Homeowner’s Guide to Plumbing Maintenance | Plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC

Homeowner’s Guide to Plumbing Maintenance | Plumbers in North Myrtle Beach, SC

No one likes scurrying around town looking for an emergency plumbing service that will fix that broken pipe, clogged toilet, faucet leak or the water heater running cold. Even though there is no shortage of skilled plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC, abrupt plumbing problems are always a daunting imposition for the resident of Myrtle Beach, SC as well as North Myrtle Beach, SC. Frequent plumbing failures can be due to inadequate plumbing or bad maintenance on the home owner’s side. At the well-built homes in Myrtle Beach, SC, it is mostly the latter.

Preventative maintenance is important and your plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC has probably emphasized that numerous times before. There are lots of reasons you might want to step your preventative maintenance game up when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. For starters, you can save money. We go crazy on Black Friday sales to save some extra cash but that is not the only solid way to save money. Plumbing problems do arise because of ill maintained plumbing system and with a little responsibility from the home owner’s end, you can eliminate the costs associated with frequent plumbing fixes.

How home owners can keep their drains clog free

The residents of Myrtle Beach, SC and North Myrtle Beach, SC experience clogged drains, a lot of them. If you have just moved in to your new, squeaky clean house, your drains are probably completely clear. Your job as a home owner is to keep it that way. Plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC always advise customers experiencing frequently clogged drains to control the amount of substances going down their drain that induce the formation of clogs. It’s not a complicated task either. You just need to form a habit out of it. With some simple practices you can effectively save yourself time, money and trouble.

Clogs form due to the accumulation of debris over the passage of time. Therefore, the formation of clogs in your drain consequently depends upon the type and quantity of substances you throw down them. A mesh screen is one of the best ways to prevent various substances from going into the drain. Mesh screens filter out food particles, hair and other nasty stuff that should not be going down there. When you are about to take a bath or a shower, it is best that you brush your hair before you start the bathing process so that you get rid of the majority of hair before you step in the bath tub or under the shower. That way, the hair won’t end up in the drain causing a troublesome clog.

For the pet owners in Myrtle Beach, SC, it is best to wash your pets outside when it is warm to reduce the hair input in the drain. When it gets chilly, place a cloth over the drain before you start washing your pet in order to restrict the amount of fur going into the drain. You can later dispose the hair caught in the cloth. Additionally, clogged drains often also form due to abused garbage disposals. You can significantly cut down the likelihood of clogged drains if you use a compost bin instead of a garbage disposal to get rid of your waste. A compose bin is a productive way to dispose the organic waste from the house and converting it into fertile, nutrient rich compost for your garden.

If you have kids in the house, it is important for you to give them a briefing about what goes into the garbage disposal and what does not. Too many clogged drains in Myrtle Beach, SC are caused by children throwing their toys into them. Tell your kids that toys should never be flushed and that any toy that is smaller than the drain should not be played with in the bathtub. There are never former notices to emergencies though so you have got to be prepared. Make sure you have a good quality plunger by your side in case the need presents itself. Despite the preventative measures and briefing your kids, sometimes clogs happen anyway due to extraneous variables. You may have flushed down too much toilet paper or dropped something down the sink by accident. With a plunger, you can save yourself a lot of water. A plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC will ensure your pipes are in their best shape so the likelihood of clogs is kept to a minimum.

There are several things you can do on your end to keep your plumbing system in good shape. Let’s take a look at some of the helpful plumbing maintenance tips you can use

1.      Having outdoor pipes insulated

Winter can get chilly in Myrtle Beach, SC so when it is around the corner, have a plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC wrap the pipes outside to insulate them well to prevent them from freezing. The main problem with frozen pipes is that they can explode and it takes at least a couple of hours for frozen pipes to start thawing again so you can receive running water. You don’t want a hefty plumbing repair cost on your hands due to burst pipes so make sure those pipes are well insulated.

2.      Using enzyme-based drain cleaners

Plenty of home owners use harsh and potent drain cleaners that contain chemicals which corrode the walls of the pipe over time. Although harsh drain cleaners unclog a pipe well, they cause more damage than good in the long term. Enzyme based drain cleaners contain bacteria that will disintegrate the sludge along the walls of the clogged drain pipes without damaging them.

3.      Keep the oil and grease away from the kitchen drain

Most of the clogged drains take place in the kitchen sink. With the simple act of keeping the grease and oil away from the kitchen sink, you can effectively keep the pipes free of particles and clingy substances which mostly happen to be the left-over grease from your cooking pans.

For plumbing repairs and emergencies, both big and small, call the plumbers in Myrtle Beach, SC to fix all your plumbing related problems at a reasonable price.


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