How Can Gas Appliance Repair Service Fine-Tune Your Equipment’s Performance? | Myrtle Beach, SC

How Can Gas Appliance Repair Service Fine-Tune Your Equipment’s Performance? | Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have a gas stove, these days there’s a good chance you chose it because you love the way you can cook on it. You love the even flames, the way your cooktop allows you to adjust the heat to the way you want it whether you’re boiling water or creating a delicate masterpiece. Even a very basic gas stove has a certain pleasure to it as the flames jump out of the burners and get to work. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, SC, we understand that our gas appliance repair serviceisn’t just fixing broken appliances so they work again, it’s making sure that when our work is done, you can get back to enjoying cooking, warming your home, drying your clothes, and getting the most out of your gas appliances.

Nice Blue Stove Flames and Energy Efficiency

Keeping your stovetop and burners clean is an important part of gas stove maintenance, something you can take care of regularly, and ensure that your burners have bright blue flames coming out without any missing. Our gas appliance repair service can help with pilot lights, igniters, gas regulators and connections, and oven adjustments. This will ensure that your cooking and baking are consistent and just as you planned. If you have problems with your oven, we can check for issues including even distribution of heat, and also adjust the stove’s footing so your pans remain level when they’re placed on the racks. Our gas appliance repair service can fine-tune your stovetop burners to provide the best cooking flames and replace sealed units as needed to keep your unit performing well.

Burner Flame Tuneups

It’s possible to adjust the flames on most gas burners, but you may prefer to have our experts perform an overall tune-up to make sure your unit is performing just right. Individual burners with low flames or yellow flames respond to minor adjustments if the rest of the unit is operating normally. Some owners try to adjust gas pressure, but that’s something that’s better addressed by a technician.

Sealed Gas Burners Versus Open

Residential gas stoves, even high-end ones, often have sealed burners that are easier to clean, but open burners which aren’t sealed to the stovetop have more room for oxygen to enter, resulting in hotter flames which some forms of cooking require. In fact, some home-based professional-style ranges offer open burners, and they’re almost exclusively used in commercial cooking environments. They offer a wider heat source for more even cooking and a better environment for wok cooking. As far as keeping open burners clean, it’s true that material drops below instead of remaining on the burner unit to clean, but grease trays below catch it.

Gas Furnace Tuneups

Call our gas appliance repair service to ensure that your furnace is burning cleanly and your igniter or pilot light is adjusted to provide reliable service. In addition, our team can measure exhaust temperatures and check combustion products to make sure that your unit is operating within specifications, and make sure your gas supply is reliable and properly maintained. If you’re having any troubles with the furnace starts, pilot light quality including color and strength, and other gas furnace issues, our gas appliance repair service team is the answer. We’ll respond promptly and make expert adjustments, or perform a full preseason tune-up if you like.

Tank Hot Water Heaters Efficiently Burning Natural Gas

Natural gas is a high-efficiency energy source for your hot water heater, the appliance which typically uses the most energy in your home. Our team is ready to check your unit and its ignition source, maintaining your pilot light and replacing the ignitor if needed, as well as making sure the thermostat is functioning correctly and adjusted to the right temperature, usually, 120 degrees F. If it’s time to replace your gas hot water heater, our team can make the proper disconnections for safe replacement, then connect the new unit for safe and reliable operation. If you’re switching to gas from electric, ask us about our services to set you up for operating with natural gas on your new unit.

Tankless Hot Water Heaters That Run on Natural Gas

Tankless hot water heaters using natural gas combine highly efficient gas heating with the natural efficiency of on-demand tankless water heaters. Our repair team can make adjustments to your unit and maintenance including vent cleaning and filter replacement, as well as checking to see if the control unit is operating correctly. If you’re installing a new tankless gas water heater, we can help with proper connections whether you’re already using gas heat or not.

Gas Dryers

Efficient gas dryers are a bit more challenging than electric to operate because they require professional installation and connection. Our team can install or replace your unit, and maintain it so that it operates safely. Don’t forget to clean out the lint, and keep the dryer vent clear, always important maintenance items for dryers, especially when gas heat is involved.

Adjusting Mixtures and Gas Pressure Is a Professional Job

Just a reminder that we’re your gas appliance repair service, ready to handle potentially dangerous issues like gas pressure regulation and mixtures. We understand how your home’s gas supply and appliances work together, and how to make changes without disturbing the way the system works together. If you need adjustments, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

Our Myrtle Beach, SC Gas Appliance Repair Service Helps You Enjoy Cooking and Heating with Gas

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach gas appliance repair service helps you get the most out of your gas appliances, with safe professional maintenance and repairs. From enjoyable, rewarding cooking on your gas stove to warm, comfortable clothes from your gas dryer and happy home in the dead of winter thanks to your reliable gas furnace, we help keep your home safe and comfortable with gas appliance repair service. Give us a call to make an appointment.


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