Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service? Signs Of Drainage Problems In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Do You Need Drain Cleaning Service? Signs Of Drainage Problems In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The plumbing system has three primary parts, including a drainage system. The drainage system is a sanitary system that discharges wastewater, rainwater, and human waste from your house to a public sewer line, a septic tank, or a point of disposal. The sanitary system installed in your residence in Myrtle Beach, SC, depends on the number of house drains and fixtures it serves. The system collects and removes the excess water and liquid waste to maintain sanitary conditions in your home.

The materials used to make the drains include cast iron, plastic, and vitrified clay, while drain pipes are made of PVC and ABS materials. The different drainage systems in your residential property use a single drain to direct sanitary waste and rainwater to a common sewer. Problems are inevitable in the drainage system, especially if they lack routine or adequate maintenance.

During the upkeep process, the drain cleaning service providers can find and identify drain problems that are not visible to you. They can diagnose and fix the issues before they worsen, causing a sizable dent in your pockets. Below are some of the signs of drainage problems that you can identify for prompt repairs, saving you plenty of headaches with time.

Smelly Drains

One of the common signs of drainage problems in residential homes includes a persistent smell that spreads in your home. The smelling drainage system is a sign that you need to hire a drain cleaning provider to address the issue to eliminate the unpleasant odor.

Fixing the drainage system to remove the permeating smell will reduce the risk of diseases, making your residence a no-go-zone. The permeating odor can lead to sewer gas poisoning, causing headaches, nausea, dizziness, and drowsiness due to the ammonia gas concentration from human waste. The smelling sewer gas can also cause difficulty in breathing with high concentration exposure.

The drain cleaning expert you get should identify and diagnose the root cause of the smell and fix it as soon as possible. The unpleasant smell might be due to a leakage in one of the drainage pipes, letting out wastewater. It might also be due to blockage in the pipes, hindering the free flow of wastewater and sewage to the septic tank or a point of disposal.

Blocked Drains

A clog is another significant sign of drainage issues in your home in Myrtle Beach, SC. Sinks, bathtubs, toilets, and bathroom drains are susceptible to block due to build-up debris, grime, food particles, dirt, hair, and flushable objects.

The clog in the drainage pipes hinders the passage of used water and waste to the point of disposal, causing worse plumbing problems in your house. If you delay calling a drain cleaning service provider to clear the clog on time, you might have overflowing sinks and toilets soon.

The overflowing sinks can lead to expensive water damage and mold repairs. The drain cleaning contractors will use their state-of-the-art equipment such as the high-pressure drain cleaner to clear the clog, making the drainage system perform at its peak.

Slow Drains

Another visible sign of drainage problems is slow drains in your kitchen and bathrooms. If you flush your toilet and it takes more time to drain or clear out the waste or notice standing water moving at a slow pace in your shower drains, it is a clear indication of a drainage problem.

The kitchen and bathroom sinks might also have stagnated water, draining at a snail pace. When you notice the slow drains, it’s the perfect time to call a drain cleaning service provider to rectify the problem as soon as possible. Failure to contact a plumbing company on time to handle the mess, you will be frustrated due to increasing plumbing issues such as floods, rot, and mold growth, which can destroy your valuable property and structures.

Therefore, to avert spending more on water damage repairs and replacements, it is wise to call a drain cleaning professional to identify the reason behind the slow drains and address the problem promptly.

Pests in the Drainage System

You might also notice different types of pests in your drains, including insects, rats, cockroaches, fruit flies, and drain flies. The insects and flies coming out of your drainage system is evidence of a drainage problem that requires urgent cleaning. The pests feed on the waste in the drainage system and might multiply at a higher alarming rate, becoming a nuisance as they crawl in your kitchen or bathroom surfaces.

Calling a certified drain cleaning service contractor to clean the drainage system by removing the rodents and insects is an urgent measure. The plumber should utilize drainage system-friendly cleaning products to remove the pests permanently from your home. To avert the issue of rodents and insects invading your drainage system often, you should invest in a routine drain cleaning service program for a minimum of two visits annually.

Cracked Drains and Leakages

Cracks in the drainage system are also a common sign of drainage problems in most homes during winter. Drain pipes tend to expand and crack when it’s freezing, leading to leakages of wastewater permeating your property. Getting professional help from an experienced drain cleaning service provider as soon as possible is necessary to prevent severe drain problems.

If your plumber doesn’t fix the cracked drainage pipes on time, your drain pipes might encounter root intrusions. If you have trees in your compound that grow close to your drainage system, they might easily penetrate cracks in the drainage pipes causing large cracks or bursting of the pipeline. When the drainage pipes burst, you will have more drainage problems that will force you to call the nearest drain cleaning service experts to clean out the flowing wastewater and replace the drains.

The drains might cause significant damage to your entire home, especially sewage unpleasant smells. Calling a trained plumber as soon as you suspect a root intrusion in your drainage system will save you an embarrassing and expensive sewage cleaning. The drain cleaning service plumbers will remove the intruding roots from the drainage pipeline using high-pressure water jets or other state-of-the-art equipment in their possession and replace the cracked pipe.

Get Your Home’s Drainage Problems Fixed Today!

If you live in Myrtle Beach, SC, and notice any sign of drainage problems in your home, you should contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Its drain cleaning service experts are equipped with proper plumbing tools and experience to handle any plumbing and drainage issues.


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