Dangers Of Neglecting Your Drains: How A Drain Cleaning Service Can Help | Conway, SC

Dangers Of Neglecting Your Drains: How A Drain Cleaning Service Can Help | Conway, SC

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The drainage system is a vital plumbing fixture at your home. It helps ensure that wastewater from your Conway, SC home drains out quickly. Therefore, the drains are an integral part of the plumbing system at your home. However, to continue working optimally throughout its lifespan, you have to ensure that it is regularly serviced. If you neglect or ignore the drains, leaving them filthy, the efficiency and efficacy of the plumbing system will be compromised severely.

Dirty drains can take a toll on your home’s hygiene and your family’s health. To avoid such issues, you need to work closely with a professional drain cleaning service. It also ensures that your drains are working at the best levels. However, there are severe ramifications when you neglect your drains and fail to ensure they are cleaned by a professional. Below are the dangers of ignoring or neglecting your drains.

Structural Damages

If your drains are filthy, they can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Neglected drains are indeed more susceptible to leaks if neglected. If you do not fix the leaks over time, they may make the wood rot or even weaken the concrete. This puts your home at the risk of collapse. If these leaks happen below or within the slab foundation, they can even leave more severe impacts.

For example, the slab leaks may weaken the ground where the slab foundation rests. Consequently, this could cause your home’s foundations to crack or even shift. When the foundation shifts, your home’s walls may crack or even crumble.

Hence, neglecting your drains may result in the loss of your home or incurring abnormal repair costs. Fortunately, all this can be avoided by hiring a professional drain cleaning service. Retain the service to be cleaning the drains yearly.

Health Deterioration

The drains have a vital role in ensuring the health of your family. If they are dirty, they might harbor pests and vermin that could bring parasites into your home, leading to various severe illnesses. Drain Flies and roaches are examples of pests that would thrive in a drain, otherwise called drain pests.

Dirty drains will also provide the ideal environment for various bacteria, fungi, and viruses to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, if the microorganisms above enter your home, they put your family at risk of illness. For example, suppose your drains have Salmonella Typhi. In that case, it may cause enteric fever (typhoid) if the bacteria gets in contact with your food or drinking water. Similarly, if molds are growing inside the dirty drains at your home, they might soon enter your home and might cause asthma flare-ups, allergic reactions, and other respiratory issues. To prevent these risks, you need to enlist the help of professional drain cleaning services like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. Our plumbers will ensure that your drains are free of the above pathogens.

Unpleasant Odors

The above section mentioned that bacteria, fungi, and viruses thrive in dirty drains. As the bacteria break down the organic matter in your drains, they may produce an unpleasant smell. The foul stench will soon enter and fill your home if you do nothing to resolve the problem. Regardless of the amount of air freshener you spray into your home, the foul stench won’t disappear. You must address the root cause of the problem.

Hence cleaning the drains and denying these microorganisms a place to thrive is the only way to rid the foul smell from your home. This ensures that the microbes lack the resources they need to survive. You must work with a reputable drain cleaning service like Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach to ensure the drains at your home are clean.

Drain Clogs and Slow Drains

Many things are thrown into your drains; food particles, scum, soap, hair, oils, and grease. With time, these materials stick on the sides of the drainage pipes, hindering a smooth wastewater flow to the sewer system from your home. In the initial stages, the dirt in the drains causes slow drains, meaning that the wastewater inside the drains will take longer than it typically takes to leave your home.

Most Conway, SC, homeowners try using plungers to remedy this problem. Though such a DIY solution may work in some instances, it will not resolve the underlying cause of the problem. If you do nothing more than use a plunger to fix the problem, you may soon be dealing with a severe drain clog and other issues that are caused by clogging.

To prevent such an experience, enlist the services of a certified drain cleaning service to ensure that your drains are clean. Cleaning the drains annually ensures that any materials which may result in drain clogs or slow drains are removed before they cause a severe plumbing situation.

Reduces the Lifespan of Your Plumbing Fixtures and Plumbing System

A plumbing system is a highly durable component of your home. Some can last for over 30 years, with others clocking over half a century. However, it should be noted that your plumbing system’s lifespan depends on your maintenance efforts. If you ignore and neglect the plumbing system, you may need the services of a plumber to replace it sooner than you could have expected.

For example, if you do not seek regular drain cleaning services, you will increase the drain’s exposure to corrosive elements and clogging, resulting in bursting. This means that dirty drains will corrode faster compared to clean ones. Hence, you will be forced to replace them before the expiry of their lifespan. Conversely, enlisting the help of a drain cleaning service ensures that the drains work optimally. This will extend the plumbing system’s lifespan by several years.

High Expenses

The other danger you expose yourself by ignoring or neglecting the drains is high expenses. The financial implications of neglecting your drains are enormous, from high repair costs of broken or burst pipes caused by clogging to the considerable water utility bills to pay for the wasted water. By enlisting the assistance of drain cleaning services, you can keep the drains clean and healthy at a minimal cost.

Trust Us With Drain Cleaning Services in Conway, SC

As you can see, there are many dangers of ignoring your drains. To avoid them, enlist the help of a reputable plumbing company like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach. They will use industry-approved methods to clean your drains efficiently and safely.

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