Common Types of Plumbing Emergencies | Plumbers in Garden City, SC

Common Types of Plumbing Emergencies | Plumbers in Garden City, SC

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You suddenly hear the sound of rushing water in your home. You quickly drop everything and race to the source of the noise. It is a burst pipeline in your kitchen, spewing water everywhere and flooding your hardwood floors.

What you have on your hands here is a plumbing emergency.

There are multiple plumbing problems that you as a homeowner can face. Some of these problems might even lead to emergency situations, causing flooding, and loss of life and property damage.

Homeowners should not attempt domestic repairs or solutions in the face of emergency situations. Instead, they should contact professional plumbers in Garden City, SC.

Some potential emergency situations are listed below that might need the help of professional plumbers in Garden City, SC.

Flooding and Leaks

Flooding or leaks can occur due to broken water lines or pipes in your home or outside. These will need to be checked and repaired by plumbers in Garden City, SC.

Broken or damaged pipes can cause damage to walls, furniture, and floors. They may also cause your water bills to rise or contaminate the water.  Broken water lines can do similar damage but they can drain the entire water supply and lead to serious contamination of water supplies.

Underground broken water lines can also cause sinkholes in your yards as they move around and sink the soil as water builds up.


Broken pipes and water lines should be immediately inspected and repaired by professional plumbers in Garden City, SC.


Hard Water Issues

Hard water is the sediment or mineral buildup in pipes and water filtration systems over a period of time. Hard water may manifest in the form of chalky buildup or clogs in piping and filtration systems.

Hard water buildup may damage the pipes and lead to inefficient functioning. It may reduce water pressure and clog the pipes, drains and filters.

To avoid long-term damage to water filtration systems, you must avail professional plumbing services for regular maintenance services and inspections of pipes and filters.

To prevent hard water issues you must seek regular maintenance and inspections. If there is a hard water blockage, you should contact plumbers in Garden City, SC for emergency services.


Drain Blockages

Indoor drains are in the bathtubs, showers, sinks, and bathroom floors. Outdoor drains, on the other hand, might be in the yard or in the main drain to allow water from the main lines or from rains to drain into sewers.

Both of these types of drains can become serious problems if they are not cleaned. A lack of cleaning can cause clogs and blockages that may cause flooding, leaks and water damage in your house.

Debris, contaminants and sediments from the pipes might build up and clog or block the water. This process may even break or permanently damage your plumbing and drainage structure or their respective parts.

In the case of drain blockages, you should immediately call plumbers in Garden City, SC.


Water Heater Gas Leak

Water heaters often have natural gas in them that may possibly leak. Gas leaks can be life-threatening, so you must take proper safety measures to avoid them.

Carbon monoxide, a toxic gas produced from gases in water heaters, can leak into your home and go undetected as it is odorless and invisible.

A leak could cause carbon monoxide poisoning or even explosion, so proper safety precautions should be taken by the homeowner. You should get carbon monoxide detectors as a way to detect and handle leaks.

Additionally, you should regularly inspect the water heater for signs of a leak. For instance, the flame at the base of the heater must always be blue and if it turns orange or yellow that means there is a possible gas leak.

In this instance, you must immediately call a professional for help through plumbers in Garden City, SC.


Slab Leaks

A slab leak is when pipes burst or break underneath the floors and leak out water onto your floors and carpets.

To prevent slab leaks you must ensure that construction workers do not perform poor pipe installation. You can have them inspected by plumbers in Garden City, SC. Slab leaks can also be caused by shifting foundations of your houses.

This is a natural phenomenon where the foundation shapes and puts pressure on pipes.  Slab leaks can also be caused by processes of abrasion. If the pipes are located close to exposed concrete, they may abrade once they contract and expand against the rough concrete surfaces.

Moreover, corroding pipes may be causes of slab leaks, as well. These are caused by exposure of underground copper pipes to the soil at the base of the house.

Homeowners must be aware of their slab conditions and schedule repairs and maintenance services at regular intervals with plumbers in Garden City, SC.

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