Drain Cleaning Service: Clogged Drains Can Be A Serious Issue | Myrtle Beach, SC

Drain Cleaning Service: Clogged Drains Can Be A Serious Issue | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Nearly any homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC will agree that regular home maintenance tasks are vastly important to the well being and upkeep of their homes. Things like repairing the roof, house painting, regular inspections of the homes AC unit. Yet many homeowners ignore one of the home’s most vital aspects, the pipelines supplying vital water to the home, that is until a plumbing emergency occurs.

If you live in the area, and have not had your pipelines serviced in the last year, now is the time to schedule a preventive drain cleaning service before problems occur. We can provide you with our sewer jetting process which not only removes stubborn clogs but also cleans the pipes. This makes your pipes like new again. Hot jets of highly pressurized water are sent into your pipelines, forcing out tough debris like kitchen grease and tree roots. We highly recommend an annual spring or summer cleaning of your pipes to prevent clogs before they happen. We have found that customers who do this yearly tend to experience clogs less than those who do not do preventive care for their pipelines.

Preventive cleaning of your drains has many advantages. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Yet what are the benefits of preventive cleaning service? Let’s examine the benefits of preventive drain cleaning service:

1.  Prevention of Foul Odors

Your drains are the perfect storm for mold, bacteria, and other things that can cause foul odors. Giving your drains a thorough cleaning can wash away all of these things which cause foul drain odors. Your drain’s regular flow of water is not enough to flush out these toxins. You need drain cleaning service to flush away these mold spores and debris.

2.  More Efficient Drainage

This is one of the most noticeable benefits of preventive drain cleaning. Water will no longer stand in your sinks. Water will no longer slowly drain, but instead, drain fast. You will no longer have standing water in your sinks. This is true even for toilet drains, helping to prevent backflow.

3.  Improve Drain Life

Preventive drain cleaning service can remove the build-up of chemical and mineral deposits inside of your drain pipes. Calcium comes to mind here as well as lime, present in hard water. By having your pipes cleaned, you are preventing leaks from forming. Preventive service extends the life of your pipelines, so you do not need to replace expensive piping. Again an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

4.  Prevent Water Damage to Your Home

Water damage is one of the worst forms of damage a home can experience. Clogged drains can cause water spills that damage wood, drywall, and other materials of your home. Even worse is when this water contains contaminants like harmful chemicals and bacteria. This harmful water can discolor any walls or flooring it comes into contact with. Repairing this can be costly. Drain cleaning service can prevent this damage from occurring in the first place.

5.  Prevent Clogs From Forming

Drain cleaning can prevent clogs from occurring in the first place! No more backed-up sinks, no more toilet backflow. Clogs can cause water damage and this water damage can be avoided altogether with simple preventive drain cleaning service. It is annoying to have a tub or sink that does not drain, but you can prevent this issue from occurring in the first place.

What if you already have clogged lines? Clogged drains can be a serious issue for any homeowner, often requiring drain cleaning service. Nearly all drain clogs are the result of an obstruction in the line. These obstructions can happen anywhere along the pipeline. Clogged drains can lead to simple problems like foul odors to more severe problems like water damage.

The first step for your service professional is to locate the source of the clog. Sometimes the location of the clog is pretty obvious when other drains are working well, or in the case of water damage. If all of your drains are slow to drain or completely clogged this can be a sign of a more serious problem, a blockage is outside your home. Oftentimes clogs that happen outside of the home are caused by tree roots. Tree roots seek moisture and will seek out any cracks in your pipes. These roots will eventually infiltrate your pipeline and collapse the pipe or fill it with roots so much so that very little if any water can get through. Only a drain cleaning service professional can remove this debris from your line.

In the past clogs caused by tree roots would mean having your entire yard torn up to get to the source of the clog. Nowadays your local Myrtle Beach, SC drain cleaning service professional can simply inspect your line with a camera system and determine the cause. In the past professionals had to use a trenching machine to uncover the sewer drain to effect repairs. Today we now have trenchless technology, called cure in place pipe. This allows one to create a new pipe right through the existing pipe. No more tearing up your yard and expensive post-repair landscaping!

In short, you can benefit from preventive care rather than letting your drains become clogged and dealing with the clog itself. Consider drain cleaning part of your yearly home maintenance and you will have less stress in the year to come. If your drains do become clogged however it is not too late to deal with the problem, simply call in the pros from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach!


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