Benjamin Franklin: Your Myrtle Beach Plumbers

Benjamin Franklin: Your Myrtle Beach Plumbers

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing employs the top Myrtle Beach plumbers in the area. It's important for us to maintain a knowledgable staff so that we can do the best job we possible can each and every time we come to your home or business to fix your plumbing issues. Whether you need a drain unclogged or you need a whole home water treatment system installed, we can do it all. Below are a few of the services that our Myrtle Beach plumbers provide along the Grand Strand:

1. Toilets – The toilet is most underappreciated appliance in the home, but gets the most attention when it's broken. If you are experiencing a clog, a leak or other issue, we can help.

2. Sinks – Whether it's a cracked, stained or leaking sink, a clogged drain or you are just looking for a fresh new look, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call.

3. Disposals – Clogs can occur in garbage disposal in various ways. Whether your son threw his favorite toy down the drain or some grease clogged up the drain, we can help. We've seen it all…literally. So nothing surprises us anymore!

4. Pipes & Sewers – If a clogged line or sewer backup is causing you headaches, we've got your back. When the snake you bought at Lowe's just isn't enough, it's time to bring out a professional plumber.

5. Pumps – If your toilet overflows and caused a lot of water to form inside of your home, our pumps can suck up that water in no time.

6. Faucets – Leaky faucets are annoying. Our skilled plumbers can help keep your water bill intact or give your kitchen or bathroom a shiny new fixture. Whatever your heart desires!

7. Drainage – Our plumbers offer BioBen to assist in the preventative maintenance of your drains. Contact us today to learn more »

8. Bathtubs & Showers – While you might have the most beautiful showe in Myrtle Beach, underneath that beauty can live an ugly host of clogging issues.

9. Water Heaters – Whether you are looking for installation or repair, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is here to help. We can assist you with conventional tank water heaters, hybrid heat pump water heaters or tankless water heaters.

10. Water Filtration – The water here in Horry County is secretly full of contaminants. Find out about our whole home water filtration treatment systems.

As you can see, we can solve pretty much an plumbing problem that you encounter. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers our Myrtle Beach plumbers for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what time you call, someone will be available to fix your plumbing issue. Simply call us at 843.213.6611. There is no call too small!


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