Benjamin Franklin Drain Cleaning Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

Benjamin Franklin Drain Cleaning Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Dealing with drain emergencies and plumping isn’t a pleasant thing, but dealing with your plumber should be. Being a family owned and operated business, we are very confident in our services and we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is fully insured, licensed and bonded with Myrtle Beach city residents and the entire state of South Carolina. We offer the highest quality drain cleaning and plumbing services.

We have an experienced team that continues to undergo sophisticated industrial training so we are always ahead of competitors. We are so proud of our role in the plumbing industry and offering services to our esteemed community. We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards so you can be sure to get services with utmost professionalism.

Having been in the industry for a long time, we have grown to unimaginable levels. We also offer a wide range of services as highlighted below.

Drain Cleaning Services

Overflows and drain clogs can not only be frustrating but also cause a lot of water damages. When you experience clogged or slow drains, you need to avoid using home remedies, plungers or even liquid drain cleaners. These repair methods can lead to more damages as drain cleaners might corrode pipes and result in even larger clogs. Plungers can be useful when used properly, but might break the toilet basement leading to more leaks. At Benjamin Franklin plumbing company, we offer the best drain cleaning services. We have a special focus on drain cleaning in Myrtle Beach, SC with over a decade of experience in clearing even the hardest drain blockages.

Why should you go to a professional for drain cleaning services? There are several reasons as to why you should on use professional to clean your drain, they include:

  • Effectiveness: As much as home remedies might solve a slow drain for a certain period of time, they may not be thoroughly clean and may lead to even larger clogs. When used with too much force, plungers might weaken toilet seals. Liquid cleaners on the other hand, are corrosive to the pipes.


  • Odor elimination – Professional drain cleaning services can completely remove odors from kitchen drains and lavatory. One solution that leaves drains smelling nice is hydro jetting, which is offered by professionals.


  • Long term solutions – As expected, professional drain cleaning services will give long term solutions to clogged and slow drains and help locate underlying problems further down the line.


  • Professionalism – Benjamin Franklin plumbing company uses professional technology and heavy duty equipment for fast and efficient drain cleaning services. We also give expert warranties on each of our drain cleaning services. In fact, we are so confident in our team that if you are not 100% satisfied, you don’t pay!

Interior Drain Blockages

Benjamin Franklin drain cleaning helps solve years of grease buildup in soap scum, hair products, kitchen drains as well toilet clogs. For blockages that could be extremely tough, we perform hydro jetting services for complete drain cleaning. Toilet clogs are usually easy to clear with a classic auger and the solutions we give safely clears the blockages without damaging your toilet. In situations where multiple drains are slow or when the toilet is bubbly, it could mean that a major sewer line has clogged and should be inspected by experts.

Sewer Line Drain Blockages

When you notice that all drains in your residence or business are running in a slow manner, we can offer our professional sewer snaking. We have heavy duty professional snaking machinery that can clear out clogs in the main sewer line and iron out minor roots with specially designed cutting heads. In case we encounter any intrusion or blockages, we can perform high tech sewer camera inspection to diagnose the cause of the problem and give the best recommendations for repair. In most cases, roots are among the most common cases of sewer line blockages as they grow towards the richer side of nutrients. Our specialised team of experts will examine the cause and give professional advice for repairs.

Commercial Plumbing

Myrtle Beach, SC is a populated location and you will need skilled and reliable plumbers to protect your property. Benjamin Franklin plumbing company has more than a decade of experience and a skilled team of plumbers. We have a full understanding of how plumbing and drain systems work in businesses, residential places, buildings and medical facilities. We deliver excellent customer service and perfect customer satisfaction on any of our services. For reliable plumbing or drain repair service, trust our team at Benjamin Franklin.

Understanding how drains work is very important to ensure that drain cleaning service is done correctly and doesn’t lead to any more damage. We have a team of experienced experts on commercial drain snaking, hydro getting and extensive drain repairs. We set up proper containment and Counter Check every drain in high rise hotels, buildings, schools or commercial businesses. We restore your drain flow quickly and in an affordable way.

Sewer Repair and Replacement

Upon the discovery of damaged sewer lines, we will offer professional repairs and sewer replacement. If by chance you prefer traditional digging, we will give a full estimate, trenching and backfill after the pipe has been located. If you don’t opt for traditional replacements, then you can go for concrete or landscaping pipelining. A god number of commercial properties utilize speciality plumbing fixtures such as waterless urinals z motion sensor faucets as well as ASA toilets. Benjamin Franklin plumbing is well equipped to repair all the major brands of a plumbing system and pinpoint areas that need enhancements. We can access your property using our state of the art facilities and identify causes of frequent drain blockages or water clogging. We can detect the depth of your line, trace out lines and prepare you for any potential repair necessities. It is important to know where the major plumbing problem is and take respective measures to put it in check.

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