How Do I Know When to Contact a Plumber? | Myrtle Beach, SC

How Do I Know When to Contact a Plumber? | Myrtle Beach, SC

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These days, homeowners are looking for ways to save money any way they can. Unfortunately, this often includes trying to fix things around the house themselves.

The same person that wouldn’t dream of trying to perform medical procedures to save some cash will try to operate on the delicate intricacies of construction. The problem is, without the right training, tools, and experience, they can cause additional problems while attempting repairs.

The only way to get professional results is to hire professionals for the job. Here are a few examples of when you really need to call a pro.

Installation of New Appliances & Fixtures

Whether you need new appliances for a new construction home or just a home that is new to you, you need a professional installation. The only way to guarantee that your appliances are properly set up from the start is to have a certified plumber in charge of the work.

There are always amateurs and handyman operations that promise the same professional results as a plumber. However, without any insurance coverage, an unregistered laborer can’t really stand behind that statement. You could end up with more problems with your plumbing than when you started.

Your plumber can do more than produce the professional results you and your family deserve. They can also provide comprehensive plumbing services, including repair and maintenance, for the new appliances and the old ones, as well.

Repair & Replacement of Plumbing System Components

When your plumbing breaks down, it affects everyone in the household. But when the problem threatens the health and lives of your home and your family, you need a Myrtle Beach, SC plumber right away. That’s why you need a full-service plumber that offers emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What kind of repairs can they take care of? Here is a look at a few examples:

Clogged Drains

When your drains get blocked, they can cause a huge smelly mess. Especially if your toilet is obstructed. If the water can’t flow through the drain, it will back up into your home. Water damage can destroy your flooring, walls, and belongings, along with your sub-floor, if it is allowed to stand very long.

If you have tried plunging without results, you need a professional to take over. Sure, there are many chemical products that claim to unclog drains. The truth is, none of them can really take care of a clog. Only a plumbing professional will have the tools and skills to remove your drain blockage without harming your plumbing system.

Water Leaks

A water leak can be happening without your knowledge. If the leak occurs under your sink, at the base of your toilet, or other noticeable area, you will likely notice a pool of water collecting on the nearby floor. But what if the leak is happening under the house?

A leaking pipe under your home is not as noticeable, but there are some clues to the problem. You may notice that your water pressure is not as strong at the faucets. Or, in some cases, a puddle can develop outside the home.

If the water is allowed to stand in place, it will begin to destroy the building materials of your home. Water can harm wood, drywall, and flooring materials, along with destroying the grout between your tiles.

Not only can it wear down your home’s structure, it can also harbor some nasty bacteria and mold within your walls. This can cause or worsen respiratory ailments and allergies in members of your household. If you notice water damage, seek the diagnosis and advice of your Myrtle Beach, SC plumber.

Gas Leaks

One of the most dangerous issues that a plumber deals with is a gas leak. They can develop because of a variety of reasons and can be deadly.

The gas you use to fuel your home has no odor. It has a scent added, so you can tell if your gas line is leaking. It has an odor that is similar to rotten eggs, a sulphuric smell that you can detect.

So, what do you do if you have a gas leak? You need to act fast, since breathing too much of the gas that is seeping into the room can be very dangerous. Immediately turn off the gas supply line at the source and get everyone out of the building. When you have reached a safe distance, call your plumber for emergency services. Do not return to your home until you have received word from your plumber that it is safe.

Sewer Line Issues

Generally, a leaking or blocked sewer line is easy to detect. You may notice water gathering in the drain field or near the tank. But it is the smell that usually makes itself known.

If you are connected to the city’s sewer system, you can encounter problems of your own. Your sewer line can become compromised, leading to leaking and drainage issued. If you notice problems, you need to contact your plumbing professional immediately. Trying to fix it yourself or trusting it to a novice is asking for more trouble.

Install Energy Efficient Appliances

A great way to save money on your utility bills is to have your plumber install appliances and fixtures that conserve energy and resources. Your plumbing service can help you choose the energy-saving products that will help to lower your usage.

There are many products on the market today that are designed to lower the water usage and energy usage in your home. Here are a few of the best products to install for lower utility charges:

  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Low Flow Showerheads & Faucets
  • Tankless Water Heaters

Contact Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach today for full-service plumbing work, including 24/7 emergency plumbing services. Let our professionals take care of all your installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance for your plumbing system.


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