Gas Appliance Repair Service: Gas-Powered Water Heater Flaws In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Gas Appliance Repair Service: Gas-Powered Water Heater Flaws In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Natural gas water heaters have a quicker recovery time and utilize fewer operation costs compared to electricity-powered ones. Although the initial cost of a high-efficiency gas water heater is high, you’ll be able to enjoy lower energy bills and maintenance costs when you install it in your home.

However, every good thing comes with its disadvantages. Same as any other appliance you may have in your home, gas-powered water heaters can showcase structural and operational problems that need to be addressed by a reliable company that offers gas appliance repair services. With delayed services, you may be looking at incurring increased gas bills or whole-unit replacement expenses.

No Hot Water

You may rush to your bathroom with the mindset of having a warm shower after turning on your water heater. Sometimes when you put on the water button, cold water hits your back. It’s because the pilot light of your gas water heater could have gone out. The issue usually arises when either the gas valve, gas supply line, or the thermocouple located next to the pitot light is defective. When the pilot light is off, the valve doesn’t allow any gas to pass through to the water heating unit.

It implies your gas water heater will not function until you look for a technician that offers gas appliance repair services in homes. The professional should troubleshoot the pilot light problem and fix it promptly to restore the convenience of getting hot showers. You should get a more durable replacement and seek gas appliance repair help to get the new component installed for efficiency if the existing pilot light is old.

Inadequate Hot Water

Whenever you get less hot water from your shower, the main suspect is a defective thermostat or low-temperature settings. You should visit a company delivering gas appliance repair services and ask for the recommended limits to where you need to increase your thermostat’s temperature. If the problem isn’t solved after adjusting the thermostat, it may imply the device is defective. You can ask your technician to offer the necessary gas appliance repairs.

If the thermostat is impossible to repair, the technician should replace it. Other causes of inadequate hot water include a clogged vent. To prevent your water heater’s vent from blocking with sediments or minerals found in your water, schedule for regular maintenance from your trusted company that provides gas appliance repairs in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Rusty or Black-colored Water

When you notice black-colored water or a musty smell while taking a hot shower, then it means the anode in your gas water heater is dissolved. The anode rod entails a metal that oxidizes instead of the steel inside your tank, curbing leakage issues within the tank. When the metal gets corroded to extinction, your tank starts rusting, making the water discolor.

The contaminated water should prompt you to visit a nearby company that handles gas appliance repair services and request a certified technician to assess the anode rod and replace it if defective. Also, the presence of sediments inside the tank could change the watercolor to black. If the problem isn’t solved quickly, you may get skin infections since the water is contaminated. Ensure you look for a legit company that offers immediate gas appliance repairs to flush your water heater tank.

Leaking Water Tank

10 percent of homes in the US experience leakages that amount to about 90 gallons of water daily. These leaks stem from defects in plumbing systems and appliances such as water supply pipes and gas water heater tanks. Water heater problems advance, depending on the exact location of the leaking spot. There are four possible areas you can find leakages on your hot water unit namely; the hot water tank, the pressure relief valve, the water lines, and the drain valve.

If the leaks are minute, a technician from a trusted company offering gas appliance repair services in Myrtle Beach, SC, can fix the issue. However, if the leakage is chronic and out of hand, you’ll need your trusted provider of gas appliance repairs to install a quality replacement.

Slow-paced Recovery Time

Clogged vents are the cause of slow recovery time in gas water heaters. A partially or fully blocked vent will prevent your water heater’s burner from working effectively. When you notice snail-paced water heater recovery time, get help from a reliable professional that offers gas appliance repair services to check the vent and clean it. You should liaise with the technician to make regular cleaning arrangements for the water heater components, including vents, to prevent the problem from recurring.

A small-sized hot water tank can also be the cause of slow recovery times. If you have a small tank that can support the number of dwellers in your home, you should visit the company that offers you gas appliance repair services to get recommendations for the best size and type of replacement that’s suitable for your home. A small tank may prompt you to increase the water heater temperature to unfavorable limits, and it can be dangerous. Ensure you get a technician to install the correct water tank to serve your home with hot water in an efficient manner.

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Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach assists homeowners to fix defective appliances that utilize gas to run. If your gas appliance, including the water heater, furnace, burner, dryers, patio heater, does not operate effectively, call us, and we shall offer immediate repairs. Our specialized technicians offering gas appliance repair services will help you restore the faulty gas appliance to its original working condition.

We also provide gas appliance repair services surrounding the maintenance and replacement of worn-out or hard-to-repair components. If you live in cold regions of Myrtle Beach, SC, talk to us today to troubleshoot problems within your water heater and continue having hot showers conveniently.


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