8 Ways Your Plumbing Company Can Help Reduce Your Utility Bills | Conway, SC

8 Ways Your Plumbing Company Can Help Reduce Your Utility Bills | Conway, SC

Nowadays, homeowners are carefully thinking about their energy usage and how they can essentially reduce water wastage and bills. A plumbing company can make a couple of adjustments to your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to reduce your water bills and the strain we put on the environment. By implementing power-saving measures in your bathroom, you can save almost 40% of your power bills. Similarly, you can reduce your water bills by 33% by installing energy-efficient plumbing fixtures. With the help of a plumbing company in Conway, SC, they can do the following water-saving measures for you:

1. Enhancing Your Faucets

If you notice your water bills are high every month, you can call a plumber to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen faucets. Faucets consume a lot of water, especially the outdated ones. Most houses still use the older faucets, with a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute. Compared to modern faucets, modern faucets have a flow rate of about 1.5 gallons per minute.

Installing modern faucets in your home will help you save water and money. So, ask an expert to install high-efficiency faucets. Ask for the faucets with a sprayer design as they help save a lot of water.

2. Buy New Toilet Fixtures

A toilet is the most critical plumbing fixture in a home and still the most water-intensive fixture. A toilet consumes about 30% of the water inside an average household. Now imagine your toilet is running or has a leak. Each time you flush the toilet, you use around 1.28 to 1.6 gallons of water. Most of the toilets in our homes are outdated, and they use around 1.6 gallons in every flush. Luckily, by hiring a plumbing company, they can install a newer EPA-approved toilet that can reduce water usage up to 20%.

A good plumber has all the needed skills and knowledge to install an EPA standard toilet or a dual-flush toilet in your bathroom. Furthermore, you can choose to install waterless urinals. The urinals can cut your water bill nearly by half. Get free advice from a professional plumber before you decide about the new fixtures to install.

3. Install a Water Efficient Water Heater

If your water heater is installed in a remote place in your home, most likely, it is consuming a lot of power to pump hot water into your kitchen and bathroom. Still, it uses more power to keep hot water in its tank. Call a trusted plumbing company today to install a tankless water heater system in your home. A tankless water heater reduces your electricity bills while ensuring you enjoy a continuous flow of hot water.

4. Reduce the Shower Time

It may sound funny, but trust me, reducing the shower time can make a big difference in your power and water bills. The more time you spend showering, the more you increase your power and water bills. Showering consumes about 20% of the total water consumption for a US household. If every household member can reduce their shower time by 5 minutes, you can save more water and money.

Furthermore, you can have a plumbing company install a low-flow showerhead in your bathroom. Although it is not a big investment, it can reduce your water bill, where you can save up to 3 to 4 gallons of water per day.

5. Repairing All the Leaks

Water leaks always seem like a minor issue, but they can cause a lot of damage if not fixed. After ignoring the continuous water leaks, they will reflect in your water and electricity bills. For instance, if the leak uses hot water, it will minimize the stored heated water. Meaning your water heater will add 1 or 2 heating cycles per day, which will affect your water bill. You can hire the services of a plumbing company to inspect your home and look for any leaks that can be spiking your bills.

6. Insulate the Water Heater

If you ask most homeowners which is the best way to reduce water and energy bills, the answer will be a tankless water heater. However, there is no need to purchase a new tankless heater because you can insulate your current water heater. To insulate your water heater, you will require the help of a plumbing company in Conway, SC.

If you tell your plumber you want to protect your water heater, they will suggest you insulate it with a cover. This cover will ensure hot water remains in the storage tank. This way, your water heater will use less electricity, and you will pay less in energy bills than before.

7. Upgrade the Washing Machine

Upgrading your washing is another way to save your energy and water bills. Outdated washers are not as efficient as the modern models are designed to be. Washing laundry can account for up to 16% of total water usage. With the help of a good plumbing company, they can send a plumber to your home to help you make the right decision before you buy the washing machine. A plumber will advise you to get a washing machine that uses less water to get a lower water bill.

The good thing about modern washers is that they can handle a full load of laundry in one go, which means you will run fewer loads. Also, instead of using hot water, you can start using cold water in your washing machine to preserve energy.

8. Reduce the Water Pressure

High water pressure may seem like a luxury, but it can cause problems to the plumbing system. Still, it can make a huge impact on power and water bills. When water flows under pressure, even the tiniest leaks will waste a lot of water because they are continuously leaking. Call a professional plumber today, and you will have a low-pressure system installed for you. This will be a great way to save money and protect the plumbing system.

If you have struggled to pay high energy and water bills, call Benjamin Franklin of Myrtle Beach today for help. We are a trusted plumbing company with many professionals who can offer you advice on the best upgrades and fixtures you can install to save money. We value your time, and therefore, we will send an expert to Conway, SC, in no time.

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