All the Reasons Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Your Best Option | Briarcliffe Acres, SC

All the Reasons Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Your Best Option | Briarcliffe Acres, SC

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It can be torturous having to clean and unclog your drains every now and then. It seems like an easy job at first when you are Googling drain unclogging and cleaning DIYs – baking soda and vinegar solutions sound like the best drain cleaning solutions, but once you actually apply these home remedies, they often backfire, doing more damage than cleaning and unclogging. So, here are all the reasons why you should avoid drain cleaningand unclogging by yourself and instead hire professional for drain cleaning service in the Briarcliffe Acres, SC area to do the job for you.

1.  Professional Plumbers Help Keep Your Home Healthy

The bacteria and viruses that keep accumulating in your drains and pipes are one of the leading reasons for all those stomach bugs, infections, and other associated health conditions. Keeping your drains unclogged, clean, and clear is very important for both and your family’s health. Those homemade remedies only serve to make matters a lot worse. Professionals use state of the art techniques and equipment to ensure that you have your drains and pipes completely clean and healthy so that you and your family can lead a healthy life.

2.  Plumbers Can Help You Get Rid of That Awful Odor

Your drains have a lot of gross stuff going down them from hair strands to soap foam, scum to dirt and grime. All these organic and inorganic substances can start accumulating in your drainage system and pipes, and if not regularly cleaned, can be the cause of a seriously awful stench. Plumberscan clean and clear out such accumulated decaying matter and help you get rid of that foul smell that comes from your drains and pipes.

3.  The Chances of Your Drains Clogging Are Greatly Reduced

From toilet back flowing to sink clogging, drainage problems are a real nightmare and a very common occurrence. However, the worst of them all are overflowing drains, which often flood basements and toilets and often end up with you having to spend a lot of money to fix these issues.

The best approach to avoid such catastrophic incidents is to avoid home remedies and plumbing hacks and seek the assistance of professionals. Plumberscan help you unclog, clean, and clear your drains and pipes by following the right techniques, saving you tons of money and hassle in the process.

It’s even better to have a plumber visit your property to inspect your pipes. This ensures that the chances of drains clogging or overflowing are reduced, and you don’t ever have to be concerned about flooding, odors, or any such plumbing nightmares again.

4.  Professional Drain Cleaning Guards Your Floors and Walls

Seepage and drain leakage can often have adverse effects on your walls and floors, forcing you to pay for both plumbing as well as floor and wall repairs. Having aplumber visit your house regularly protects your walls and floors from any such events.

If you have drainage problems, a professional drain cleaning plumber will carefully fix the problem without causing any damage to your interiors. In fact, such plumbers will also ensure that your pipes and drains are in order and pose no threat to your flooring or walls. However, if you already have wallpaper coming off and floorboards being damaged due to your drains leaking, professionalscan inspect and fix your drains, and help prevent any further damage to your property.

5.  It Saves Both Time and Money

One of the primary reasons why people try DIY plumbing and hacks in the first place is the misconception that professionals charge a lot for their drain cleaning services. The truth is, trying to unclog or clean a drain yourself has higher risks of damages, which are worth a lot more than what a plumber in the Briarcliffe Acres area would charge you. Moreover, experienced plumbers have the right license, qualifications, and experience to identify and fix your plumbing problems, saving you both time as well as money.

Additionally, a drain left clogged, blocked, or leaking for too long has implications far costlier than what plumberswould cost you for a single visit. Another noteworthy reason why professional drain cleaning outweighs DIY attempts is that professional have the right knowledge, experience, and skillset to deal with all of your plumbing problems that you might not know how to deal with yourself.

6.  Your Pipes Last Longer

Chemicals, soap, scum, grease, etc., can build up in your pipes, leading to them getting clogged, damaged, and leaking. Moreover, most of these organic materials start decaying in your drainage pipes after prolonged accumulation periods, and the chemicals released in the process begin to corrode the pipes. If the corrosion and leakage are left unattended and neglected, the problem may escalate very quickly, which can cost a lot more than what you may be expecting. This is where professional drain cleaning services come in. Regular plumbing inspections can help you identify, locate, and solve any pipe related problems, saving you a lot of time, money, and energy. Moreover, these maintenance checks help your pipes have an extended life.

Skilled plumbers, can help clean, unclog, and clear out your drains and pipes, getting rid of any accumulated chemicals or organic matter, significantly reducing any chances of damage, corrosion, or leakage.

7.  Draining Speeds Up

One of the first warning indications that a clogged drain exhibits is slow drainage. Not only is this time consuming, but it is also frustrating. Having a plumber come to your property and inspect your drains is going to help you speed up the draining process. This reduces the chances of clogs, backflows, and leakages.


These are all the reasons why you should contact a professional in the Briarcliffe Acres, SC area, to inspect, clean, and fix your drains. If you are looking for experienced, skilled, and qualified plumbers in the Briarcliffe Acres, SC area, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach by visiting their website or call them at 843.213.6611 now to book an appointment.


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