Common Floor Drain Problems as Explained by Plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC

Common Floor Drain Problems as Explained by Plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC

The plumbing network in every house consists of multiple pipes which complete the plumbing system in an area. This network is made up of several other components as well that are an essential part of the system. One such crucial component that plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC pay much attention to is the drain. Although, considered to be a very simple feature of the house, these drains are present almost everywhere which includes the basement and the garage. There are even some ground floor drains at different places. They together serve a great purpose and prove to be a lifesaver, in case of events in which your house gets flooded from an outside source or because of some serious drainage issue.

One of the reasons why floor drains are considered to be such a major help to the plumbing system is that they relieve pressure on the pipes. Most of them have a direct route to the drainage pipes or even sometimes lead directly to the sewer. A floor drain is installed in such a way that most of its part is buried under the floor and what you typically see is the grill on the top. This is why many plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC believe that people forget how important these floor drains are and tend to overlook the fact that they do require maintenance just like other things in a house’s plumbing system.

If a floor drain has not been taken care of for a very long time then it can create many problems for the drain itself and for the surrounding pipes as well as per the plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC. To solve the drainage problems, you need to immediately take action by doing something yourself or contact an expert of this field before it is too late. Otherwise, your plumbing can stop working, leading to serious damage to your home.

We have listed down some of the most common problems that a lot of homeowners who have a drainage system face, as per the observations of plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC.

Debris Formation

Just like other pipes in your house, it is very common for floor drains to get clogged from time to time. The most common reasons for why a floor drain gets clogged are hair left in the shower, food particles that flow into the kitchen sink while washing utensils or other stuff, and other forms of large debris that gets into the drains that lead to the sewer.

There is a chance that you might face such a situation more than once in your life in which the floor drain starts to overflow or does not drain out completely. According to plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC, this is a drain blockage problem which, if not handled on the right time with the right equipment, might even lead to a much bigger problem. You might have the rest of the system blocked! Hence, this issue needs to be addressed on an immediate basis.

Foul Odors

Another most common problem faced by many plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC or anywhere else, when visiting different households, is that foul odors that start to come out from the drain opening. This happens due to dirt and grime building up inside the walls of the drains and the pipes or from the trap getting dry.

If the trap is dry, then there is no way possible that these nasty smells can be prevented from entering the house. Unfortunately, these dry traps and build-ups not only result in foul smells but also give way to many nasty insects that find their way through these dirty drains into the house.

Leaking Pipes

You might be happy that your drain hasn’t overflowed for a long time and that you haven’t required any regular maintenance. In actuality, this might be a sign that there is some problem inside the pipe. It is very likely that this problem is a leakage in the pipes.

Every floor drain is designed in a way that ensures it can accommodate a certain volume of water as it passes through the pipes attached to it. If the water overflows through the pipes at the same time, either because there is someone doing laundry and another person is washing dishes, then some amount of water needs to go back up, which will not cause any other pipe to burst.

Therefore, as explained by plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC, if you have never experienced an overflow of water while passing more than the limited amount of water through the pipes, then it is evident that a particular pipe or certain other pipes are broken somewhere. This is the most probable reason for the extra water leaking into the ground.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, floor drain problems are very common everywhere according to plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC. What needs to be done is that they should be taken care of immediately. This will prevent any serious threat to your health and cause damage to the house. Ignoring these problems, when the first time you notice them, is one of the biggest mistakes you could do which could lead to serious consequences in the future.

Drain cleaning problems should, therefore, be taken as a serious issue. They should be resolved on a priority basis. Most times, you can’t do it all. Seeking the help of seasoned experts is the only way. Professional drain cleaners can use different techniques to cut through the debris and restore proper flow in no time.

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