Dangers Of DIY Water Heater Replacement And Repair | Conway, SC

Dangers Of DIY Water Heater Replacement And Repair | Conway, SC

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The current “Do It Yourself” trend has become the order of the day in many Conway, SC, households. The DIY projects cut across almost every field, from medicine to plumbing. As much as it may seem tempting and time-saving, a DIY water heater replacement may not be the best option for you.

As a homeowner, problems are bound to arise, including your water heater breaking down in the middle of the night before your shower routine. With all the information online today on how to typically fix anything, your first plea for help may be scrolling through the internet for easy DIY water heater services.

For the sake of your safety, we highly advise against replacing your own water heater. Some cases may be a clear emergency and require immediate intervention, but handling the water heater issues without professional guidance may cause more harm than good, sometimes fatal.

If you experience a constant rising water bill, your hot water volume keeps reducing, or your system has lasted for more than 20 years, it is probably time to consider a water heater replacement. The first step is to contact a reputable and competent water heater company since some tasks are just better done by professionals.

As a top plumbing company, we receive numerous calls from homeowners about replacing their water heater systems. Our answer is always the same: do not handle anything till we get there! This is because we understand the dangers associated with DIY water heater repair and replacement. Our plumbers are well trained for any water heater tasks and equipped with the necessary tools to conduct the job safely.

Still not convinced why you should contact a certified plumber in Conway, SC, for your water heater replacement? Here are some dangers associated with DIY water heater projects.

Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

You may need to handle harmful chemicals produced from the heater during a replacement as it releases its heating effect. It is important to know how to safely handle and dispose of these chemicals during a replacement. It is only a trained and certified professional plumber who will learn how to handle such situations.

The highly poisonous chemicals released from water heaters leave adverse health impacts and may even cause death when inhaled in large amounts. Our plumbers need to have an EPA certification before legally conducting a water heater service.

Risks of Fire Outbreaks and Explosions

Several households today use gas water heaters. We advise our plumbers to practice extra caution when handling such water heater services despite receiving sufficient training and experience on water heaters. This is because Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach understands the dangers that come with handling gas heaters, especially for unauthorized personnel.

For gas water heaters to function, you need to use combustible fuel. It is through burning the fuel that the water gets heated. Such fuels are highly flammable and can easily cause fire outbreaks or explosions.

Making the slightest mistake during replacement may cost your life and that of your family and damage your property. For instance, too much tightening of the gas control valve as you conduct your replacement may cause gas leakages that could burn up your entire house.

Legal Problems

A DIY water heater replacement project for your means that the system will not go through an inspection by the relevant authorities. In different parts of the city, your water heater will need inspection and permission whenever you wish to sell your home, which you will still have to pay for.

If your water heater fails to pass the inspection, you will be forced to pay for another water heater installed by professional technicians. This attempt to save more money may even cost you double the price you would have used to contact a reputable plumbing company for your water heater needs.

You Risk Losing Service Warranties

Professional water heater services normally have a warranty on labor and components. But once you do a DIY water heater replacement and cause damages to the system, these warranties cease to function.

Once you lose your warranty, you will most likely have to pay the entire price for a water heater replacement if you need professional water heater services. Additionally, you may have to pay for health expenses in case of injuries during the replacement.

Drainage and Supply Issues

If you fail to connect the water heater with the correct supply lines and proper drainage, water damage may result from a DIY water heater servicing. Water heaters will only function effectively if they follow the right drainage and water supply channels.

A wrong water heater installation may create excessive stress on the water lines and the heater itself. This extra stress could damage the water heater or eventually cause the explosion of the supply lines.

Interfering with High Voltage Electricity

At peak capacity, an electric water heater uses high voltage systems to function. Any heating unit operated by electricity requires careful handling and safety gear when installing, repairing, or replacing.

As a DIY water heater project, you may not have or be aware of the necessary gears needed to handle electric currents successfully. You may end up electrocuted or cause sparking and burning wires.

Every unit in the water heater is interconnected, and it requires a professional plumber to know how to connect the units when carrying out a water heater repair or replacement. This is important because damage to a single component may cause the dysfunction of other parts or destroy the entire heating unit. Working with a certified and trained plumber ensures that some damages do not occur; thus, no extra costs are incurred.

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Before you carry out any DIY water heater replacement in your home, be sure to consider the dangers you could pose to you and your family. As much as hiring a qualified plumber will cost you money, you will be safer and save future costs.

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