Common Drain Cleaning Problems And How A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

Common Drain Cleaning Problems And How A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

A slow-draining shower and a clogged sink are telltale signs that you have dirty or clogged drains. Drain cleaner is the go-to solution for most residents to unclog their drains. While it works, it’s not the best for unclogging stubborn clogs and keeping your pipes completely dirt-free. Cleaning the drains is a challenging task, and you need to hire a drain cleaning service.

In this piece, we’ll discuss common drain cleaning problems and how a drain cleaning service can help.

Improper Plunging

We impulsively reach for the plunger whenever our clogs drain, and rightly so. The suction from the plunger ejects any dirt and debris from the drain, restoring it to full functionality. However, plungers only work for minor blockages and are ineffective against stubborn clogs. This is especially true if you use the wrong plunger.

Sink or cup plungers have a flat rubber cap at one end and work best for sinks. Toilet plungers, on the other hand, have the same cup but with a rubber flap called a flange. The flange improves suction by folding out, covering the entire drain, and increasing the suction surface area.

Toilet plungers can unclog sinks, but using them in sinks would be unsanitary. Sink plungers are ineffective against most toilet clogs since they don’t have the flanges necessary for proper suction. Aside from using the correct plunger, using the incorrect plunging technique is also a huge drain-cleaning issue for most people.

A drain cleaning service can save you the trouble of plunging your clogged sinks and toilets. They know what plungers and techniques to use to achieve the intended result. And even if plunging doesn’t work, they can still help by using other tools and techniques to clear your drains.

Harsh Chemical Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners on the market today promise incredible, almost unrealistic results. A proper drain cleaner breaks down the dirt and debris in the drain, making it easier to clean. However, potency doesn’t translate to effectiveness. In fact, the more potent a chemical cleaner is, the more likely it is to damage your pipes.

Most liquid drain cleaners contain caustic substances that corrode pipes. Frequent use of these cleaners or even a single, loaded dose can lead to permanent pipe damage. This applies to all drain pipes, including copper, galvanized steel, iron, and PVC pipes.

A drain cleaning service can help you avoid this damage by using safe, high-quality drain cleaners that don’t harm your pipes. They can also utilize alternative drain-cleaning methods that don’t involve harmful chemicals. That way, you can maintain the structural integrity and longevity of your pipes.

Water Flooding

Flooding in the basement indicates a major clog in your drains, and you’re only a few weeks away from complete drain failure. This failure could mean sewer backup and contaminated water flooding your basement and the rest of the house.

In severe cases, flooding might cause extensive structural damage and destroy your electrical appliances. The excess moisture might also encourage the growth and proliferation of mold and other fungi. Mold growth risks your family’s health and your home’s aesthetics,

Only a licensed drain cleaning service can assess the severity of your clog and take the necessary steps to rectify it. If plunging and chemical cleaners don’t work, they can use an auger or a cable and drum machine to break apart stubborn clogs. They may also need to inspect the pipes for standing water or a broken pipe that could contribute to the problem.

Pushing the Clog Further Down

Most people don’t have a drain auger at home. So, when the drains clog, some residents use makeshift tools like rods or broomsticks to break apart the clogs. These tools rarely work because they push the clog further down the drain, making it harder to unclog. Use too much force, and you could break apart pipe segments and cause massive leaks.

Plungers, drain cleaners, and other drain-cleaning tools are readily available at local hardware stores. But these tools are useless if you can’t use them correctly. A better alternative would be to call a professional drain cleaning service. These technicians know what tools and techniques work best for each type of clog and can save you from costly repairs in the future.

Multiple Clogged Drains

Having a single clogged drain is bad enough; imagine having a couple. Sometimes you may have a clog in one or two sinks. Usually, these clogs don’t clear despite using the correct plunger and plunging technique. If so, the clog goes far beyond the individual fixtures and is likely in the main drain line.

Clogs in the main drain line are harder to clear because they’re often made of a combination of objects and organic materials. They’re also located further down the drain and are beyond the reach of typical unclogging equipment. Professional drain cleaners use augers, cameras, and hydro-jetting to unclog the main drain line.

Putrid Odor from the Drains

You’re doing your best to clean the drains when they suddenly smell worse than when you started. The foul odor from your drains indicates the presence of organic matter and other pollutants clogging your drains. Sometimes the smell comes from poking a hole in the sewer line while using rough tools to unclog the drains.

The foul odor could spread throughout the house, making it unbearable to stay in. Your best bet is to call a reliable drain cleaning service to eliminate the odor and restore sanity to your home. They’ll use specialized tools and techniques to remove the clog without damaging the sewer line and exacerbating the problem.

Get Professional Drain Cleaners Today

Clogged drains are a major inconvenience, but with the help of a professional drain cleaning service, you can get rid of them and restore your plumbing system to full working order. Professional plumbing technicians have the skills and tools to keep your drains squeaky clean.

Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today for professional drain cleaning services.

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