Five Common Garbage Disposal Problems That Warrant Prompt Help From A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

Five Common Garbage Disposal Problems That Warrant Prompt Help From A Plumber | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Garbage disposal is the least demanding appliance in your kitchen and can last between 10 to 15 years if you maintain it well. It is a basic component in some households as it keeps the kitchen clean. However, a clogged or leaking disposal system can be quite frustrating. And if you ignore it, it can quickly result in a huge plumbing problem. For instance, a leaky garbage system under your kitchen can make the floor severely wet, leading to a mold infestation that ultimately turns into a health hazard. A dysfunctional garbage disposal system could also lead to other water damages.

Homeowners may tend to fix the problem on their own rather than hiring a professional plumber. That can result in injuries if you do not practice safety measures. You do not need to take the risk anyway. While some garbage disposal problems respond to repairs, others require a full replacement. Therefore, it is vital to seek the services of a professional to make a proper diagnosis and get the right fix for any of the following garbage disposal problems.

Frequent leaks

The last plumbing problem any homeowner would want to deal with is a leaky garbage disposal. It is not only irritating but can also be messy and dangerous. The most common signs of a problematic appliance include water puddles under the sink or drips under the garbage disposal. Leaks can cause water damages, leading to pest infestation, mold growth, and warped cabinetry, among others. That can make your home inhabitable and unsafe. To minimize damages, you should identify leaks early enough and have a professional fix them.

The common areas that can develop a leak include the reset button, drainage hose, the outer casing, and around plumbing connections. Sometimes, a mere repair can fix the problem, but if the leaking is conspicuous and continuous, it calls for a full replacement. No matter the situation, it is wise to contact your trusted plumber if you identify a leak for an assessment, repair, or replacement of the whole garbage disposal system.


The work of garbage disposal is to grind food waste. However, if you grind the wrong kind or a large amount of food, a clog can develop in the P-trap. Also, If you do not run enough water while running the disposal and a few minutes after to flush all the waste, the leftover particles can cause a problem. Clogs can also form slowly over time as food waste starts to accumulate in the drain trap and waste line. That causes the disposal to drain slowly, making it inconvenient for the user.

Sometimes it is easy to fix the clogging on your own. However, it is advisable not to use a chemical drain cleaner. It can leave the sink with toxic chemicals that corrode the metallic components in the garbage disposal, which can cause future leaks. Instead of risking the possibility of such outcomes, it’s wise to contact your local plumber in Myrtle Beach, SC, to solve the problem. He or she will be able to identify the clog, clean, and fix any damages, restoring your home to its optimum functionality.

Jammed garbage disposal

When the garbage disposal unit’s flywheel is jammed, it will not grind but instead produce a low humming sound. Just like clogging, that can result from sending the wrong type of food waste and too much food down the disposal. When it jams, the garbage disposal trips the circuit breaker altering its functionality, which is to prevent the motor from burning out or overworking.

Every garbage disposal unit is designed differently. Some have the unjamming spot, while others do not. The ones without one require special tools to unjam. It is advisable to replace the whole unit rather than repair the motor as it is less expensive. If your garbage disposal jams, it is vital to contact a trained plumber who will probably have the tools and technical know-how to identify the problem, repair the damaged parts, or replace the whole unit if necessary.

A foul odor emanating from the garbage disposal

A smelly garbage system can cause discomfort in your home, especially when you have family members or guests visiting. If you notice a foreign and unattractive smell coming from your garbage disposal, it means something is not working properly. Calling a seasoned plumber to have a look is a viable option. The odor can come from food waste particles trapped in the drainpipe. When components in the grinding chamber wear out, food particles can easily get trapped inside. Additionally, the disposal might not be chopping food waste particles finely. With time, the food starts to decompose, resulting in a bad smell.

Some home remedies to deal with a foul smell include putting lemon peels or baking soda through the disposal. If the odor does not go away even after cleaning, it means it is time for a replacement. Call your local plumber if you notice a persistent foul smell from your garbage disposal system.

Noisy garbage disposal

When you turn on the garbage disposal, it produces a distinct and loud grinding noise. However, if you notice strange noises, you should consider contacting your trusted plumber. The noises could result from a jammed grinding chamber, a defective motor assembly, or faulty grinding rings and plates. Your plumber can help you identify and fix the problems, saving you from future damages. Additionally, he or she can give you professional tips and advice on how to handle the situation if it ever reoccurs.

You should never attempt to put your hands or fingers down the disposal, even when it is turned off, to avoid bruises and injuries if the garbage disposal turns on accidentally. Also, adopt proper waste disposal habits, and avoid draining large amounts of food waste at once.

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