Benefits Of Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Benefits Of Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning Service | Myrtle Beach, SC

Hydro jetting is a modern way of removing stubborn clogs and cleaning the drainage system. It uses a stream of high-pressure water to clear any clogs inside your drains. However, they are mostly used in commercial settings and sparingly in domestic settings. Like the other drain cleaning services offered by professionals in Myrtle Beach, SC, hydro jetting has many benefits. Below are some of the perks of hydro jetting:


No home or business owner likes it when the plumbers dig down to access the buried drainage system to resolve a sewer issue. It messes up the compound, and you might even have to close the business operations of that day because of the filthy smell. This traditional method is time-consuming and expensive, and if handled by amateurs, it might damage the pipes. Fortunately, the plumber can access the blocked drains without digging them up by using hydro jetting.

A hydro jetter is designed to spin at different angles during cleaning, and the plumber is tasked with accessing the opening where the affected section begins. Additionally, if your drain lines are rusty, you do not have to worry about them getting damaged. With hydro jetting, your business operations can continue without any problem. This method of cleaning the drains also preserves the landscape, meaning that you will not incur any additional landscaping expenses after the professional is done.

Long-Lasting and Cost-Effective

Unlike in residential plumbing systems where a homeowner can resolve a blockage using simple tools like plungers and augers, such measures might not yield the required benefits in commercial drain cleaning. It requires that you invest in drain cleaning services from your reputable plumber. Some drain cleaning techniques, such as drain snaking, might seem affordable in a commercial setting. However, you will pay or spend more since they aren’t efficient in complex and intricate plumbing. This means that the clog will keep recurring.

The other traditional method for removing clogs is rodding. It involves inserting tools into the pipes and drilling a hole through the clog within the pipes. Although this will clear the drain lines, it does not effectively clear the build-up entirely. This is a mere temporary approach that makes a passage for the water to flow through rather than clearing the entire blockage completely.

On the contrary, hydro jetting seems more expensive compared to these methods. However, you will rest assured that your entire plumbing system will be thoroughly cleaned. It is a drain cleaning service that is well worth every other penny. Modern hydro jetting uses purposeful and practical-designed nozzles, which can easily disintegrate the resistant debris blocking the water flow within the drainage system.


Although commercial hydro jetting drain cleaning uses a lot of water that might seem like a waste to some people, this method of drain cleaning is still eco-friendly. For instance, conventional drain cleaning services use multiple processes. Additionally, some traditional drain cleaning techniques use harmful chemicals that might harm the environment. Most chemical drainage system cleaners remain active for long, even after they drain out. Hence, they have a negating effect on the immediate environment.

On the contrary, commercial hydro-jetting only uses high-pressure water with no additives or chemicals. This drain cleaning service relies only on high pressure to remove the debris, grease, and other materials blocking the drains. Hence, the out-flowing water only has debris but no other chemicals. Hydro jetting is also safe for the buildings near ponds, rivers, and lakes because it doesn’t pollute water sources.

Faster & More Sanitary

Removing a blockage from a drain pipe is among the messiest jobs. The drain cleaning service professional is always at risk of touching the sewer wastes. Whenever the traditional methods are used, there is a pretty high chance of the sewage or debris coming in contact with the plumber or flowing back into your home and the surrounding environment. However, this drain cleaning service is a kind of remote technology. Hence, the plumber doesn’t need to rely on a drain snake to unclog the drains, meaning there is less contact with the sewer waste. Further, it ensures that the plumber completes the job faster, flushing all the disintegrated dirt and debris off the drainage system. Therefore, there is less contact with the dirt.


Although most drain cleaning service techniques are highly effective in residential plumbing systems, hydro jetting is effective in residential and commercial premises. The technique can handle all kinds of jobs regardless of the size, from grease and sludge to tree root build-up inside your drains.

The plumber can safely use hydro jetting in pipes such as clay, cast iron, resin-based, cement, and steel sewer lines. The wastes flowing through commercial drains, such as mud, sand, and soap, leave some remnants behind, resulting in clogs if not cleaned up properly. With the hydro jetter’s mighty shockwave of extremely pressurized water, all debris and other severe factory blockages are cleared out. Hence, the pipes are left clean when the plumber leaves your compound.

Like the residential drainage systems, the commercial sewer lines may also develop bacteria inside, resulting in health issues, general unpleasantries, and pungent odors. Hydro jetting can adequately resolve such issues and leave your drainage system clean and fresh.

Prevents Future Clogs

This is the first important procedure in any task involving pipelining or section point repair. A plumber cannot fit the lining material if there is residual coating within the pipe walls. Hydro jetting is also a preventative care application that helps clear out the blockages during their early stages to avert plumbing system failures. To prevent such issues, schedule this drain cleaning service with a professional in Myrtle Beach, SC. They will fix the minor issues present in your drains before they worsen.

Your Professional Plumbing Service Provider In Myrtle Beach

A drainage system ensures that wastewater can flow from your home into the municipal sewer system if you have one installed at your home. It is a critical part of your entire commercial or residential premise’s sanitation. Hence, you must always ensure that they are clean, and hydro jetting is among the best techniques. Do you need commercial hydro jetting in Myrtle Beach, SC? Call us at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach today.

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