8 Signs That You Need Major Gas Appliance Repair Service | Conway, SC

8 Signs That You Need Major Gas Appliance Repair Service | Conway, SC

In a world that has become extremely busy, home appliances play a significant role in easing everyday life. With advancements in technology and innovations, manufacturers are competing to produce more user-friendly and sophisticated home appliances in Conway, SC.

Like other machines, these home appliances may develop defects even if they are still running, though not with total efficiency. Whenever this happens, the result is a strain on finances due to untimely repairs and inconvenience. Therefore, it is important to note early signs that your appliance needs maintenance or repairs from a certified service technician. Here are the common signs to keep an eye on:

Recurrent malfunctioning

You may have a gas oven that takes a long time to preheat and burns food or doesn’t quite cook it through properly. Likewise, your washer may have a habit of suddenly breaking down in the middle of a laundry job, leaving you with a pile of dirty clothes. If you have had such experiences with appliances, it is a sign that you need to have a technician look at them.

Rising electricity or gas bills

If your electricity or gas bills happen to be unusually high without any apparent cause, your home appliances may have a problem. A gas leak may result in a high gas bill, and getting gas appliance repair service immediately will help stop any wastage or even potential property damage. Similarly, faulty electric appliances struggle with efficiency and end up consuming higher amounts of energy than expected. Once you single out the defective appliance, call the repair service immediately.

Bad or unusual smells

After using an appliance for some time, you may begin to notice some strange smells. While in many appliances, this could be a sign that they need a thorough cleaning, such as the fridge, in some appliances such as AC’s, this could be a sign of a severe underlying issue.

In gas appliances, an unusual odor should be an immediate cause of concern. It may be a sign of leakage in the gas piping system or a fault in the gas appliance. You need to get immediate gas appliance repair service from a licensed and insured contractor.

Unusual noises

Usually, most appliances produce familiar sounds while working or when turned on. However, strange noises such as banging, screeching of metal parts, and other unusual sounds are red flags. A common cause for such noises is loose parts or parts that have accumulated dirt.

In a gas appliance, loose connections may cause a fire or explosion due to sparks. If, for example, you have a gas dryer that produces a strange sound, a gas appliance repair service in Conway, SC will inspect it and perform any necessary repairs.


Some appliances such as fridges produce moisture. However, it is wise to keep an eye on water collected in or from appliances. These leakages will help you notice any defects earlier on, thus preventing the formation of water pools and, consequently, water damage.

Poor performance

One of the reasons we purchase home appliances is to save time. However, an appliance may begin to work much slower than expected over time. Your clothes may start to take a longer time in the dryer, the fridge may not cool food, or the oven may be taking a long time to heat.

Electrical faults

Faulty appliances may have a problem in their circuitry which may cause physical damage to the appliance, electric shocks, and in the worst case, cause a fire. Also, some appliances use a lot of energy when initially turned on. This reaction causes small surges to other appliances if they are on the same circuit. In case a faulty appliance sends energy high surges, it may end up damaging other appliances. If you suspect that an appliance has an electrical problem, you should immediately get in touch with a reliable repair service provider.

Power flickers

It is normal for large appliances to cause flickers and surges momentarily when turned on. However, if this stays longer or the power surges damages components or other appliances. You should seek professional help to inspect other flickering causes, such as fluctuating voltage and loose wiring.

Appliance Specific Signs

We have listed common signs for most appliances that signal the need for a maintenance check or repairs. However, gas and electrical appliances work differently and thus may develop specific symptoms. For gas appliances, the following signs should necessitate a call to the gas appliance repair service:

  • The oven door does not close
  • Burner failures
  • Foul smells: This may be caused by gas leakage, and it is wise to turn off the appliance and contact a gas appliance repair service.
  • Weak flame
  • Noisy burners
  • Feeling sickly when using the appliance: This is a sign of gas poisoning, and you should promptly consult a gas appliance repair service.

Why Do You Need a Professional for Appliance Repairs and Inspections?

  • Time-saving – A professional appliance repair technician will quickly identify, diagnose, and correct the problem with your appliance. Also, they will be able to do the job right the first time.


  • Safe – With their experience and expertise, professional appliance technicians can handle repair without damaging the appliance or your property. For example, a gas appliance repair service could quickly solve a gas leak in your Conway, SC home before it develops into a hazard.


  • Cost-saving – A professional technician can spot the not-so-noticeable problems with your appliance during inspection or repairs, which would escape the eye of a less skilled person. For instance, a gas appliance repair service can fix a leak which could have caused huge expenses if left undetected.

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Myrtle Beach, we are the leading electrical service providers in South Carolina. We are committed to offering exemplary gas appliance repair services through top-notch customer care, transparent policies, and fast repairs. Whether you need a simple repair or to rewire your entire home, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today for more information about our services.


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