Drain Cleaning in Garden City, SC Made Easy!

Drain Cleaning in Garden City, SC Made Easy!

The drainage system installed in homes, offices and other structures inhabited by humans performs an important task. It ensures the cleanliness of these buildings by collecting human waste, sludge and dirty water let out by kitchens and bathrooms and carries it off to the drainage pipes of municipal authorities. The drainage system of our homes therefore works with the drainage system of our cities to make sure our physical environments are worth living in.

The pipes fixed at our homes facilitate in the drainage process and their design is manufactured to ensure maximum efficiency. However, regardless of how careful we are, many a times these pipes will get clogged. If you equip yourself with the right kinds of tools and some basic knowledge, you will know how to clear your drainage system off of the clogs without having to rely on external help.

However, it is also important to mention here that if you are unable to unclog the pipe after some effort, it is also entirely possible that the issue is too complex to be handled on your own. If you come across such a scenario, it is always advisable to contact professionals for drain cleaning in Garden City, SC than to worsen the situation by exerting too much pressure as it could cause permanent damage to the pipes too.

Now we move our focus to the question in hand i.e. how you can solve the problem of blocked drain system easily and using your own hands. First, we look at the various tools you might require for drain cleaning in Garden City, SC.

The Tools That Come Handy

The good news is that most of the tools that you could require for drain cleaning in Garden City, SC are easy available at most of the hardware and plumbing stores throughout the city and they don’t cost much to be purchased. And the tools that are machine intensive and therefore expensive can be rented out from plumbing shops at reasonable rates.

One of the most critical plumbing tools that every household should have in any case is a plunger. They cost between $5 and $10 and can be easily used on many bathroom and kitchen fixtures. They are extremely important for drain cleaning in Garden City, SC.

If however, you face a clog a little down in the pipes that is out of reach of a normal plunger, you can instead turn to a device known as ‘plumbers snake’ among the plumbing community. This device also goes by the name of Cable Augers. Cable augers have a long cable in them which is made out of flexible steel. These augers have a hand crank at their end which is used to lengthen and shorten the cables size. Closet augers are a variation of cable augers that are specifically made for toilets, as they bent at precise angles to fit through the arcs of the toilet pipes.

Equipped with these various clog clearing tools, you can ensure a healthy and effective drain cleaning in Garden City, SC.

Unclogging the Various Sinks at Home

Sinks are located at an important junction between the external fixtures in our bathrooms and kitchens are the wider drainage system hidden behind the walls of our buildings. And since they are the collecting pots of the sludge we produce, they are often the most common places to get clogged.

If you too face a clog in one of your sinks, your go to equipment should be a plunger. Plungers can help with almost all of the minor sink related obstructions at your home. Vigorously work the plunger up and down the drain opening several times while letting water run on the sink. To end the process, swiftly move your plunger in a single stroke downwards and then away from the sink. This will allow for easy drain cleaning service in Garden City, SC.

If instead you have to clear a jam in the kitchen sink, the types that come with double bowls, you can try another strategy. Start the cleaning process by stuffing a wet rag in one of the drain holes and rigorously working the one hole with a plunger. On the other hand, if you have to clear clog of a bath sink (bath tub), you can stuff the wet rag in the overflow opening instead. The use of rag is made in both these cases as helps as it exerts pressure on the clog and augments the work of plungers.

If using a plunger is not successful or the clog is out of reach of a normal sized plunger, you can use a cable auger instead. To use cable augers in sink related clogs, first place an empty bucket beneath the sink and carefully remove the sink trap (it is a U-shaped PVC pipe) from under the sink. The bucket will trap all the stuck water in the pipe. Feed your flexible-steel cable into the drain hole that leads into the wall. Keep moving the cable forward until you feel resistance in the pipes, at which point you would have reached your clog. Turn your auger’s crank in clockwise direction to exert the cable furthest you can into the blockage.

Final Words

The above method processes will help you clear out majority of the clogs that could appear in the kitchens and bathrooms of your house. However, if the clog is too hard to clear out or the problem too complicated to understand on your own, you can always consult professionals for drain cleaning in Garden City, SC.

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