Clogged Gutters Can Lead To Leaks & Floods

Clogged Gutters Can Lead To Leaks & Floods

As we transition from fall to winter and the temperature continues to drop, we tend to ignore certain outside chores. No, we aren't talking about cutting the grass, washing the car or walking the dogs. The issue at hand today has to do with the piece located at the edges of your roof…the gutter.

Cleaning out your gutters is definitely a hassle! Who has time to get the tall ladder out of the shed, set it up, climb the ladder, scoop out as many leaves as you can out of that section of the gutter, climb down, move the ladder and repeat? While it may be a pain, doing so twice a year will go a long way toward helping you avoid water damage all over your home, especially at the roofline.

Not only does your gutter catch leaves and dirt, but also twigs, seeds, large branches and even random trash that travels through the wind. All of these items can jam up the flow of your gutters and cause water damage to your roof. Pooling water in your gutters can rot your fascia, shingles and eges of your roofline.

During heavy rains, storms and even hurricanes, water will spill over the top of the gutter and hit the ground next to your home…obviously. This can cause a trench to form which will affect the growth of grass and leave a muddy mess. In the summer, this can attract mosquitos and other insects that will breed in water. With all of the Zika Virus talk this year, this is definitely an unwanted pest now more than ever.

Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach recommends that you clean your gutters once in the Spring and once in the Fall to ensure a consistent flow year round. If gutter problems end up causing moisture issues, don't wait to address the situation and give us a call at 843.213.6611 immediately.


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