How A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Can Help To Protect Your Drains | Conway, SC

How A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Can Help To Protect Your Drains | Conway, SC

You’ve just had a refreshing shower, suddenly seeing something scary on the tile. Your mind might be buzzing with suggestions as to what that might be. But on a closer look, you determine that it is hair. In most cases, your mind would ease up. However, that hair is a monster, not to you but to your drains. Hair is a common cause of drainage clogs though it might appear innocent.

Are you tired of dealing with repeated drain clogs caused by hair entanglement with other wastes? It is time to take a proactive approach. Every two years, you can have a drain cleaning service performed by a reliable and professional plumber in Conway, SC. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the drainage also put other plumbing issues such as leaks and pipe bursts at bay. So, how can you protect your bathroom drains from clogs caused by hair entanglement?

Dealing with Clogs Caused By Hair in Your Bathroom Drains

Installing a Hair Catcher

Do you have anything that keeps soap particles, hair, and debris from entering the bathroom drains? The hair will flow down the drains and enter your pipes if there isn’t. Installing a hair catcher is the easiest and simplest way of preventing such an occurrence. You can purchase a hair catcher from almost any big box or hardware store.

Generally, they do not need any special installation. Upon buying the product, set it in your shower drains, and it will catch any hair that falls off when you have a shower. You’ll then dump the debris caught by the filter in your garbage bag. Failure to install a filter on the shower will result in frequent clogs that necessitate frequent drain cleaning services.

Cleaning Your Popup Stoppers

Do your housemates clean their hair in basins or baths with pop-up stoppers? Ensure that you regularly clean the stoppers. Although the stoppers are aesthetically pleasing and handy, they tend to cause clogging if not regularly cleaned. Soap, hair, and other residuals collect beneath the pop-up stoppers causing an obstruction. Ensure you pull up the stopper from the drains and clean them regularly.

Otherwise, the hair strands would find their way into the drainage system and entangle with other wastes to form a serious clog. When this happens, the wastewater will not efficiently flow to the municipal sewer system. Hence, you will most likely notice that you have a routine drain cleaning service from a reliable plumber in Conway, SC.

Never Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

Whenever some homeowners realize they have a clog, they use chemical drain cleaners because they are cheap rather than having a drain cleaning service by a professional. Chemical drain cleaners can be purchased over the counter cheaply from any hardware store. Although such homeowners have the best intentions and only want to reduce the drain cleaning cost, such a move might prove costlier in the long run, unlike enlisting the help of a plumber.

Chemical drain cleaners contain corrosive ingredients that have a damaging impact on the walls of the drainage system. Further, the corrosion doesn’t prevent hairball clogs. It only weakens the drainage system pipes, which causes severe degradation. Eventually, it will result in pinhole leaks or bursts. This means that using a chemical drain cleaning agent will not prevent the formation of hairball clogs but will make you seek the help of a plumber to replace the pipes because of deterioration. This means that you will have used more rather than saved. The best way to clean the drainage system is by hiring a professional plumber for a drain cleaning service.

Keep Everything Besides Water Out

The only thing that should go through the shower, bath, or basin should be water, soap residues, and light toothpaste. However, skin oils, skin cells, and hair might inevitably enter the drains, which is unavoidable. Nothing else should enter your drains, not creams, lotions, food items, pieces of strings, coffee grounds, or anything else.

Unfortunately, some homeowners use their shower and bathroom drains to pour kitchen wastewater. They then resort to using chemical drain cleaning agents and chemicals. Such practices will only worsen the issues because the chemical drain cleaning solutions corrode the pipes and weaken them. This potentially results in pinhole leaks and water damage to the property.

Schedule a Professional Drain Cleaning

There is only so much you can do as a homeowner to prevent the clogs caused by the hairballs from forming in the drains. Fortunately, a plumbing service provider can professionally help you deal with drainage system issues. When you notice an unpleasant smell when you are passing near the sinks, or the drains are slowing down, you notice signs that a clog might be forming in your drains. While you can try using a plunger to remove the obstruction, this measure might turn futile and sometimes worsen the underlying issue.

Hence, it is advised that you enlist the assistance of a plumber in Conway, SC, for a drain cleaning service. You can even take proactive measures by having a regular drain cleaning service and maintenance offered by a reliable, licensed, and professional plumber. Any developing hairballs will be cleaned off before they develop into full-blown clogs. The professional drain cleaning service providers can also fix any underlying issue they might encounter, such as leaks or loose pipes.

Reasons You Should Avoid Drainage Clogs

Now that you understand how hair causes blockages of clogs in the drainage system, you might wonder why it is necessary to ensure that hair doesn’t enter the drains. Is there a need to keep the drains clear? Yes. Ensuring that the drainage system is clear ensures that you are safe from the various issues that might cause such diseases and that you avoid the costly repair and replacement costs.

Whenever hair enters the drains, it slows down the water flow and collects debris. If the obstruction becomes too large, it exerts pressure on the drainage, which might make the pipes puncture. As a result, you might incur high repair costs, not to forget that the leaks might cause water damage. This has an overall effect on the lifespan of your plumbing system.

Your Go-To Plumbing Service Provider

Hair is a leading cause of blockages in bathroom drains. However, there are several measures that you could take to prevent the hairballs from adversely impacting the drainage system. Don’t hesitate to call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach for a thorough drain cleaning service.

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