, leaking sewage may promote lush spots in your yard that are green, vibrant, and thriving while everything around them turns brown. The nutrients and water from your broken sewer line may act as excellent fertilizers. However, this method of fertilizing is not advisable since it can result in toxins building up in the soil.

Also, leaking sewage may create a green landscape that improves your home’s curb appeal according to a plumber. If you spot extra green grass in your yard, then you have to quickly contact a professional to inspect your underground sewer pipes to prevent the soil in your yard from becoming contaminated.

Sewage Backups

In multiple scenarios, homes depend on the main sewer line for proper drainage. Clogs in the sewer line result in consistent sewer backups, usually in the lowest open drains of your home. Only an experienced plumber can resolve the issue. A water backflow in your sink or when you flush your toilet indicates that there is a problem with the main sewer line that needs to be fixed. To avoid costly sewer damage replacement services, consult a plumber for comprehensive emergency drain cleaning services.

Insect and Rodent Infestation

A damaged sewer line can attract pests and insects which are irritating, especially when you have visitors in your home. It makes the matter worse by creating a dismissive image about your general cleanliness in the presence of your guests. Moreover, if you’re experiencing health complications such as allergic reactions and digestive complications, it could be due to the insects’ infestations with the allergens in their fecal matter. It could be a sign that your sewer line has some issues and requires a plumber to inspect it. Some homeowners may decide to eradicate these insects using insect control measures. However, this may prove to be ineffective over time, and you’ll need the assistance of a proficient plumber.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach; A Reliable Plumbing Contractor

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach is a plumbing service provider and helps homeowners in Conway, SC, with sewer line issues. Our trained experts provide preventative maintenance solutions for sewer drain systems to assist homeowners to avoid incurring future expensive repair costs. If you have a clog or pipe burst emergency in your sewer lines, be sure to contact us for reliable sewer line repairs.


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