How Do We Detect a Slab Leak? | Georgetown, SC

How Do We Detect a Slab Leak? | Georgetown, SC

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Did you know that slab leakage has been a problem that has affected several plumbing systems without awareness? This is a leak that has existed in the copper lines that are running below concrete foundation of your home. Several plumbers have tried in vain to fix this problem their efforts boring less fruits, but why suffer when Benjamin Franklin is a Georgetown, SC, company that has made things simpler by having professional plumbers to fix this problem. Gratitude to the company.

Check Your Patio for a Puddle

Homes are built on different foundations; basement foundation, crawl space and concrete slab which is the type of foundation used by most homes. Some homes are attached by concrete patio to their houses. Our plumbers, therefore, either consider wet spots or puddles on the patio. Whenever you come across these wet spots on the patio that hardly go away instead they consistently keep on coming back despite the rains is a clear indication of a slab leak.

Look for Water Coming Out through the Walls or Under the Cabinet

One serious affliction with a slab leak is that whenever it occurs there’s no place where the leak can safely drain into. The repercussion is that the leak ends up coming through the walls of your home or running through the underneath of your cabinet. These requires professional and experienced plumbers to fix.

Check the Temperature of the Water

Have you ever tried feeling water that you find leaking from somewhere in your home? If not, try this since it helps to check the temperature of the water. Once you are able to know the temperature of the water whether it’s cold or hot will aid in identifying the problem. It’s highly recommended to let professional plumbers fix the problem for a long-lasting solution.

Feel for Hot Spots in the Floor

Have you ever noticed a warm spot on the floor of your house when walking barefoot? If you have ever noticed this, then this is a clear indication that the hot water pipes are causing a slab leak. You may also feel a warm, wet spot on the floor which is also another good indication of a leak and a time to call professional plumbers.

Paying Good Attention to Your Heater

Have you ever tried paying good attention to your heater? Try doing this and if you find it heating constantly cold water it may indicate that somewhere in your home you got a hot water leak.

Check Your Water Bill

Has your water bill been gradually going up noticeably since previous months? You don’t need a plumber to realize that you have a leak somewhere causing the hiking of the bill; but worry less because Benjamin Plumbing, has the right plumbers to deal with this.

How Do We Repair Slab Leaks?

  • Re-piping- This is mostly the most preferred remedy. It’s done by plumbers abandoning the old plumbing though the old pipes are left in place, while the new, pipes have to be ‘rerouted around the outside edge of the slab or through the attic. ‘This work is more of plumbing, but it is not often expensive when you compare to Jack Hammering through concrete and matching of the existing floor covering. In addition, it will be easier for plumbers to access the new lines for repair and inspection in case of future problems. The Flexible PE pipes are high quality reduced cost alternative to copper or galvanized iron plumbing, hence the most preferred alternative seasoned plumbers.
  • Spot repair- In case there is a simple leak which is easy to access, then the common plumbing solution is hacking through the concrete and then repairing a short section of a leaking water pipe or main sewer line. This is mostly done in warehouses. If you find that the lines are in generally poor condition a direct repair may only be a temporary respite until the next leak occurs.
  • Pipe lining- This is done by lining the inside of the pipes with an epoxy coating that is thin and non-toxic. It can be an effective lower cost option in dealing with pin holes in copper pipes as well as minor leak in main sewer line. CIPP (Cured in place pipe)pushes through a liner that is then ‘cured ‘to become a solid reinforced coating.

Slab Leak Detection Equipment

No more worries for Georgetown residents as Benjamin Franklin of Georgetown, SC Company has equipment specially designed to detect leaks. Some of the equipment are:

  • Infrared camera- This is the most valuable tool in leak detection that reads temperature variations. Skilled experts will be able to locate slab leaks in walls and ceilings with the piece of specialized equipment.
  • Electronic amplification equipment- Also called the listening equipment. It has got a sound sensor that is so sensitive and is designed to hear through layers of landscape to locate the sound of spraying or dripping water, but need to be operated by
  • Gas tracer system- This is a superb solution in pin pointing leaks because of its probes that are well designed. These tools are very useful when detecting very deep leaks beyond the capabilities of listening equipment.

No More Suffering; Get Excellent Leak Repair Services from Benjamin Franklin of Georgetown, SC Company

Slab leak has been one of the major problems affecting the plumbing sector not only in the city, but also its outskirts. However, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a company that has offered best services in plumbing and also leaks. This is a company offering excellent services by providing qualified plumbers and it operates 24/7.Therefore don’t hesitate calling us for help when need arises. If your current approach to slab leak needs to be refreshed, then try working with proficient plumbers and implement the suggestions featured in the post.


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