Accessories for Water Filtration Systems | Garden City, SC

Accessories for Water Filtration Systems | Garden City, SC

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Lack of water filtration in your home can cause serious health problems. From odors, tastes of chlorine, abnormal levels of microbial cysts, lead to sediments, the list of water contaminants is nearly endless. The benefits of using a water filtration system for your home water include the elimination of hard minerals and harsh chemicals like iron and chlorine. Removing the hard minerals helps to prevent corrosion and rust stains on the appliances and pipes.

Another benefit of using water filtration systems is that your water will have an improved smell and better taste. The filtration systems will remove the sulfur smell that makes your water smell like rotten eggs. Water filtration also help you save on money that could have been spent on bottled water. Americans spend billions of dollars on bottled water every year. You can save a lot of money in the long run by simply installing a water filtration unit in your home. In addition to not buying bottled water, a filtration system will make your appliances last longer because cleaner water will be running through them.

The other benefit of having a water filtration system is that your health will generally improve. You will consume more water due to the better taste and pleasant smell. Drinking at least 64 ounces of water per day benefits your joints and body organs. You will be better off with a water infiltration system!

Benjamin Franklin is a Plumbing company that serves Garden City, SC region and beyond. We provide many services, including installation and maintenance of water filtration systems. Our company will evaluate your home to determine the water filtration product that best fits your needs.

We stock a wide range of water filtration system products, including reverse osmosis systems, whole house water filtration, kitchen faucets, water filters among many others. We offer a whole line of high-end reverse osmosis systems for your home. Moreover, our plumbers always carry replacement filters for the standard systems every time they are field, visiting a client. If you happen to have an emergency give us a call and we will send a plumber to your location.

Apart from having a lot of experience in the plumbing field, our plumbers are friendly. You can ask them any questions regarding the filtration systems and other plumbing services whenever they are at your location. Our mission is to ensure that you are enlightened about what we do. Our plumbers are also time conscious and always complete projects within the set deadline. We value your time as our esteemed customer. Call us today to get the best water filtration unit for your home in Garden City, SC and its environs.

Accessories for water filtration systems:

Kitchen Faucet Filters

Faucet water filtration systems are an inexpensive way to drink healthy water. They are easy to install and are effective at removing pollutants from water. Our faucet water filters are certified to remove the sediments, bacteria, micro-organisms and other contaminants from your water. They are also good at removing bad odor and taste.

This is one of the faucet filter brands that have good water flow. Unlike most water filters that cut back the water flow, this one increases it. The filtered water also has high pressure and so you will be able to fill your glasses quickly too. Call us today to grab this effective faucet filter!

Filtered Showerheads

Your skin is the most sensitive organ in your body. Yet, it is exposed to numerous harsh chemicals that end up irritating it and making it itchy. If your skin feels dry and itchy after taking a shower, then it is probably the chemicals present in the water, such as chlorine and chloramines.

A filtered showerhead will help remove these impurities and turn the hard water into soft water, which is beneficial to your skin, hair and overall health. We provide a wide range of filtered showerheads that have an aesthetic beauty and are easy to use. If you are live around the Garden City, SC can call us to install the filtered showerheads at an affordable cost.

Counter Top Filters

Countertop filters are simple but effective water filtration systems. They are easy to install and can be moved from place to place without much effort. There is a diverter valve that replaces the kitchen faucets’ aerator, to have the installation completed. To operate the countertop filter, all you need to do is turn on the cold water faucet and allow water to run into the sink. Finally, pull out the small knob on the diverter valve to divert the water to the countertop filter.

We have many types of countertop filters and will gladly help you to choose the one that fits your needs. For example, if you have a large family, we would advise you to go for a larger one. There are many other factors that we will consider to ensure you get the right equipment. Call us today to help you get the ideal countertop filter for your home.

Refrigeration Connection Kits

Refrigeration connection kits connect your reverse osmosis system and other filters to your fridge. It can be used to supply your refrigerator’s ice makers, water dispenser or coffee maker. Our refrigeration connection kits deliver crystal clear ice cubes and great tasting water that has been purified using reverse osmosis. They are superior to the fridge inline filters. We also provide other products such as the value line water filtration units, pressure tanks, canisters, water softeners and water tests in Garden City, SC. Contact us today to help you get a refrigeration connection kit for your fridge.

Water filtration units remove contaminants and improve the taste and smell of your drinking water. Other filtration products such as filtered showerheads soften hard water, thereby protecting your skin from harmful chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines. These chemicals make your skin itchy and dry. Call us today to install efficient water filtration systems within your home in Garden City, SC, and the surrounding areas.


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