5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plumber | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Plumber | Plumber in Carolina Forest, SC

Mr. Benson had trouble sleeping every night. The drip-drop from the kitchen sink was driving him insane. Every night, he would lay down in bed and when all would go quiet, he would hear the constant dripping of water. When the weekend arrived, he finally decided to have a look at the faucet. He dragged his tool box from the garage and got down to business. He crawled into the sink and started tinkering with the pipes. After a few turns left and right and, loosening some bolts, nothing happened. The water was still dripping. In frustration, he banged the pipe with his wrench and was hit with a stream of water. No matter how much he tried to turn the bolt, the water wouldn’t stop.

He immediately called the local plumber who lived on his block. Thankfully, Ray was next door fixing the neighbor’s washing machine. He came running to the house and told Mr. Benson to shut off the main water valve. After inspecting the pipes for half an hour, Ray told Mr. Benson that his plumbing system was too old and needed to be replaced completely. Mr. Benson ended up paying thousands of dollars for something that could have been fixed in a matter of minutes.

You see, the screw under the faucet was slightly loose, which was causing the water to drip. 

Where did Mr. Benson go wrong?

Well, he should have called a professional plumber in Carolina Forest, SC. When it comes to hiring a plumber, it’s important to do a little research. Never let a plumber without a license do work on your house if it’s something as small as this or drain cleaning in Carolina Forest, SC.

Master Plumber vs. Journeyman Plumber

A Master Plumber is one who can own a plumbing business and can hire qualified plumbers, who carry out jobs under his supervision. On the other hand, a Journeyman Plumber is licensed but works on his own. You can hire any of these plumbers but the key to choosing the right one is making sure that he carries a license. The best thing about hiring a qualified plumber in Carolina Forest, SC is that you can rest easy in the insurance that the job will be done professionally.

Following are five things that you need to consider before choosing a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC:

1.   License

The most important piece of information that every homeowner should ask about before hiring a plumber is the license. We are not talking about a business license but a plumbing license. You see, anyone can open a business and get it legally registered. However, a plumbing license is harder to obtain because you need to study and train for it. Unless and until they have completed their apprenticeship, they cannot be a called a qualified plumber in Carolina Forest, SC.

2.   Insurance

You are probably thinking that would a plumber need insurance, right. Let’s assume that a plumber came to your house to fix the ceiling that has been leaking since a hard rain hit your area. While doing the repairs, the ceiling falls on him and he gets injured. Who is responsible for this? Certainly not you! The plumbing company should have insurance, so that when such an incident occurs, the plumber receives full care.

3.   Estimates

Receiving a quote online and getting an estimate face-to-face is different. A quote is usually a round-up figure that allows you to compare the price offered by different companies. When a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC comes at your place for the repair, he should give you an accurate estimate of the repair after inspecting he problem. If a plumber tells you after a few hours into the repair that he will need a few more parts to complete the repair, then he is not doing his job properly.

4.   History

For how many years has the company been in this line of business? Experience matters a lot and it tell you how well the business has been doing. Look at it this way – if they have been working for so many years, it probably means that they are good at their job. This brings us to our final point:

5.   Referrals and Reviews

Ask your neighbors and colleagues if they have ever heard about the company or hired a plumber from there. Referrals give you peace of mind about your decision. Once you have gathered a few referrals, go online and check reviews written on them. If you want to find out how the plumbers on Carolina Forest, SC deal with their client and how well they do their job, then reading reviews is the way to go. This will give you a lot of insight into the company and, about their customer service and plumbers.

Services Offered

One feature that tells you that you have hired a good plumber is the number of services they offer. A professional plumber can handle all kinds of problems relating to the bathroom, kitchen, basement, roof, gutters and even the laundry room. 

Following are some of the repairs plumbers in Carolina Forest, SC can handle:

·      Residential and commercial plumbing

·      24-hour plumbing service

·      Toilet repair

·      Sink repair

·      Drain cleaning garbage disposal

·      Sewer and pipes cleaning 

·      Faucet repair

·      Pump repair

·      Installation of showers and bathroom fixtures

·      Water heater installation

·      Water filtration

These five things will help you choose a plumber in Carolina Forest, SC who will not only be qualified to perform any repair but also come in emergency whenever needed. The latter feature is a sign of great service, which all homeowners appreciate. This way you don’t have to wait for a day, sitting without water in your house, fearing that if you turn on the main water valve back on, your house will get flooded.

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