Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: Reasons You Should Call a Plumber | Conway, SC

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute: Reasons You Should Call a Plumber | Conway, SC

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A plumber in Conway, SC is only a phone call away. This holds true in any plumbing situation, be it an emergency or otherwise. Anything from drips to leaks and clogs are time-honored problems for those in Conway, SC and other areas, and these are issues best addressed by a professional.

Sewer pipes, dripping faucets, or leaks of any kind require the services of a professional. Enter Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach, SC, here to serve Conway and other areas. No matter the issue, the plumber will arrive on time and with a truck stocked with every tool needed for any job, day or night. This allows the plumber ample flexibility for any type of job, and with the simple knowledge that something minor may need attention, it can be fixed along with the job at hand.

Dripping faucets are a bit of a headache, as they are a constant source of noise and expense for homeowners everywhere. The constant splashing sound can be disruptive for those who are trying to read, eat, sleep, or unwind after a day in the office.

Each time you turn your water on, the washer pushes itself against the valve seat, and over time, this causes wear and tear on both parts. This can be resolved by having the washer replaced, which typically requires the services of a professional. For compression faucets, rubber washers become dry due to water exposure and lime buildup, which leads to them cracking, and then that’s where the leak happens.

A comprehensive examination of your monthly water expenses is a top indicator that you may be experiencing a faucet leak or drip. Some leaks may be far less obvious than others, such as a spout leak, which happens even after you’ve turned off the handles as tightly as you could. In the beginning, the dripping may not be seen as blatantly as in later stages, where it may have advanced to the point where it needs attention right away. Faucet leaks which occur around the base are often the direct result of an internal O ring that is dried and cracked.

Loose water connections and loose P traps result in water damage underneath your sink. Hiring a plumber to tighten those loose pieces can save you time, money, and much hassle.

Your pipelines and sewer pipes form the lifeblood of the entire plumbing system in your home. When one goes wrong, it can wreak much havoc on your home and cause leaks and backups that result in expensive damage.

Just as sewer pipes direct waste water from your home, water lines bring in fresh, clean water for you to use. With the inner workings of appliances, small parts, and the intricate piping system, this complex network can break at any given time.

Water lines are prone to leaks, which is due primarily to intense water pressure applied from daily use. Joint fittings that allow pipes to interconnect can become loose and even burst from that same pressure at any time. Only a thorough inspection will allow the plumber a closer look into your system to target the problem.

A plumber can insert a camera into your pipes to check for leaks, holes, and damages due to corrosion. The plumber can then detect the origin of the damage and give you an honest estimate of the total costs involved.

Other plumbing issues that are easily resolved include toilets, pumps, sinks, and disposals. With toilets, you can only take the plunger so far, and when it overflows constantly, it’s time to call for professional assistance. When a toilet fails to flush, it may be that you need to replace the flushing mechanism on your toilet.

A pump is the heart of your home’s plumbing system, and without it, nothing can be transported in or out. Waste water can leave a stinky mess, especially if your sump pump fails to collect the water to move it out of your home. They are especially useful in seasons where water tables rise and fall continuously.

There are a vast amount of different types of sump pumps around, with some being electrical. Others are either battery-powered or can run on a battery. The kind you get depends mainly on your needs as they pertain to your home.

A battery powered sump pump can serve as a backup in times of failure. It can become quite handy when your electric sump pump goes out due to a power failure from line damage or natural disaster. Yet a battery powered alternative is not something you should come to depend on, and that’s why calling on a professional from Benjamin Franklin is a must.

But it’s not just these measures and more that should motivate you to call your plumber. In fact, any professional can do much more than just fix something. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can install luxury showers and bathtubs just for your bathing pleasure. Some models include, but are not limited to, a shower and tub combo, single stand-alone showers, antique design bathtubs that have the classic clawed feet, and so much more. In fact, even a regular, simple design can be done for you at a reasonable cost. Even whirlpools and hot tubs are not that far out of reach, and a professional will assess the size of your bathroom and give you an estimate of the total costs involved, including parts and labor.

There are many reasons you should call your plumber. DIY efforts may sound somewhat heroic, if not a little romantic, but they often lead to fatal and costly consequences down the road. Whether it’s a bathroom remodeling endeavor, a faulty sump pump, or a simple drain clog, it’s the safest bet to call a professional. If your drains are backed up, don’t reach for that bottle of Draino. Simply call or visit online and speak to a professional at Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach today.


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